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AMD Ryzen vs Intel i9 | Why Ryzen is better than i9 Processor?

AMD Ryzen vs Intel i9 | Why Ryzen is better than i9 Processor?

Both AMD and Intel are the two of the best and biggest giants when it comes to computer processors. They are competing in the same market for so many decades but Intel was able to stand out as a bigger brand every time compared to AMD. But is that the same case when it comes to performance and speed? Is intel is really faster and better performing than AMD

Well, we are here to explain the top processors of both of these companies (AMD Ryzen vs Intel i9 processors) and we are going to pick one as a winner from these two CPU models.

The Ryzen is AMD’s top processor which was released in 2017. The speed and performance Ryzen has offered made a big difference for AMD and AMD has improved a lot over the years with Ryzen processors. AMD had a bad reputation on the back that’s why they really couldn’t able to make an impact. But with Ryzen processors AMD has really given a touch competition to intel. But How good AMD’s Ryzen processor is compared to Intel i9 Processor? You will find out as you read further.

Intel, on the other hand, launched its i9 processor in the same year as AMD Ryzen was released. Yes, the first i9 processor was launched in 2017 and this is Intel’s top-notch processor. You may have familiar with i3, i5, i7 processors before but i9 is the latest family member of Intel processor. 

Intel has 8th, 9th and now the 1oth generation intel i9 processor. The 10th generation is the Extreme version of the i9 processor.

Both Ryzen and i9 processors are the top end processors of each brand but these processors have some similarities and one is better than others. And We are going to explain to you why AMD Ryzen is better than Intel i9 processors.

Before that first, understand what kind of processors we can get with AMD Ryzen vs Intel i9 series.

AMD Ryzen Processors:

Ryzen is AMD’s latest and best-performing processors since 2017. AMD was really struggling to make an impact in the market before 2017 even though they are in this industry for a long time since 1969. The big break came to AMD when they launched their Ryzen series processors. Things started to change because Ryzen series processors have tremendous speed capacity and they can provide up to 32 cores with hyperthreading up to 64 Cores. Which is larger and much better than Intel’s latest i9 processors. But in terms of Clock speed, AMD Ryzen is still behind the Intel i9 processor. 

The Ryzen thread ripping processors are the words best processors out there on the market. 

AMD has two categories in Ryzen series the “AMD Ryzen processor” and “AMD Ryzen Thredripper processor” which is the fastest and best processor ever produced from AMD.

The best desktop processor you can get is AMD Ryzen Threadripper series – AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X processor. Whereas X refers to extreme speed. This processor has the capacity of 32 Cores (with hyperthreading) can give up to 64 threads. The base clock speed of this processor is 3.7GHz which can be boosted up to 4.5 GHz. 

These processors and extremely good for playing high-end games, editing 1080p & 4K videos, video rendering, photo editing, and animation works. Most of the high-end software and high-end games can perform really well with this processor.

The other processor with AMD Ryzen series includes AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X, 2990 WX, 2970WX, etc… All these processors and extremely better than intel i9 processors.

Intel i9 Processors:

Intel’s i9 processor is their top-end best processor from Intel. The first version (8th generation i9 processor) was launched in 2017 and their latest 10th generation was launched just in October 2019. Intel has named their i9 processors as “Skylake”, “Coffe Lake”, and “Cascade Lake”.  The mobile processors (which were used in Laptops) are called “Coffe Lake-H”.

In all of these Lake versions of Intel, they have different processors included. 

Intel has been a top player when it comes to computer processors be it on a desktop or laptop. Intel i9 Xtreme processor is Intel’s latest addition of Intel family. The intel i9 processors can be seen by most of the top models like the latest Macbook Pro which has Intel i9 processor, Asus ROG Strix Laptop, etc…

Intel’s top processor in the i9 family is its 10th generation Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition processor. This processor has 18 Core with hyperthreading up to 36 threads and can produce clock speed of up to 5GHz. 

The core counts are lesser than AMD Ryzen processors but when it comes to clock speed Intel is much better than AMD processors. 

When it comes to price the Intel i9 processors are priced way higher than AMD Ryzen processors. The best intel i9 processor can cost you up to $2500.

Why AMD Ryzen is Better than Intel i9 Processor?

Well, there are a couple of reasons that kept AMD Ryzen series processors way ahead of Intel i9 processors.

First of all the cores and threads on AMD processors are much better and much higher than Intel processors. It’s not only better but the numbers are almost double in most of the processors that you can get with AMD Ryzen processors. Ryzen series most of the Cores are hyperthreaded which means one core has the capacity to get 2 threads simultaneously.

The AMD Ryzen clock speed is also not too far behind Intel i9 processors. The clock speed is the only area where Intel is taking control and produces better results than Ryzen processors. AMD Ryzen series processors clock speed ranges from 4.1GHz to 4.6GHz (this is the maximum boosting clock speed) whereas Intel’s i9 processor has the clock speed from 4.5GHz to 5GHz). Because of the better clock speed from Intel even with fewer cores (compared to Ryzen), they can manage to generate better speed. The high-end games respond much faster and better in I9 processors but when it comes to video editing, photo editing altogether Ryzen is still ahead than the i9 processor. 

With our deeper research on gaming, we figured out that most of the gamers claimed to be AMD Ryzen is much better and faster than Intel i9 processors.

The AMD Ryzen processors come with inbuilt cooling technology but whereas in i9 processors won’t come with cooling technology. You have to invest additional for CPU cooling systems. That makes Intel i9 processors way too expensive than Ryzen processors.

When it comes to price AMD Ryzen processors are way cheaper than Intel i9 processors. Ryzen processors can be cheaper and faster whereas Intel i9 processors are faster but they can be a bit expensive also. So for someone who is price sensitive and doesn’t want to mess with the speed then AMD Ryzen processors are the best options.

So overall by considering all the facts and some deeper research AMD Ryzen processor crowned as the winner according to our opinion. But Intel is still the mainstream and dominating in the CPU industry but how far they can maintain the brand value we just have to find out.

Quick question for you. AMD Ryzen vs Intel i9 Which one is the best?

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