Les Bowen is Live Tweeting from Outside Chip Kelly's House - Crossing Broad

Les Bowen is Live Tweeting from Outside Chip Kelly’s House

Photo: MLB

He knocked, and Chip’s girlfriend (pictured here) answered the door:

Kyle: This is the most initiative Les has shown since… he punched Jeff McLane.

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11 Responses

    1. Considering I hate Les AND Chip, I hope they fight each other to the death on Chip’s front lawn, and it’s a tie.

  1. I typically don’t like Les Bowen but I have to give him props here for old school journalism and knocking the door of the source. Takes balls. People behind computer screens would never do this.

    1. Les has “balls” I don’t say the same things in the real world that I do on here and would be afraid to knock on Chip’s door and tell him to F@ck off. (sarcasm) :rolleyes: I called Andy Reid a fat arrogant pig to his face, and it was sweet.

  2. I heard this from someone on the street-“Did Les mention his zipper was down and he had a dildo hanging out of it when he knocked on the door?”

  3. Boy that Jill Cohen looks like a nice score for the Chipster. I wouldn’t mind taking that for a round or two.

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