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Is there going to be an Eldest (Eragon sequel)?

I really liked the first one and I think there should be a second

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    I do not think there will be considered they butchered half the reasons why some of the stuff was done in the first place.


    The fact that the dwarves were left out is a big issue among fans.

    Katrina was the reason why Eragon and Rorrin found one another again in the second story and yet she is not mentioned in the first movie at all save in deleted scenes.

    Razacs DID NOT die as they did in the first movie as they like Katrina were a reason the two got together again.

    Eragon was not even showing going with the elves to Alleismiera as he did in the end of the first/beginning of the second.

    Does not even elude to the fact that Saphira was not the last of the dragon eggs and that there were two others!

    They did a MAJOR BUTCH job on all the reasons why Book 2 happened in the first place. So unless they redo the first one, they have to figure out a whole new reason for the cousins to get together other then the fact that Eragon and Murtagh are brothers

    Who end up fighting one another because of Galbatorix on top of ANOTHER dragon in Eldest which they will have to explain becayse they said Saphira in the movie was the last

    END SPOILER alert

  • I would hope so, so that they could bring the movie back up, cuz the books were great, and even though I liked the movie too, they did a poor job on it, it was nothing like the book. I have read some reports saying that they will not continue with the series since they did a poor job on the first movie.

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    An ant. He will become "one" with the creatures he specializes in and which will become significant by using the sequence. Or positioned some glitter to symbolize magic (or despite you think of sounds like magic).

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    Nope, as the movie did so poorly at the box office

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