Fans would think that after an actor poured hours, days, and months of their life into a role, they'd want to see the entire movie upon its release. And perhaps Kate Winslet wanted to be there when her epic movie set sail, but it wasn't to be.

As MTV noted, Kate Winslet missed not only the first premiere of 'Titanic,' which was in the United States, but also the UK premiere as well.

It wasn't until the movie was re-debuted in 3D that Kate actually made it into the theater to see her big hit on the big screen.

But why did she miss not one but two 'Titanic' premieres? She had two good reasons, as it turns out.

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When 'Titanic' debuted for the first time in 1997, the big event happened at Mann's Chinese Theatre. Kate wasn't there because she was attending the funeral of her ex-boyfriend.

Kate and Stephen Tredre were together for four and a half years, she notes, from 1991 to 1995. Tragically, Stephen passed of cancer the same time 'Titanic' was released.

When it came to the UK premiere, Kate herself was in the hospital. And it wasn't any old cold or flu that put Winslet out of the premiere: it was dysentery. While filming a movie in Morocco, Kate contracted the illness and wasn't able to make it to her second opportunity for a red carpet debut.

In fact, word of Stephen's passing reached Kate while she was working on 'Hideously Kinky' in Morocco, notes The GuardianOriginally, she was supposed to jet to LA for the premiere, but she changed plans and went home to England for Stephen's funeral instead.

Kate Winslet on the red carpet with ex-boyfriend Stephen Tredre

Eventually, life quieted down, Kate had space to grieve, and she watched 'Titanic' privately. But later, she'd attend a big event and watch the film on the big screen in 3D.

And though she received an Oscar nomination for the role, Kate had some thoughts on her acting upon seeing the film in the theater. In fact, she has some regrets about the film as a whole. As MTV related, Kate said her American accent "could've been much better" and that her acting could have been as well.

Fans and critics would disagree, however. Of course, Kate still remembers her time on set fondly, despite the freezing water in that door scene, and the fact that she and Leonardo DiCaprio took turns peeing in the pool water.

There were plenty of good times despite the seriousness in the movie, including that time when Kate flashed Leo when they first met. Fond memories have ensured that the two remain friends to this day, through the ups and downs in both their lives, missed premieres, and all.

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