Are green anacondas endangered? - Answers


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No. Green anacondas are not endangered.

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No they are not endangered animals in fact they are the largest snake in the world there was a bigger snake in the world.

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lier they are endangered quit lyingย 

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Q: Are green anacondas endangered
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Is the yellow anaconda endangered?

Yellow anacondas are not endangered.

Why are anaconda endangered?

Anacondas are not endangered, check IUCN Redlist.

Are anacondas extinct or endangered?


What are people doing about the endangered anacondas?


Does Green Anacondas live in the Amazon rain forest?

Yes green anacondas do live in the rain forest

Do the green anaconda have predators?

Large black caimans are known to eat green anacondas. Jaguars occasionally kill green anacondas.

What are some kinds of endangered anacondas?

nicki minaj

What type of anacondas live in south America?

Giant Green anacondas

How many different types of anacondas are there?

There are two types of anacondas Albino anacondas and Green anacondas.

What are the condition for the green anacondas habitat?

Green anacondas live in south America you can check if u g0 on 2 winklepedia the free enclopeada 'green anacondas., they also wiegh ninty-five kilograms it says

How do anacondas bear their young?

The green anaconda reproduces young green anacondas in several numbers. The young anacondas are later sent off by themselves to hunt and find living.

How many anacondas are in the world?

the anaconda is almost endangered. it is unknown to me how many there are

Do green anacondas migrate?


What kind of anacondas attack?

Green anacondas are known to attack and drown people.

Who is an anacondas enemy?

Large black caimans and jaguars prey on green anacondas.

Are green anacondas dangerous to humans yes or no?

Green anacondas are recorded to attack and kill/wound people in water and on land.

Which is bigger yellow of green anaconda?

Green anacondas grow much larger and stronger than yellow anacondas. Yellow anacondas are 10 to 15 ft long, and weigh 40 to 80 pounds. Green anacondas are 20 to 30 ft long, and weigh 200 to 550 pounds.

What are the condition of a green anacondas habitat?

Green anacondas live in streams, creeks, and rivers of south america. They need water to survive.

Is the anaconda an endangered species?

No. Anacondas are still common, in no danger at present.

What is the green anacondas food chain?

a green anacoda is a carnivore

Are green anacondas protected?

nope there not

Do green anacondas protect their young?

No. As with all snakes baby anacondas are on their own from day one.

Do green anacondas lay eggs?

No. Anacondas, like most boas, give live birth.

Are anacondas endangered?

No. Anancondas are still common, but could be vulnerable to habitat loss.

Are any breeds of anacondas extinced?

No, but the anaconda breeds now in existence are endangered.

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