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The International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide was the first major conference in the field of genocide studies and marked the shift from viewing genocide as an irrational phenomenon to one that could be studied and understood. It was held at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv on 20–24 June 1982 and was initially organized by Israel Charny, Elie Wiesel, and Shamai Davidson. The Turkish government tried to have the conference cancelled because it included presentations on the Armenian genocide, which Turkey denies. Turkey threatened to close its borders to Syrian and Iranian Jews fleeing persecution. In response, the Israeli government called participants, claiming the conference was cancelled and asking them not to attend. The official Israeli Holocaust memorial and Tel Aviv University withdrew, as did many high-profile participants including Wiesel. The organizers refused to remove the Armenian genocide from the program and held the conference with fewer participants than planned. (Full article...)

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Summit Hotel (now DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel)
Summit Hotel (now DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel)

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The filmography of Indian actress Karisma Kapoor began with her acting debut at the age of seventeen in the romance Prem Qaidi in 1991, which was a box-office hit. She then appeared in successful ventures, the drama Sapne Sajan Ke (1992), and the action drama Jigar (1992). Kapoor had her first commercial success in a leading role in the romantic action drama Anari (1993), which was a moderate success and was one of the highest-grossing Hindi films of 1993. Between 1993 and 1996, Kapoor featured in several highly successful films, including the comedy drama Raja Babu (1994), the action drama Suhaag (1994), the action comedy Andaz (1994), the comedies Coolie No. 1 (1995), Saajan Chale Sasural (1996) and Hero No. 1 (1997), and the action thriller Jeet (1996). The successes of these films marked a turning point in her career, establishing Kapoor as a leading actress in Hindi cinema. (Full list...)

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Reaper is a series of three oil-on-canvas paintings by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh of a man reaping a wheat field under a bright early-morning sun. This is the second painting in the series, which Van Gogh appears to have completed in a single day in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, while taking breaks to write a letter on 4–5 September 1889. In a later part of the letter, he announced: "Phew – the reaper is finished, I think it will be one that you'll place in your home". Van Gogh initially preferred this version over the earlier study, describing it as "an image of death as the great Book of Nature speaks to us about it – but what I sought is the 'almost smiling'. It's all yellow except for a line of violet hills – a pale, blond yellow. I myself find that funny, that I saw it like that through the iron bars of a cell." The painting is now in the collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Painting credit: Vincent van Gogh

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