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J. Smith-Cameron: Photos of Kenneth Lonergan’s Wife

Rectify revolves around the life of a man named Daniel who is released from prison after a wrongful conviction. It premiered in 2013 and its fourth and last season premiered October 26, 2016. In the show, Smith-Cameron played Janet, Daniel's mother. In her interview with Sundance TV, Smith-Cameron was asked: If you had to cope with a loved one being in prison for two decades, do you think you would hold up better than Janet does? She responded, "If you’re a parent, and I am, you always go about worrying. Not so much about prison, but about some life and death situation that you can’t do anything about. Kidnapping, runaways, being a soldier and going missing. How do you think about something unthinkable coming of your offspring? It’s more rare to be in Janet’s position, but I do feel that’s a universal fear that parents face, that their child will be in some extremis they can’t protect them from." (Getty)