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Mary Smith is the main protagonist in the film: Mary and the Witch's Flower directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and produced by Studio Ponoc. Her Seiyū was Hana Sugisaki.


Mary is a young girl with bushy, bright red hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She has two short strands of hair on her forehead, along with a couple shorter ones. Mary's eyes are sharp blue, and she always has a bright expression.

Her fashion choice includes, short skirts, long shirts, cartigans, over-the-knee stockings, sweaters, and cute sneakers, or brown laced boots. Her sleepwear consists of a light-yellow shirt-dress that reaches the knees.


Mary is a strongheaded and witty girl, stubborn and loud. She tries to help out when she can, but due to her clumsiness, is often let go. She has a lack of perception, and is quite teasing at points. She hated her hairstyle at first, but gradually accepted it.


  • Mary has similar red hairstyle of Ponyo.
  • Her persona holds similarities to Kiki as well as both sharing a similar storyline.