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Dr David Acheson

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Renée Adams

Senior Research Fellow
Sir Thomas allen

Sir Thomas Allen

Honorary Fellow

Professor Daniel Altshuler

Tutorial Fellow in Linguistics , Dean

Professor Edward Anderson

Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry

Dr Moreed Arbabzadah

Hugh Price Fellow in Celtic History
Young woman with dark brown hair wearing grey jacket and black tshirt underneath

Francesca Arduini

Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics

Professor Suzanne Aspden

Fellow and Tutor in Music

Professor Jean Baccelli

Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy

Dr Philip Baker

Lecturer in Clinical Medicine

Dr David Barron

Emeritus Fellow

Mr Ruedi Baumann

Director of Accommodation, Catering & Conferences / Data Protection Officer

Dr Atılım Güneş Baydin

Lecturer in Computer Science

The Hon Neal Blewett

Honorary Fellow
William boyd

Mr William Boyd

Honorary Fellow

Dr Lennart Brewitz

Lecturer in Chemistry

Professor Mark Brouard

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry

Mrs Stefanie Burkert-Burrows

Lecturer in Modern Languages
Caucasian man smiling at camera, with brown short hair and wearing a pink shirt

Professor Philip Burrows

Senior Research Fellow in Physics and Steward of the Senior Common Room

Dr Michael Burt

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Sir John Carter

Honorary Fellow
Sir Geoffrey Cass Kt, FInstD

Sir Geoffrey Cass

Honorary Fellow

Dr Esther Cavett

Lecturer in Music

Professor Yulin Chen

Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Professor Colin Clarke

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Henry Clements

Junior Research Fellow in History

Dr Peter Clifford

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Stephen Conway

Chair, Risk & Audit Committee and Professorial Fellow

Professor Tim Coulson

Professorial Fellow in Zoology

Dr David Cram

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Armand D'Angour

Fellow and Tutor in Classics

Professor David d’Avray

Supernumerary Fellow in History

Professor Patricia Daley

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in Geography

Professor Andrew Dancer

Acting Vice-Principal (Hilary Term 2024), John Thomason Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics
Man in glasses, with suit and tie. In front of historic building

Dr Robin Darwall-Smith

Jesus College Archivist
Man in glasses smiling George Deligiannidis

Professor George Deligiannidis

Hugh Price Fellow in Statistics

Professor Stefan Dercon

Professorial Fellow in Economics

Dr Vedanta Dhamija

Career Development Fellow in Economics

Professor Susan Doran

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Simon Douglas

Peter Clarke Fellow and Tutor in Law

Professor Gillian Douglas

Lecturer in Physiology & Pharmacology

Professor Tom Douglas

Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy

Dr Andrew Dunning

Supernumerary Fellow in Book History

Dr Nicole Eichert

Junior Research Fellow in Experimental Psychology

Dr Olivia Elder

Lecturer in Ancient History

Professor Luca Enriques

Professor of Corporate Law

Dr Katharina Ereky-Stevens

Junior Research Fellow in Education

Professor Péter Esö

Roger Hugh Tutorial Fellow in Economics

Professor Robin Evans

Robert Kay Fellow and Tutorial Fellow in Statistics

Ms Christine Fairchild

Emeritus Fellow

Lord Faulks

Honorary Fellow

Dr Seth Flaxman

Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science

Dame Alison Foster KC

Honorary Fellow

Dr Alexandra Gajda

John Walsh Fellow in History

Dr Ross Gales

Lecturer in Computer Science

Professor Peter Ghosh

Lecturer in History

Professor Rosemary Gillespie

Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity

Professor Mike Glazer

Emeritus Fellow

Mr Paul Goffin

Professorial Fellow

Professor Fabian Grabenhorst

Fellow and Tutor in Experimental Psychology

Professor Alan Grafen

Honorary Fellow

Professor Richard Grenyer

Paul Paget-Colin Clarke Tutorial Fellow in Physical Geography

Dr Emma Haberman

Junior Research Fellowship in Immunology

Dr Joseph Hankinson

Career Development Lecturer in English

Professor Jonathan Harris KC (Hon.)

Senior Research Fellow in Law

Professor Paul Harvey

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Deborah Hay

Hugh Price Fellow and Tutor for Clinical Medicine

Mr Donald Hay

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Felicity Heal

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Pol Hernandez Llado

Lecturer in Chemistry

Ms Alexandra Hertlein

Stipendiary Lecturer in Modern Languages (German)

Associate Professor Ivona Hideg

Associate Professor in Organisation Studies and Tutorial Fellow in Management

Professor Geoff Higgins

Malcolm and Margaret Howat Associate Professor Of Clinical Oncology and Hugh Price Fellow in Clinical Oncology

Dr Ole Hinz

German Lektor

Miss Natasha Holcroft-Emmess

Stipendiary Lecturer in Law

Professor Georg A Holländer

Professorial Fellow in Developmental Medicine

Dr Amanda Holton

Lecturer in English Language

Dr Tim Horder

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Joshua Hordern

Lecturer in Theology

Ms Rosie Huck

Lecturer in Geography

Mr Thomas Ilube

Honorary Fellow

Dr Kelsey Inouye

Supernumerary Fellow in Education

Dr Betina Ip

Hugh Price Fellow in Neuroscience

Dr Miles Jackson

Sir David Lewis Fellow and Tutorial Fellow in Law

Mr Nicolas Jacobs

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Susan Jebb

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Malcolm John

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Dr Samantha-Kaye Johnston

Supernumerary Fellow in Education
Woamn standing in laboratory

Professor E Yvonne Jones

Professorial Fellow in Medicine

Dr Matthew Kerry

Zeitlyn Fellow and Tutor in History

Professor Paulina Kewes

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in English Literature

Dr Sandra Kiefer

Junior Research Fellow in Computer Science

Mr Charlie Knight

Lecturer in Geography

Professor Katrin Kohl

Acting Principal (Hilary Term 2024), Fellow and Tutor in German

Lord Krebs

Honorary Fellow and Former Principal

Dr Nada Kubikova

Maplethorpe Junior Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Robert Laidlow

Career Development Fellow in Music

Dr Mansur Lalljee

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Ayoush Lazikani

Lecturer in English

Dr Gail Leckie

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy

Professor Vili Lehdonvirta

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Melinda Letts

College Tutor in Greek and Latin Languages

Dr Amy Lidster

Departmental Lecturer in English Language and Literature

Dr Sam Lipworth

Lecturer in Medicine

Professor Elena Lombardi

Lecturer in Italian

Dr Alexandra Lumbers

Academic Director

Professor Louis Lyons

Emeritus Fellow

Dr John Magorrian

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Mr Sotiris Mastoridis

Clinical Lecturer in General Surgery
Person in white shirt standing at window with book shelves behind them.

Mx Owen McKnight

Jesus College Librarian

Professor Peter Mirfield

Professor Emeritus of the Law of Evidence

Professor Sassy Molyneux

Senior Research Fellow in Global Health

Dr Will Moore

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Stephen Morris

Fellow in Engineering Science

Dr Chris Nicholls

Lecturer in Engineering

Dr Samu Niskanen

Hugh Price Fellow in History

Miss Ruby Nixson

Retained Lecturer in Mathematics

Sir Peter Machin North

Honorary Fellow

Dr James Oliver

Helen Morag Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics

Dr Daniela Omlor

Lecturer in Spanish

Professor Tim Palmer

Emeritus Fellow

Mr Ivan Parga Ornelas

Lecturer in Ancient Greek

Dr Charles Parker

Retained Lecturer in Mathematics

Dr Oiwi Parker Jones

Hugh Price Fellow in Computer Science

Dr Ellen Paterson

Lecturer in History

Dr Joshua Phillips

Junior Research Fellow in English

Dr Matt Phillips

Stipendiary Lecturer in French
Bearded man in flat cap smiling

Professor Raymond Thomas Pierrehumbert

Halley Professor of Physics

Professor John Powell

Senior Research Fellow in Digital Health

Dr Abhishodh Prakash

Stipendiary Lecturer

Dr Roxana Radu

Hugh Price Fellow in Digital Technologies and Public Policy

Dr Tessa Reardon

Hugh Price Fellow in Psychology

Dr Henry Reece

Emeritus Fellow
photo (c) John Cairns

Dr Ryan Rholes

Junior Research Fellow in Economics

Professor Paul Riley

Professorial Fellow in Medicine

Dr Ricardo Rocha

Tutorial Fellow in Biology

Dr Clive Rodgers

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Judith Rousseau

Professor of Statistics

Dr Kelsey Sasaki

Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics

Miss Rhiannon Savage

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Dr Philip Schnattinger

Lecturer in Economics
Womsn standing by tree. Dr Janina Schupp

Dr Janina Schupp

SOUTHWORKS Career Development Fellow of the Digital Hub
Photo of College Principal Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Principal and Professorial Research Fellow in Computer Science

Dr Andrew Shapland

Supernumerary Fellow in Archaeology

Dr Jane Sherwood

Supernumerary Fellow

Mr Zev Shirazi

Stipendiary Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr Filipa Simões

Hugh Price Fellow in Regenerative Medicine

Professor Iram Siraj

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Svitlana Slava

Supernumerary Fellow

Mrs Carole Souter

Honorary Fellow
Professor standing in lab space

Professor Shankar Srinivas

Zeitlyn Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

Professor Sam Staton

Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science

Mr David Stevenson

Emeritus Fellow

Dr David Storrs-Fox

Junior Research Fellow

Dr Helen Sunderland

Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellow in History

Mr Barnum Swannell

Retained Lecturer in Mathematics

Professor Kathy Sylva

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Brian Tang

Lecturer in Engineering Science

Professor Graham Taylor

Senior Research Fellow in Biology

Dr Rachel Taylor

Junior Research Fellow in African Studies

Sir Bryn Terfel

Honorary Fellow

Dr Eleanor Thomson

Stipendiary lecturer in Geography

Professor James Tilley

Fellow and Tutor in Politics

Dr Matthew Tillotson

Stipendiary Lecturer

Dr Charly Treiber

Hugh Price Fellow in Neurobiology

Dr Jonathon Turnbull

Junior Research Fellow
Black and whote photo of man with beard and wearing round glasses looking to right

Professor Dirk Van Hulle

Professorial Fellow

Dr Margarita Vaysman

Associate Professor and Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Russophone Literature, Culture, and Thought

Dr Berta Verd

Peter Brunet Fellow in Biological Sciences
Professor Kylie Vincent

Professor Kylie Vincent

Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry

Mr Kevin Wang

Career Development Lecturer in Geography

Mr Albert Ward

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics

Professor Caroline Warman

Zeitlyn Fellow and Tutor in French

Professor Colin Webb

Emeritus Fellow

Dr Brittany Wellner James

Director of Development & Fellow of Jesus College

Dr Stuart White

Nicholas Drake Tutorial Fellow in Politics

Samuel White

Retained Lecturer in Engineering

Professor Dominic Wilkinson

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Ben Williams

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science

Dr Claire Williams

Associate Professor in Brazilian Literature and Culture

Dr Matthew Williams

Access Fellow

Professor David Willis

Jesus Professor of Celtic

Ms Cait Winter

Estates Bursar & Fellow of Jesus College

Mr Stuart Woodward

Emeritus Fellow

Professor Geraldine Wright

Hope Professor of Zoology (Entomology)

Mr Edwin Milton Yoder

Honorary Fellow

Professor Standa Zivny

Tutor in Computer Science