Where Is Suspected Atlanta Child Murderer Wayne Williams Now?

Where the Suspected Atlanta Child Murderer Is Today

Wayne Williams has always maintained his innocence.

Wayne Williams
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  • Wayne Williams is widely believed to be the serial killer behind the Atlanta Child Murders.
  • However, he was never tried for those crimes.
  • Here's what to know about where Wayne Williams is now.

    One of the most intriguing parts of Mindhunter's second season was the search for the serial killer responsible for the Atlanta Child Murders. 23-year-old Atlanta native Wayne Williams is widely believed to be the one responsible for the killing of about 28 children, adolescents, and adults, but he wasn't tried for any of the child murders.

    Williams did end up going to prison, but viewers are wondering what happened to him after he was sentenced.

    Where is Wayne Williams now?

    On February 27, 1982, Williams was found guilty in the murders of two adults, Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Ray Payne. He was sentenced to two life sentences, and the 61-year-old is currently serving his sentence at the Hancock State Prison in Georgia.

    In 2010, he sat down for an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien, where he continued to maintain his innocence.

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    In March 2019, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced that authorities would re-examine evidence from the child murders. After Bottoms' announcement, Williams released a statement that was read during a news conference by Dewayne Hendrix of the Wayne Williams Freedom Project.

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    "I stand fully ready and willing to cooperate with any renewed investigation to find the truth on what happened with the purpose of straightening up any lies and misconceptions of my unjust convictions," the statement read.

    However, the new investigation is not being conducted to to vindicate Williams. Bottoms said that the evidence found in the '80s links Williams to many of the murdered children, and the new investigation will use new technology to "make sure there isn’t something new to be learned" from re-testing evidence.

    On April 5, 2020, HBO will premiere Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children. The new documentary will tell the inside story of the shocking case and take a new look at the original trial materials and court documents, and it's likely that new or previously unexamined testimony from Williams could be included.

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