Biography of entrepreneurs in the world: Karl Rapp

August 29, 2012

Karl Rapp

German Otto and Gustav Franz Joseph Pope in World War II in the establishment and development of an engine plant soon profiled in the aircraft field and a name for himself when the works involved. The Company was founded by Karl Rapp, and later in the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), which is powerful in the aircraft, motorcycle and automotive industries and reliable engines and engines ...
Carl Rapp Ehingen (Danube) September 24, 1882 was born.
About his family background, childhood and adolescence is unknown. The Rapp learning the engineering profession, Daimler, Stuttgart, Germany - Mercedes-Benz designers work in 1912. Subsequently, Rapp of the fuselage of the aircraft engine developed in Munich, Germany. Rapp Motor Co. engineer with his own company, the company developed the first seven aircraft engine staff, and the establishment, founded in 1913 in Munich,.
This may Rapp employees with benefits and aircraft designer Gustav Otto four-stroke engine (gasoline engine), the son of Gustav Otto aircraft Machinery Factory inventors. The company has expanded rapidly, and employed 370 people in 1915. In March 1916, the aircraft manufacturer Rapp and Gustav Otto, the Bavarian Aircraft Co., Ltd. (BFW) merger. Rapp automobile plant, however, remains as an independent company.
Established BFW3 9 January 1916 will be the official birth of the late Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). During World War II, Rapp car factory in Austria - Daimler, in order to permit the production of aircraft engines. On behalf of the Austrian War Department instructions in Munich Franz Joseph Pope, order processing. Exit shortly after the engine plant in Lapu-Lapu, followed by his pop-up management. The Vienna engineer, followed by BMW in Lapu-Werke GmbH (BMW) car factory, July 20, 1917 transformation.
The first BMW manufactures aircraft engines, IIIA, and also set up a BMW trademark: the white and blue propeller circle. The pop collection company in 1918, transformed into a public company, as Chief Executive of BMW, where he remained until 1942. Finally, in 1922 BFW former BMW merged into a new company, renamed under the name, BMW continues. Developed in 1923, the engine manufacturer before the flight "R32" is the first BMW motorcycle.
 The BMW special car license "Dixie" until 1929. Carl Rapp died May 26, 1926 in Locarno.

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