Janelle Brown Breaks Silence Amid Kody Breakup Drama

"Sister Wives" fans were thrown for a loop on November 2 when Christine Brown announced she was splitting from husband Kody. As the third wife of the Brown patriarch, Christine wed Kody in 1994. The soon-to-be-former "couple" has garnered national attention for their polygamous lifestyle — as Kody is husband to four wives overall (soon to be three).

Kody's polygamist ways date back to 1990 when he first wed Meri Barber. Over the next couple of decades, Kody would expand his marital kinship — tying the knot with Janelle Schriever in 1993, Christine Allred in 1994, and Robyn Sullivan in 2010. Throughout the series' decade-plus run, fault lines have been exposed throughout Kody's several marriages, which finally have begun coming to a head after Christine's divorce announcement.

Wife Janelle has even voiced her displeasure with her marriage to Kody, stating, "I'm at my wit's end with this whole b******t stuff" ahead of the show's 16th season, per Fox News. But despite their vocal nature, all of the sister wives have remained relatively mum following news of Kody and Christine's split. Now, Janelle has broken her silence, but it's not about what you think.

Janelle Brown took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter

"Sister Wives" star and second wife Janelle Brown is finally speaking since news of husband Kody and plural wife Christine's divorce broke. Taking to Instagram on November 3, Janelle shared an adorable beach shot featuring daughter Maddie and her two children, son Axel and daughter Evangalynn. In the caption, Janelle wrote, "Happy Birthday to my 2nd child ! Who knew that your daughters could become such wonderful friends ! Happy Birthday Maddie."

It seems that Janelle is keeping her children close to her heart without acknowledging the split between Kody and Christine. And she still cheers her husband and his wives on from the sidelines, like when Kody was experiencing marital troubles with his first wife Meri. Janelle opened up to Us Weekly, "Kody does a very good job of keeping things very separate. He doesn't usually talk about the other wives with me," Janelle stated. "I know they have struggled for a long time and it really kind of hurts when I see them not [happy] because it sort of spills over into their families." She added, "I'm always trying to advocate and go to bat for both of them."

Of course, we'll be all ears when Janelle does decide to speak out on the split. Considering she was very close to Christine and her kids, we wouldn't be surprised if she chooses her words carefully. Talk about being caught in the middle!