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On New Year's Eve 1995, Kristin Cooper, a 20-year old Alpha Chi Omega, committed suicide after being raped by a friend.

 In 1998, Andrea Cooper, Kristin's mother and member of Delta Delta Delta,   decided to share Kristin's Story with campus communities across the country.

What is Kristin's Story?

Kristin's Story is a mother’s tale of her daughter’s rape and subsequent suicide. A vibrant 20-year-old Alpha Chi Omega, Kristin, committed suicide shortly after she was raped by a friend in 1995. Her Tri Delta mother Andrea Cooper made the difficult decision to share her daughter’s tragedy with college students all over the nation.

“I am sharing this because I hope by telling Kristin's story that other lives will be saved, and other young women will not be victims of acquaintance rape, and that those suffering from depression, for ANY reason, will get help,” Andrea explains.

Here's an example of an amazing story of how Andrea's work has helped one young rape victim.

We hope you will consider hosting Andrea on your campus and inviting the college community to hear her life-changing story. Each year, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and the Tri Delta Foundation award twenty grants. Each grant pays all expenses for Andrea to present “Kristin’s Story” on that campus. If you choose to book a date with Andrea, we will send you a planning packet to help you advertise “Kristin’s Story” on your campus. It is Andrea’s goal, as well as that of Tri Delta and Alpha Chi Omega to share “Kristin’s Story” with as many people as possible.

Please feel free to contact Tri Delta at 817.633.8001 or Alpha Chi Omega's Executive Office at 317.579.5050 with questions. You may contact Andrea Cooper directly at andreacooper44@gmail.com. We are willing to help you in any way!

Participants will hear this moving narrative from Andrea Cooper herself and will receive a participant package developed by the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center to take home.