Chaos Walking - Trailer

Watch the exclusive first trailer for Chaos Walking, the sci-fi action movie starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley from the director behind Jumper and Edge of Tomorrow.

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Video Transcript
That was a terrible crash. We're lucky to be alive. Stop don't come any closer. It's a girl. Oh my God girl. I'm sorry don't move on here. I've just never seen a girl before. It's so loud here you call the police. Happens to all the men in this planet every thought in our heads are on display. Where are all the winners they're dead? What she's thinking what the hell is that noise. It's strange to see everything I think it's strange for me to not knowing what's going on in your head. I mean I don't know you might not like my dog or you wanna hit me over the head with a rock or something I like it. He's stronger than he knows you better. Watch your shake. Those men catch you they'll kill you get in the car. Do you wanna protect the girls you have to leave now? Keep you safe Keep you safe with her power. There's no telling what he can do. I need that girl before she wants them. How many you got 10200 thousands? I want it.