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A Test Taker's Journey:IELTS writing task 2: The Basics

【明報專訊】Welcome back to this tutorial on IELTS writing. Before the summer break we concluded our discussion on IELTS Task 1. Now we are moving to Task 2, a more challenging but also fascinating component of IELTS.

You must be very familiar with the format already: within 40 minutes, you are required to write an essay to argue a case. Your essay should contain not fewer than 250 words. You will be asked to answer one of the five types of question (see table).

An understanding of the types of question lets you know what to expect and make preparations accordingly. Each of these types of question requires a tailor-made response with a specific set of vocabulary, format and line of reasoning, which we will explore in the coming issues. We should also pay attention to the prompt of the question:

Support your answer with reasons and provide any examples that are relevant from knowledge or experience of your own.

This prompt is the same for every question, and exam takers tend to overlook it in the rush to inspect the specific question and explore ideas. However, it is useful to read the prompt very carefully when you take the test as if you see it for the first time. For it contains very important information about what must be included in your response: 1. reasons; 2. relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

We will continue exploring the Task 2 question in the next issue.

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