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Barbapapa is a Japanese-Dutch animated children's television series that was created by the French-American couple, Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, in 1974. The series was adapted from the 1970 book series of the same name. It was co-produced by the Japanese animation studios KSS and Topcraft, and the Dutch studio, PolyScope BV.

The show follows the daily life of the extraordinary blob-shaped Barbapapa family, who can morph into other forms but retain their original colors. The Barbapapa family consists of parents Barbapapa and Barbamama and their seven children; the bookworm Barbalib, the beauty queen Barbabelle, strong Barbabravo, inventor Barbabright, animal lover Barbazoo, artist Barbabeau, and musician Barbalala.



An Albanian dub of Barbapapa, Mjekëroshët (in English: The Bearded People) aired on Çufo. Not much was known about this dub except some of the voice cast provided by AlbanianDubs on various actor pages. Its last airing on Çufo was on August 26, 2020[1] and yet nobody at the time recorded it.

That was until April 27, 2021, when Bang Bang would start re-airing the show again on weekdays, and the episodes started being recorded. Two episodes were uploaded so far on MinaDubs' YouTube channel, and some more were uploaded to Barbapapa Worldwide. The timing is unfortunate though, as Bang Bang would start re-airing the show weeks after the Tibo method most were using to uncover more Albanian dubs stopped working. With no access to the aforementioned service, people recording this dub would have to do it manually by relying on live-streams, which meant only a few segments would be uncovered in full, while the rest would remain partial at this moment in time.

You can read more about the dub itself here.


Barbapapa was broadcast in Bulgaria as Татко Барба (in English: Farther Barba), and it aired on BNT 1 in the 1980's,[2] though there is nothing that surfaced from it.

In Bulgaria, the franchise is also known as "Барбароните" and "Семейството на татко Барба".

English (UK)

Barbapapa was broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One with a British English dub from January 17, 1975 to 1978. A fair amount of dubs have used this one as a base. One notable thing about this dub is that when Barbapapas shapeshift, they say "All change!" instead of "Clickety click, Barba-trick!". Michael Flanders was the known narrator of this dub.[3][4]

While the dub of the show itself has gone completely lost, unlike the other English dubs, two songs from this dub have resurfaced; that being the shortened version of the theme song and the full version of the theme song. The songs from this dub were also used in the Canadian English dub, so automatically other songs have been found as well.

English (US, Magno)

An American distributor, LBS Communications,[5] imported Barbapapa in the United States with an American English dub for a syndicated run from September 4, 1977 to December 3, 1983. It was the second English dub to be produced, and it would be the first American English dub overall (succeeded by the 2006 Centauro dub that was released on South Korean DVDs).

Like the British English dub, this dub was originally completely lost with only the voice cast being known. However, on December 19, 2020, Kristopher Walker had revealed that he had this dub to MinaDubs. According to him, he found it from a bootleg DVD that happened to have episodes of this dub. On the same day, he released one hour's worth of episodes to OneDrive.

A popular misconception before episodes of this dub were found was that the US and Canada had aired the same dub, but this discovery had proved otherwise.


# American English Title Original Title Status
1 Lost

English (Canada)

Only a few days after the American English dub of Barbapapa started airing, a Canadian English dub of the series started airing on TVOnario from September 17, 1977 to September 10, 1985. The dub also aired on Knowledge Network from 1985 to 1987.

The dub was entirely lost for a while until an hour's worth of episodes were released onto Dailymotion on July 7, 2017 by Markiegee55.


# Canadian English Title Original Title Status
1 Lost

Finnish (Yle TV2)

A Finnish dub of Barbapapa aired on Yle TV2 in Finland in the 1980's, on the Pikku Kakkonen block.[6] Nothing much has surfaced online other than dubbing info; that being Arja Kari-Ovaskainen was the translator, and Lars and Aila Svedberg provided voices.[7]

Two other Finnish dubs exist of this show; the second one was released on VHS' and was dubbed by Golden Voice Oy, and the third dub was released sometime in the 2010's on HBO Nordic, Netflix, and recently Viaplay.


Barbapapa was aired in Greece on ERT1 in the late 1970s and early 1980s with a Greek dub, titled Ο Μπαρμπαμπαμπάς. The known narrator for this dub was Chara Tsakiri.[8]

Additionally, there are forum threads of Greek people reminiscing about this show, like this one, but otherwise, nothing has been found of this dub.

Hebrew (Channel 1)

A Hebrew dub of the series, titled ברבאבא, was aired on Channel 1 in 1978. Episodes of the show were aired during the Israeli show "טלפלא", and then proceeded to an independed show called "סיפורי ברבאבא".

A few episodes were previously uploaded by nirbas and D00oo00M to the Israeli forum Boomerang between 2012-2014.[9] Three of them were uploaded onto YouTube in 2017 by ThePaltiel, one from season 1, and the other two from season 2; all the uploads of the episodes contain the original video footage from Channel 1.

Another episode from the first season, "La coiffure", was aired on December 25, 2020 during the show "טלפלא" on Kan Educational; the episode "Le ski" was also aired on February 19, 2021. Both episodes were uploaded by AniShalev.

Fifteen episodes of the first season were uploaded by nirbas on April 23, 2021 to Boomerang, however the audio is synced to the video footage of the 2017 dub.


# Hebrew Title Original Title Status
15 הפיקניק Le pique-nique Found
16 האמנות Les beaux-arts Found
17 פעילות גופנית Le sport Found
18 שמרטפית Baby-sitter Found
19 מיקרוסקופ מנהל Le microscope Found
20 תחנת הרכבת Chef de gare Found
27 בקבוק לתינוקות Le biberon Found
29 התסרוקת La coiffure Found
30 הסקי Le ski Found
31 היער La forêt Found
32 הביצים Les oeufs Found
33 המרוץ La régate Found
35 הבציר Les vendanges Found
40 יום ההולדת L'anniversaire Found
41 מטפס ההרים L'alpiniste Found
42 הזיהום Pollution Found
43 ציד La chasse Found
44 ההצלה Le sauvetage Found
45 בחזרה לכדור הארץ Retour sur Terre Found
52 בגן החיות Docteur Barbidou Found
54 יום הולדת לבני L'anniversaire de bébé Found

Hebrew (Hop!)

A second Hebrew dub, titled ברבאבא, was announced in 2008, and premiered on Hop! Channel on September 3rd, 2017 during a block on the channel called "Hop! Night".

In its original run on the channel, two episodes were aired in one timeslot, meaning that 22 episodes with 44 segments were aired on television. The last episode of the first season, Retour sur terre (in Hebrew: בחזרה לכדור הארץ), did not aired on the channel because of that. An old revision of Hop! Channel's website claims that the episode became available there instead; however, it has yet to surface online, making it lost.

Despite that, the rest of the episodes can be viewed through Sdarot. All the episodes were later mirrored on MEGA.[10]


An Icelandic dub of Barbapapa, titled Barbapabbi, aired on RÚV throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The main cast members were Edda Heiðrún Backman and Jóhann Sigurðarson, however nothing else has surfaced online.

Italian (Rai 2)

The second Italian dub of Barbapapa, titled Barbapapà, premiered on Rai 2 on January 13, 1976, becoming the first Japanese anime to air in Italy. The second season debuted in 1979. Claudio Lippi gave the voice to Barbapapa and all the male characters of the series; Orietta Berti did the same with the female characters. It was replaced with a new dub by Studio P.V. that premiered in 2006 on Nickelodeon, with subsequent reruns on Rai Yoyo and DeA Junior.

Despite being the second Italian dub of the series, nothing much has surfaced of this dub, with the first dub being completely found and the third being the most widely known and also completely found at that. However, the theme song to the second season of this dub ("Ecco arrivare i Barbapapà"), performed by Orietta Berti and Claudio Lippi, was published in 1979, the same year that the season started airing. The redub of the series reverted back the first theme song. Two other songs were released along with the theme that were inspired by the series, "Il paese di Barbapapà" and "L'opera delle rane". However, on December 26, 2020, it was discovered an episode of the first season had been uploaded to YouTube on July 14, 2018. Along with this, a 1 minute clip from the second season surfaced as well, proving that the original used "Ecco arrivare i Barbapapà" in season 2.

You can listen to the theme song here.


# Italian Title Original Title Status
3 Les plage Found
63 Il fantasma Le retour du fantôme Partitally Found


A Korean dub of Barbapapa, 바바파파 was aired on KBS1 in the mid-1980s. The main voice actor in it was Taeyeon Kim.[11] Nothing much has been found of this dub besides the theme song, which was posted to YouTube by on March 15, 2018.

The voice actors for Barbapapa, Barbamama and Barbabright are also available on Daum CastingBank.[12]

A second dub was produced in the 1990's, but it is completely found; all episodes can be streamed at Naver SeriesOn and Laftel.

Norwegian (VHS)


Barbapapa was aired in Poland on TVP1 starting September 2, 1975. Not much is known about it, even its status as a proper dub or simply a voice-over is unknown. However, a Dubbingpedia page revealed that its dubbing studio was Studio Opracowań Filmów w Warszawie.[13]

Portuguese (Brazil)

Barbapapa was aired in Brazil on TV Globinho. No episode was found expect two versions of the theme song.

Portuguese (Portugal)

Barbapapa has reportedly aired in the 70's on RTP1 in Portugal according to a few sources[14][15]; however there is no information on how it was aired. There's a very slim chance there actually was a European Portuguese dub of the series considering how dubbing wasn't a common practice in Portugal at the time. It could have aired under the French or Canadian English version with subtitles, or the Brazilian Portuguese dub could have aired instead.

A source supporting the thought that it aired on RTP1 dubbed popped up on February 17, 2021, where an article on the Dobragens Portuguesas Wiki was created by Fandom user Warbandit1990. It featured dubbing information and claimed that the dub aired in 1984. When contacted, they stated that they once had episodes of the dub.

There is also the possibility that the series could've aired on Nickelodeon in Portugal, as the series aired on the Spain feed at an unknown time. Both feeds formed into a singular Iberian Nick feed on September 1, 2009.

Spanish (Latin America) (first dub)

Barbapapa was broadcasted on Azteca 13 in Mexico between 1981 and 1986 and UCV TV in Chile between 1986 and 1988, only two episodes from season 2 were resurfaced and uploaded onto Youtube by Victor Alexis Cantillano Oviedo. They have noticeably done season 2 episodes.

According to Doblaje Wiki, this dub was recorded in Mexico and featured the voices of:


# Latin American Spanish Title Original Title Status
58 La fabrica de juguetes Les jouets Found
59 Un misterioso ladronzuelo Le voleur mystérieux

Spanish (Latin America) (re-dub)

Barbapapa was redubbed by an unknown country for the Salvadorian channel Canal 10 in the 80s. Only a few episodes was uploaded onto YouTube. They have noticeably done season 1 episodes.


# Latin American Spanish Title Original Title Status
20 Chef de gare Found
24 Las ovejas La tonte des moutons Found
25 El telar Le tissage Found
30 Esquí Le ski Found
35 Cosecha de uvas Les vendanges Found
40 El cumpleaños L'anniversaire Found

Spanish (Spain) (TVE)

In Spain, Barbapapa (Barbapapá) was first broadcast on La 2 and Canal Sur. The dubbing cast was provided by ElDoblaje, which revealed that its dubbing studio was Tecnison.[16] The dub was soon replaced by another European Spanish dub that was broadcast on Nickelodeon, which in of itself is mostly lost.

Three episodes of this dub were uploaded to YouTube in 2014 by C. G.-Aller Z.


# European Spanish Title Original Title Status
1 El nacimiento La naissance Found
7 America L'Amérique Found
9 El puerto Le port Found

Spanish (Spain) (Nickelodeon)

Another European Spanish dub of Barbapapa (Barbapapá) was soon broadcast on Nickelodeon. Unlike the other dub where the theme song is voice-overed (similarly to the Latin American Spanish versions), the theme song is properly dubbed. ElDoblaje doesn't have any information about this dub, and only two episodes have been found on YouTube that were posted in 2010; one uploaded by Exkaliburastur, and another that was uploaded by Marichka2003.


# European Spanish Title Original Title Status
1 La playa La plage Found
16 Les beaux-arts Found

Swedish (SVT)

Swedish (Wendros)

Another Swedish dub of Barbapapa was released on VHS by Wendros throughout the early 1990s. It has also aired on television on SF Succé, TV3 & TV4, the former of which from 1990 to 1991. It is known that Staffan Hallerstam voiced Barbapapa and Louise Raeder voiced Barbamama.

Episodes of season 2 of this dub have been found here on Vimeo in 2017.


# Swedish Title Original Title Status
1 Lost


บาร์บ้าปาป้า is a rumored Thai dub of Barbapapa that was said to have aired on Channel 5 and TVT11 in the 80's. No footage or evidence of this dub has resurfaced, and in fact there is evidence against it existing.

For one, there is a video on Facebook that has the French theme song with one of the channel logos plastered onto it. This is very clearly fake. Then there was an article that had basically affirmed that either the British or Canadian English dub has aired on Channel 11.[17] However, how the show aired on Channel 5 has still yet to be revealed.



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