Demand Warner Brothers Fires Jack Morrissey from production of “The Good Liar”

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Founded in 1923, Warner Brothers has a long history of bringing the world some of the best entertainment in both film and television and video games. 

With your core mission to make a positive impact, it is imperative that Warner Brothers takes the same decisive and immediate action they did with James Dunn and severe ties with Jack Morrissey whole and permanently for the safety of children both in and around your film, tv studios and the world

On January 20, 2019, at 12:05am Jack Morrissey took to his verified twitter account @JackMorrissey to post “MAGAKids go screaming, Hats first, into the wood chipper. “ with an attached photo depicting children, by his own hands, being murdered via his wood chipper and subsequent blood spatter. 

It is imperative that Warner Brothers separates themselves from Mr Morrissey wholly to send the message that violence against children is Not tolerated and inconsistent with Warner studios or any of its affiliates.