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Friday, July 31, 2020

FRIDAY to SUNDAY on TV - 🎄 *Christmas in July* Ends & *Summer Nights* 🌞 Begin!

images: Hallmark Crown Media

Set your DVRs for the last of Christmas in July this weekend on the Hallmark Channel!

For those of you who don't have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, you can see several premieres of HMM Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel - this Friday and Saturday, including: "Christmas in Montana," "A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love," "Memories of Christmas," "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas," "Holiday for Heroes" and more!

Plus, "Summer Nights" begins this weekend! See details below...

Friday, July 31, 2020:

It's time for more Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Christmas in Montana - 10 AM
Christmas Made to Order - 12 PM
Christmas at Pemberley Manor - 2 PM
Christmas in Love - 4 PM
Memories of Christmas - 6 PM
Time for You to Come Home for Christmas - 8 PM
Christmas at the Plaza - 10 PM


Saturday, August 1, 2020:

It's the last day for Christmas in July movies on the Hallmark Channel...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love - 9 AM
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - 11 AM
A Bramble House Christmas - 1 PM
The Nine Lives of Christmas - 3 PM
Holiday for Heroes - 5 PM
Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen - 7 PM
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle - 11 PM


More... Saturday, August 1, 2020:

Step into the Sunshine with the first Hallmark Summer Nights movie...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark:After learning her job is on the line, Eden returns to Lake Tahoe where she used to spend her summers growing up. There she’s reunited with her childhood friend Riley and finds that the draw of her past might direct her future to a happiness she’s been missing in her life.

See the premiere of Romance in the Air
Saturday, August 1, 2020 
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, August 2, 2020:

It's the UPtv Movie Premiere of...

image via: UPtv

Storyline via UP: While on a road trip to spread her godfather’s ashes, Daphne and her ill godmother Fran get into an accident forcing them to make an unexpected stop. Wanting to keep Fran off the road, Daphne enlists Matthew, their mechanic, to be her fake boyfriend. But soon their fake relationship isn’t so fake after all.

See the premiere of Love by Accident 
Sunday, August 2, 2020 
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Please note: I have not pre-screened these new movies above. Please be careful and use discretion when viewing. If there is any objectionable content, I will be sure to share it here, and if you see or hear any thing, please share in comments. Thank you!

I hope you all have a very nice weekend!
Blessings, Net


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~2 Peter 3:8-9 


  1. So excited to see my favorite movie is on tonight! Time For You To Come Home For Christmas is my pick of these. I love the Godwink movie also! There are several good ones listed. I will certainly have a good weekend. Thanks Net! You have made my day brighter! Hope you have a great weekend too.

    1. I suppose it's a case of each to her own.

      I'm personally uneasy about these Hallmark movies where one of the characters has been deeply in love and married before - I always feel the new partner is second best.

    2. AS it happens, I have witnessed the second marriage being as great as the first. My sister lost her first husband at an early age to cancer. Her second husband lost his first wife to cancer. The four of them were devout Christians. My sister just lost her second husband, and she says it is just as hard as losing her first. They were blessed to have found each other. So you don't need to be concerned. It works! She said the love is no less! There is no second best when you truly love.

    3. Awe, kitkat... thank you for sharing that. Bless your Sister's heart. I'm so glad she is a Christian and stays close to Him. Our Heavenly Father is a "protector of widows." (Psalm 68:5)

      That is wonderful that she was able to find love again. Please let her know I am very sorry for her loss. Sending my love and prayers...

    4. Thanks Net! I will pass this on to my sister. She caught the virus from someone coming into her home during the time of his death. I talked with her this morning and she is recovering from the virus. God is so good! Appreciate your concern.

    5. Oh my goodness... she got the virus, too? How awful. Just when she needed extra hugs and someone close. I hope she continues to get better and better each day. I'll definitely keep her in my prayers.

    6. Gave my sister your message this morning. Thanks for your concern! 24 people who came into her home caught the virus, and they were all family members. Thankfully, no one out of the group has died. Her brother-in-law is a doctor and has taken excellent care of her.

    7. Remind me of those Lacey Chabert’s character whose lost her Husband when she meets a widow whose lost his Wife

      They have children from their first marriage

    8. Kitkat, Oh my, 24! Since I recently had 4 family members who had the virus, I know a little bit how you feel. Thankfully, my family have all tested negative now. Praise God! I pray you will have the same outcome with your family and friends.

    9. Anon, the Lacey Chabert movie you are thinking of is "The Color of Rain." It is a very touching, heartbreaking story.

      You can see pictures & details here:

    10. Both my sister and her second husband had children from their first marriages. The families blended well! They were blessed with a huge house with 7 bedrooms. I have the DVD of The Color Of Rain. This movie does remind me of them. Happy to report that all my relatives are recovering nicely from the virus. Thanks Net for your prayers.

  2. When did Hallmark film these new summer movies? Really curious!

    1. The first two were filmed before the corona virus. I believe they were both filmed in the fall of 2019. The last one was filmed just recently after lock-downs were lifted. They filmed under strict quarantine rules.

  3. UPTV plays Hallmark’s Love Takes Wing & A Crush on You

    1. Yes, it's great to catch some wonderful Hallmark movie classics on UPtv! They are also going to be having a marathon of Kellie Martin's "Mystery Woman" series soon! :)

    2. Net, you had The Coffee Shop DVD listed a short time ago. I purchased it from Amazon, and it is an UP TV movie. Very sweet story with a Christian message. Thanks for showing that info.

    3. So glad you liked it! I agree... it's refreshing to see a lighthearted, uplifting story with an element of faith! :)

  4. Watching the last of the Christmas movies right now.


  5. The preview for Hallmark’s new movie, Wedding Every Weekend, features two brides getting married.

    1. Thank you for sharing this info. I saw the commercial, too, and I'm quite disappointed this is the way the Hallmark Channel is going.

      I posted info about it here:

  6. I love Romance in the Air

    Torrance & Cindy work together way back in Heartland as Chase Powers & Ashley Stanton

    I hope to see Torrance & Cindy work together in the future movies with Hallmark

  7. Romance in the air was terrible. The acting was horrible. I am sorry to be so negative but I think this was the worst movie ever on Hallmark. Nothing clicked or the flow of the move didn't move. The only positive was the views and location for some of the shots/filming.

    1. I have yet to see this movie but it looks like you are not the only one who was disppointed in it.

      All the reviews I have read for it are terrible.

      Everyone agrees that the scenery was stunning but the acting well below par.

  8. I did not see this one, and I don't think I will. The previews did nothing for me. The quality of HM movies has really gone down. With the exception of The Beach House, (which I love), there has been absolutely nothing in the last couple of years that I must see. I feel like it's groundhog day--same plot, different characters, and now, more than ever, career-driven women. I think I'll go back and watch older ones like Fairfield Road and a Country Wedding.


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