[POLL] Do You Like the Looks of the 2023 Corvette Z06 As Revealed by Chevy?


[POLL] Do You Like the Looks of the 2023 Corvette Z06 As Revealed by Chevy?

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

We were all pretty surprised that Chevrolet would release a full photo of their upcoming 2023 Corvette Z06 a month before the car is planned to be revealed, and now we want to know what you think about the upcoming supercar.

Personally, we don’t think Chevy did themselves any favors releasing the photo early and this photo, in particular, isn’t that great anyway. You have a gray car with a large shadow cast over the visible side of it, and the Hypersonic Gray sort of gets lost against the pavement it’s parked on. We also know that the hero version of the Z06 will be those equipped with the Z07 package which will feature a more aggressive aero design. That version is almost guaranteed to elicit more oohs and awws than this “Dad Spec” as Alex described it earlier this week.

We know from the comments and reading the forums that many were unhappy with the design of the car, and specifically, many of you don’t like the new wishbone design of the trim surrounding the side intakes. Yet, most seem to approve of the front fascia, and we’ve also heard positive feedback regarding the bright-colored wheels.

Now that a few days have passed to allow us time to digest the teaser photo, as well as see the renderings of the Z06 in various colors and with the EFY body-colored trim, has your opinion changed?

I’m guessing that most of you have already formed an opinion on the looks of the C8Z, but we do have an “out” for those who think they will need to see it first before offering an opinion. It’s a pretty simple poll, so make your voice heard!

Do you like the looks of the base model 2023 Corvette Z06 as revealed by Chevy?

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If there is something in particular you love or hate about the design of the 2023 Corvette Z06, leave us a comment below and join in the conversation!

Photo by Chevrolet

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  1. for me, I dont like big spoilers and ground effects crap hanging on my car, or black trim for that matter. I spent $1000 extra to have my trim painted. you dont see Ferrari hanging all that junk on their cars.

  2. The basic design problem we’re seeing with the image of the C8 Z06 has everything to do with the basic “Origami-like” shape and design of the C8. Not saying anything, in particular, is “wrong” with the C8, but the surface details have so many facets, lines, swirls, and angles; when the puffed out the fender and more aggressive front splitter are added, it all kind of blends in with the rest of the overall shape. Many of the current C8 wide-body kits have the same issue.

    The C5 Z06 was distinctive mainly thanks to its unique roof.

    The C6 Z06 was the most visually dynamic in its difference from the base C6; its big squarish front fender shoulders and puffed-out rear fenders looked like the muscular, “finished” C6 Corvette.

    The C7’s basic surface design was more angular than the C6 and the Z06 version was less distinctive from the base C7.

    If the image we were shown of the C8 Z06 is accurate, the visual distinction between the base C7 and the Z06 is even less distinctive. And then again, perhaps it’ll look totally stunning and hot when we see it in person. It’s too bad the image they showed of the C8 Z06 didn’t include a base model C8 next to it.

  3. I think it looks good for an entry ZO6, and probably much better in person. Also, from a business perspective, it may create a lower price point for an entry level purchase, and, therefore, affordable to a larger market share, while still offering options to fully “customize “ to personal taste.

  4. Did not care for the boomerang, don’t care for the wishbone either, but love the car anyway. I think the designers wanted to differentiate the car from all the other mid-rear-engined cars which all look alike due to packaging.

  5. I don’t like the side vent i hoped and thought it would look like the vent on the C8R race car i even thought the stingray would of had the same front end as the race car but we will never know why Chevy does what they do.

  6. I don’t like the wishbone, hoping the people @ Corvette threw that on there just to throw us off. I do like it but with a Boomerang, no Wishbone! IMHO 🤓💭

  7. Car looks great and Chevy will have no problems with sales at all from a design perspective! A few folks bent out of shape because of shape and color of a vent intake but when it comes down to it, really doubt they pull their purchase because of it. And if so, they didn’t really want the car anyway. Chevy knows it too.

  8. It’s hard to like the short snout……….Should have run the C7 ZR-1 design along with the C8……What would have hurt not to???????

  9. I am a total super car junky who NEVER would have considered buying a Corvette prior to the C8. I own a 2021 3LT with literally every upgrade that Chevy makes.

    The Z06 is gorgeous. The car is looking more and more like a proper supercar which is probably why traditional Vette owners hate it. I’m only 39 and I’m thrilled that Corvette is getting more exotic, youthful and refined.

    Killer car. I can’t wait to spec out my Z06.

  10. The real problem is GM’s insistence on using cheap black plastic for all the trim on this car. The more they use, the worse it looks. Add in some mediocre design and you get an even worse result. What we end up with is a great car wearing a cheap suit.

  11. I am not crazy about the boomerangs or the sharks teeth, but that is pretty easily fixed with body color accents. As to the rest of it, I will wait to see what the “reveal” actually reveals. I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the sneak peak, and the jury is out as to whether or not that will turn out to have been a PR hit or a miss when it is all said and done.

  12. I agree with George C, and the criticism is not limited to just the C8, or other versions of the Corvette.

  13. Just too many lines. Perhaps they’re driven by aerodynamics, but the overall design is just too busy.

  14. They should paint every thing body color a charge for the CHEAP LOOKING BLACK JUNK!

  15. I appreciate they’re staying with the basic C8 body shape for cost reasons but the boomerang and shark’s teeth kinda remind me of the old days when, each year, GM did a few body mods, then added phony air ports, pointy turrets and more and more chrome on their Chevy’s, Buick’s, Old’s, etc.

    I’m giving them a “No Cigar” because of the the lack of creativity.

  16. Not a fan of the land-shark look of the grill, nor the last-minute add-on look of the scoop trim. To me, the side intakes in themselves distract from an otherwise “acceptable” look of the car so why accent their ugliness with contrasting trim? Haven’t seen the rear view. Hopefully they didn’t “cubbyhole” it to death as they did in the base model. C7 still a more pleasingly clean look that says a lot of planning went into the appearance.

  17. It looks like a pregnant shark that ate something it didn’t like!

    Hence the fat split hips and the sneer of distaste on its face.

    On top of that, you can get another 100 to 125 hp out of the naturally aspirated 6.2 liter, or use a compressor to get 650 to even 1000hp.

    Perhaps it’s improved handling will justify it?

    It’s just wide and wildly ugly to me; put an elevated double wing on the rear and call it a “Fokker”!

    I’ll wait to see if the E-Ray redeems the breed; or just keep the 2020 version with or without engine performance mods.

  18. Assuming they didn’t make it wider, that’s a plus. If this car gets any wider it’ll be as wide as a dually. My personal taste is subtlety. Don’t like the side scoop. I’d go for a different taillight treatment like the C7, maybe a different grill treatment but not like the C7 ZR1, maybe unique colors even if it meant cutting back on the 12 for the Stingray, or something unique in the cockpit befitting a race car. Just don’t clutter up an already cluttered look or make it wider.




  20. I was hoping the side air intake would be reshaped and have no trim piece, not just body color option.

  21. The biggest complaint I have are the rims, they don’t go with the car. The front end and side vent don’t look that bad. The Z06 is getting to the level where it should have a active aerodynamic system. This would allow the C8 to keep its line without looking like a kit car.

  22. I like the way the C8 ZO6 looks overall. An improvement would be a large rear wing. The boomerang I think is fine although I’d like to see it in person. It has to be street legal but ya know the best way to make the ZO6 look killer is to just copy the GTLM race car body with absolutely minimal changes!

  23. All the comments about the ugly this or that. Just don’t buy one which moves me up the waiting list.

  24. I have a 2020 and had the boomerang painted to make it look better. The ZO6 Y boomerang
    looks terrible. When you look at the side of the ZO6, instead of seeing all the good lines of the car your eyes are drawn to the obnoxious Y boomerang. I guess Chevrolet just wants the extra
    money to have it painted body color.

  25. I think they took an unflattering angle for the picture of it. I’ll wait to see one. I thought the C8 Stingray was ugly until I saw one in person. They look a lot better in person. I’ll be buying one.

  26. They should turn that around, paint the car body color and CHARGE HUGE BUCKS FOR THE UGLY BLACK.

  27. I like the wheels a lot. not sure about the boomerang, might look better in person. not a very good picture angel. really want to see the Z07 before I decide to trade my C7 in on one

  28. Don’t like the rear spoiler options ! Nor do I like the caliper color options, or the interior stitching options !

  29. I would normally have that scoop painted body color on the C8. On this model C8, I would carefully choose a slight complimentary color to differentiate it and ad contrast to the body line/color. It would remove/decrease the attention, eye contact of the air inlet from significant to a quiet air scoop flowing with the lines of the body.

  30. I’m with Rob… all you haters drop your orders so us that love the car can move up our order lists… just sayn 🙂

  31. I currently own 2020 a silver/tan C8. I am absolutely love this vehicle but I have to say the side grill on the Z06 looks terrible…Less is more!

  32. Not a bad look at all, just not a fan of that black wishbone. That thing would look less sucky if it was all body color, even better if it were not there at all. I like the short spoiler in back. I’m no fan of high wing spoilers. People ask me why I didn’t get one on my C8. To which I reply…I don’t want my C8 looking like a “tuner.”

    Seems like the wheels on that sample look a bit weak for a Z06. The ones on the C7 stood out way more.

  33. The worst problem with the C8 is that they just took the roof from the C7 and only moved it forward, leaving the flat area above the rear wheels too large. If you look at the car from a front view at an angle at mid-car level it looks like part of the rear of the car is missing. They should have done a side taper of the rear of the roof wider, which would have also given a slightly wider body at the door, for more side room inside. The side view shows that the top of the roof to the rear of the car is basically a straight line, but should have been more like the top of an airplane wing, with a bit of curvature (this would be better for aerodynamics also). I think the wishbone is better than the boomerang, IF it is painted the same color as the car, so it doesn’t stand out. Oh, also, it doesn’t appear to have a wider tapered rear quarter panel, it is just the same as the Stingray, which may not be how it will actually be in the production models. Compare the C7 basic with the C7 Z06. The flare looks better, and gives a wider tire track.

  34. Car looks like more of the same “choppy” base C8….appears like 30 people were each told to blindly design their specific assigned car section piece of body and then they are all collected and just slopped together….C8 does not look “integrally beautiful”

    Chevy should have taken the best of Huracan, Tribute and McLaren 720s designs and built a stunner

  35. Ummm, ya I would own one. And yes it does look better with the Z07 option. I don’t mind the boomerang, it’s distinctive. If you want to see ugly then look at a new Supra.

  36. It’s a Corvette, what’s not to like? All that fuss about the boomerang, that’s it? I have easily adjusted to the C8, on occasion though, when turning, I find the A pillar in combination with the exterior rear view mirrors block my view, have to strain and stretch to get a clear view. And, when turning left in a ‘Y’ intersection, it’s virtually impossible to see any oncoming traffic from the right. I have adapted, only approach the Y as perpendicular as possible to get a better view out the passenger window. Can’t find anything else to complain about, it’s just fun and amazing to drive. My first Vette was a ’63 FI coupe, Sebring Silver, $4300 new; what a difference.

  37. It just does not look that much different than the regular stingray. The wheels are a welcome change. Like everything you will need to see it in person to really appreciate the differences.

  38. Rear spoiler not tall enough…..hood would look much better with vents,to differentiate from C8….and please fix boomerang!!

  39. I like it. Actually, I love it! I love my current ’21 HTC… so why wouldn’t I love this one too. Its not all that much different. I know it has several differences, but I’m glad they are pretty subtle. I even like the sharks-tooth change from the boomerang. Why? so that when a Z06 drives by, I can easily identify it as a Z06. I’m sure I’ll love it even more when I have a ’23 Red Mist HTC Z06 parked next to my ’21 in the garage – to complete the ‘his and hers’ – C8 style. And for whoever commented: “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, so I can move up the list”: I couldn’t agree more. All pessimists: “Step aside!!” I can’t wait to get mine, hopefully with a Z07 package if offered, and after break-in I’m going straight to the track… as soon as possible after a museum delivery and maybe a 2nd visit to Spring Mountain – hoping they’ll have some Z-Vettes there to train on.

  40. No, I don’t like the C8 that you missed at the front which looks like a Ferrari,
    I don’t know why you copied the front of the Ferrari ? …
    Anyway I wouldn’t buy it myself until you change the front end with a whole new design that wouldn’t look like any cars out there.

  41. Boomerang is a bad look! Wheels too plain Jane….Thought the Z06 would be a bit more aggressive….hopefully there is some sort of rear diffuser styling to help differentiate the Z06 model from the base car C8.

  42. The side vents offer further disruption of the over all design. Body color may diminish the look but it appears “stuck on” to differentiate this model. That said, I still admire the C8 and will own one.

  43. I too have issues with the look of the Boomerang – It just looks like its trying too hard!
    It has the ‘flavor’ of somebody that just keeps adding stuff – regardless of if it actually enhances the apperance – looks slapped on to me!
    I have tried to keep my 2020 coupe looking classey while adding things I think compliment the package yet keep the new age look & feel.

  44. I like the added raised crease over the front wheels. Don’t care that much for the boomerang design on the base model or Z06, both need the same finish as body color.

  45. The wishbone is ridiculous……has Bill Mitchell risen to add useless doodads to a decent design?

  46. The wishbone/Sharktooth intake piece is horrid!! It totally defeats the excellent clean lines from the car and make it look cheap. Even with a body colored piece you can see it and pulls you out. Just a huge miss in my book. Does the C8R have one? Nope so why does the Z06?

  47. Don’t like the new wishbone design of the trim surrounding the side intakes. Looks like an after thought. I agree with many of the others, you don’t see that kind of cheesy add-on with other super cars.

  48. Like Greg said–Keep it as close to the C8R version as possible!! Clean lines and huge side ducts no boomerang and no added body lines over the front fenders. Smooth out the hood and add vertical doors!! Do you know how much money its going to cost me to have the front clip hood and fenders smoothed out! Your testing against a Ferrari, which is smooth as silk, why make all the angles? I know the Lambo. Look at the R8. Smooth timeless lines and a daily driver.

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