Janelle Brown from Sister Wives is known for being married to her husband Kody, but this is not her first marriage. The reality star was previously in a short-term relationship with a man named Adam Barber. However, just like her sister wife Robyn, Janelle ended up divorced before marrying Kody.

Longtime fans know that Janelle got married to Kody back on January 20, 1993. They met each other through Kody’s wife, Meri. At the time, Kody was looking for another wife and Janelle was interested in joining him in a spiritual union, even though she had not grown up in a polygamous family like the other Brown wives. In the family’s book Becoming Sister Wives, Janelle said that she immediately felt something for Kody once he entered the room. At the time, however, Janelle happened to be married to Meri’s brother, whom she had been with since 1988. It took years for Janelle to join the Brown family, but she finally did in 1990, which is when she and her husband got a divorce.

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Janelle has six kids with Kody Brown, whereas she and Adam did not have any children. According to Radar, Janelle was the one who filed for divorce. When the day came to finalize their split, Adam did not show up in court, waiving his right to show up. While they were together, Janelle and Adam shared a home and had multiple vehicles. After the divorce, Janelle got the house and several loans, while Adam was given three of their cars.

Despite this divorce, Meri has obviously maintained a relationship with her brother. In fact, she even invited him to the closing of Lizzie's Heritage Inn, the bed and breakfast that she owned. Alas, it should be noted that the Browns were not happy about that. Meri explained that she felt as if they wouldn’t have been interested, as they never seemed intrigued by her bed and breakfast in the first place. In addition to this, her B&B supposedly belonged to her great-great-grandparents, so it was appropriate for her to have been accompanied by a family member.

Very little is known about Adam’s current life. In fact, it doesn’t seem like there are any photos of him online. He also doesn’t appear to be active on social media. If he does have an Instagram account and it’s under his given name, neither Janelle nor Meri follow him. Given that Adam is Janelle’s ex-husband, it makes sense for her not to share information about him. After being divorced for over 30 years and being married to Kody for 28, it’s clear that Janelle has rightfully moved on. Now that she has an established relationship with Kody, the fans can expect to see her second marriage in great detail for the rest of Sister Wives.

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Source: Radar

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