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3 Jan. 2004
Bill Me Later/Catscratch Fever
Kenny joins a mail order meat-of-the-day club, after he promises not to steal food, but who's going to pay the bill?/Three popular girls named Phoebe make fun of Kat, but change their tune when they realize she has a scary pet shark!
10 Jan. 2004
Kenny the Veggie/Watching Karl
Baby Karl crawls off when Kat leaves him alone, Kat and Kenny must catch Karl before Mum and Dad return. Kat asks Kenny to be a vegetarian with her.
24 Jan. 2004
Pet Tricks/Who Framed Kenny the Shark?
Kat coaches Kenny for "American Pet Idol". Kenny is accused of food stealing food, only this time he's innocent. Who's framing Kenny?
31 Jan. 2004
Three to Tango/Ball of Contention
Kat's new art lessons leave no time for Kenny so he tries to make her jealous. Kenny steals Oscar's soccer ball but loses it, which causes trouble.
7 Feb. 2004
He's Gotta Have It/Kat and the Sax
Kat treats Kenny to sushi, and now he's hooked. Kenny's super-sensitive hearing can't take the screeching when Kat learns to play the saxophone.
14 Feb. 2004
Trash Talking/Kenny in Love
Two sneaky racoons keep raiding the bins, so Kenny tries to stop them. Kenny falls for Elly, the bull shark at the aquarium, can he win her heart?
21 Feb. 2004
Fish Tale/Father's Day
Kat's Dad is a hopeless fisherman so she gets him lessons, will they work? Kenny decides he wants to prove his love to Dad on Father's Day.
28 Feb. 2004
Family Vacation/Gentle Ken
Kenny pretends to be sick so he can go on holiday with the family and not into kennels. Kenny worries about Kat when a bear escapes from the zoo.

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