Jessie J has wowed her fans with twerking skills in a cheeky Instagram video.

Every now and then, a video from a celebrity will go trending on social media, making people engage in long conversations.

Social media has become the go-to place for checking news and updates about celebs and online influencers. In the case of Jessie J, she has just confirmed her relationship status on Instagram while twerking in a video.

The ‘Price Tag’ singer shared a cheeky video in which she demonstrated impressive dancing skills.

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Jessie J: Twerking video

On October 20th, Jessie uploaded a video on her Instagram profile in which she was doing a number of things – staring into the camera, doing a twerk and drinking wine.

Out of all these things, the singer’s twerk has become the trending bit which has people on social media talking.

“What my pupils are actually doing while I calmly stare at you trying to get a quick read on your energy…” she captioned her post.

The ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ singer added:

“Single life in a pandemic is [crystal ball emoji]. It’s supposed to be funny. So don’t get serious Sally in the comments. Sorry if your name is Sally and you aren’t serious.”

You can watch Jessie’s video down below.

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Jessie J and her message in the video

While some people were occupied watching Jessie’s twerk dance, many have realised that her video was more than a dance routine.

In her Instagram post, the singer said “Single life in a pandemic is [crystall ball emoji]” which sounds like a confirmation that she has split from her boyfriend Channing Tatum.

Jessie and Channing started dating in September 2018 before reports that the two have called it quits in 2019.

The two reportedly got back together earlier this year and they attended a number of events, making appearances on the red carpet together. But According to Jessie’s Insta post, she is single again.

Fans react to Jessie’s video

Many of Jessie’s fans shared compliments and nice reactions to her hilarious dance video.

One fan said: “Ah Jessie, you are always funny. Oh and of course super talented voice.”

“Masterpiece twerk,” commented another fan, while someone else said: “Go Jessie.”

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