Global News: What Happened To Jordan Witzel 2021? - Wife Age And Salary

Global News: What Happened To Jordan Witzel 2021? – Wife Age And Salary

Global News: What Happened To Jordan Witzel 2021? – Wife Age And Salary

What happened to Jordan Witzel? Let’s find out the reason behind his disappearance and whether Jordan is back with Global News.

Jordan Witzel is a renowned weatherman who was associated with Global News. People loved the way Jordan used to present himself while doing his job.

Well, talking about his initial days, he started as a radio host in Drayton Valley, AB. After working for few years there, he transitioned to television.

Additionally, he then joined Global Television Winnipeg as their weather anchor and community reporter. Also, in some parts of his life, he was associated with the CTV News Skywatch weather team as well.

Global News: What Happened To Jordan Witzel 2021? 

Since Jordan Witzel took a little break from his job, people were eager to know what really happened to him.

All his well-wishers and fan got their answers when Jordan tweeted that he will be soon joining the Office of the Vice-President of Research of the University of Calgary as a Senior Specialist of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

Jordan from Global News also mentioned that he is super excited to share all the research and innovative success stories with his fans all around the globe.

Likewise, Jordan was seen making people aware of mental health and raising funds for @CanPraxis during the time he was away from the lens.

Jordan Witzel’s Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Jordan Witzel is happily married to his wife Lindsey Witzel.

Also, Jordan and his wife Lindsey are the parents of two children, whose identities are still anonymous to the general public.

Additionally, the couple even celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary some days back.

Jordan Witzel Age And Salary

Currently, Jordan Witzel’s age must be above 40 years old.

However, the journalist has not publicized any of his personal data in the public domain.

Furthermore, Witzel’s salary should be more than $100,000/year.

Nonetheless, people on the web are still waiting to know the exact salary figure of Jordan.