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The Easmon family living in London in 1985 sees their quiet life disrupted when their relative from Sierra Leone moves in. The comedy, inspired by the childhood memories of Idris Elba follows the story of Walter and Agnes Easmon whose life is all about quiet routine. They arrived from Sierra Leone 13 years ago and work hard to pay the bills, raise son Kobna as well as support their family back home.

In the Long Run is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 2019.

Where do I stream In the Long Run online? In the Long Run is available for streaming on Sky1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In the Long Run on demand at Amazon Prime, Starz online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Sky1
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
March 29, 2019
Cast: Jimmy Akingbola, Madeline Appiah, Bill Bailey, Idris Elba
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In the Long Run Full Episode Guide

  • Valentine takes Kobna to Tilbury Docks to pick up his special shipment of records from West Africa and DJ the arrival party for the sailors.

  • Valentine gets a DJ gig through Dawn's friend Andy which goes hugely well until he realises it's a gay nightclub.

  • As Bagpipes continues to ponder the fragility of life, he hears that Rajesh is trying for a baby.

  • It's Valentine's turn to have Mama stay and, true to form, he shows her a good time. However she's concerned about his lifestyle and takes it upon herself to help him find that special someone to settle down with.

  • As Walter worries about whether his life on the Eastbridge will make his Mama proud, Valentine worries that Kobna is taking his place as the favorite one.

  • Walter is obsessed with Christmas, hosting the annual Easmon party alongside Agnes with Bagpipes providing a British smorgasbord of cuisine to the West African party.

  • Walter makes a discovery as everyone gets ready for Melissa's party. Uncle Valy comes to Kobna's rescue when he struggles to ask Kerry out.

  • Agnes gets introduced to a fellow colleague and Valentine confronts Kobna's boss. Leon's plans affect Bagpipes in more ways than one.

  • Walter stumbles on a secret weapon as he tries to resolve the factory strike. Meanwhile, Kobna falls in love.

  • Agnes decides to start working. But her first job in the UK proves a real eye-opener. Valentine and Bagpipes head to Southend.

  • Bagpipes makes a bold bid to run Leon out of town. Agnes and Kobna step in when Valentine gets ripped off by a garage owner.

  • Valentine moves out, but bachelor life isn't how he expected.

  • Walter is obsessed with Christmas, hosting the annual Easmon party alongside Agnes with Bagpipes providing a British smorgasbord of cuisine to the West African party.

  • Bagpipes, Kirsty and the Eastbridge community are preparing for Melissa's adoption party at the Milton Arms when Walter is disturbed to discover that Bagpipes is estranged from his parents. Taking matters into his own hands Walter insists the two men travel to Essex, resolve the long-held rift and bring Bagpipes' parents to join in the celebrations. As the party begins to warm up Kobna struggles to find a way of asking Kerry out - but Uncle Valy quickly comes to the rescue.

  • Agnes is introduced by a colleague to a Jamaican woman at work expecting that they will automatically get on like a house on fire... and why wouldn't they? Valentine overhears an insensitive nickname Don uses for Kobna at work and is forced to confront him. Leon is a welcome addition to the De La Croix family unit but Kirsty begins to question Leon about his plans for the future, which has a profound effect on Bagpipes in more ways than one.

  • Walter is struggling to resolve the strike until he stumbles upon a secret weapon - Rajesh! A tense meeting leads to new and exciting possibilities for the Easmon's future. Despite Bagpipes protests, Kirsty tries to earn a little money at the local bookies and Leon starts to share in his responsibilities with Melissa. Meanwhile, Kobna's job gives him a new-found confidence and for the first time he falls in love - with Don's daughter Kerry. But is Kobna really ready to step into a man's shoes?

  • As the strike at the factory continues, money in the Easmon household is tight, so Agnes begins to work for the local council. But her first job in the UK as a working mum proves to be a bit of an eye opener. Valentine has a job delivering paper in Southend. Bagpipes joins him on the road trip as both men share their love of the UK until the bubble is burst. Kobna also contributes to the household income by getting a Saturday job at Don's garage and very soon he starts to behave much older than his years.

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