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BEACON College

BEACON College

Founded in 1989, Beacon College is a registered private school in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. ‘The sea of knowledge is deep and wide, but with attainable shores. Only by relying on the light of a beacon can one reach enlightenment.’ In accordance with this motto, Beacon serves as a lighthouse that guides students out of their academic predicament and leads them to a bright and successful future.

Beacon College mainly offers tutorial classes at the secondary level, day-time secondary courses for Senior Secondary students, pre-education courses and life-learning courses. With the effort and passion of our outstanding management and highly qualified teachers, the College has now established an extensive network of teaching centres throughout the territory. Beacon currently runs 21 teaching centres with a capacity of over 140 classrooms, serving tens of thousands of students each year. Its mother company, BExcellent Group Holdings Limited, got listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 2018. We possess one of the most large-scale private supplementary education platform in Hong Kong. Recently, Beacon Group expanded its market to the pre-education field, nurturing toddlers with good virtues and habits, as well as consolidating their academic foundation. In addition, we provide practical training courses, such as IELTS preparatory courses, Korean language and photography courses, in order to encourage students’ life-learning. The motto “Learning knows no boundaries” enables learners from all walks of life to pursue life-long holistic learning.



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