Are anacondas endangered? - Answers


Are anacondas endangered

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No. Anancondas are still common, but could be vulnerable to habitat loss.

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Q: Are anacondas endangered
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Is the yellow anaconda endangered?

Yellow anacondas are not endangered.

Are green anacondas endangered?

No. Green anacondas are not endangered.

Why are anaconda endangered?

Anacondas are not endangered, check IUCN Redlist.

Are anacondas extinct or endangered?


What are people doing about the endangered anacondas?


What are some kinds of endangered anacondas?

nicki minaj

How many anacondas are in the world?

the anaconda is almost endangered. it is unknown to me how many there are

Is the anaconda an endangered species?

No. Anacondas are still common, in no danger at present.

Are any breeds of anacondas extinced?

No, but the anaconda breeds now in existence are endangered.

Why anacondas are in endanred?

Anacondas are endangered because other animals are eating them. I'm not sure why they are endanred, though. I would guess it's because you don't know how to spell.

Why are anacondas becoming endangered?

Because humans are destroying the snakes naturalhabitat !

What place does an anaconda have in the food chain?

In the South American tropical rainforest a carnivorous reptile that is the longest snake lives there. Anacondas live in the rainforest where they can eat and swallow animals to survive. Anacondas are at the top of the food chain of the rainforest but they are endangered animals because humans hunt them. Other animals hunt small anacondas because after reproduction they live by themselves. Anacondas have adapted with their anatomy and characteristics.

Are anacondas deadly?

Anacondas are deadly

Are anacondas territorial?

anacondas are not terortorial

How many different types of anacondas are there?

There are two types of anacondas Albino anacondas and Green anacondas.

Do anacondas have enemies?

other anacondas and people

Can anacondas be found in Cairns?

No. Anacondas are not native to Australia.

Are boas bigger than anacondas?

No anacondas are larger.

Why do anacondas shake their rattles?

Anacondas do not have a rattle to shake.

Do anacondas eat foxes?

Anacondas will anything their size.

Do anacondas eat leaves?

No, anacondas do not eat leaves.

What are facts about the anacondas?

Anacondas are dangerous if left around children.

Are anacondas small?

No. Anacondas are among the largest snakes in the world.

What is the anacondas predator?

Yellow anacondas are prey to caimans and jaguars.

Do anacondas eat turtles?

Anacondas diet includes turtles.

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