$DogeBNB | Next game-changing meme token | Low market cap #BSCgem

What is DogeBNB?

Initially released as a memecoin, $DogeBNB is becoming Binance Smart Chain ambassador. Helping to onboard new people to the Binance ecosystem, building new and exciting innovations for the community.

DogeBNB.org is a people’s coin from the people to the people. As a people’s coin, we have holders from all backgrounds and income levels. Our holders include TikTok content creators, Twitter influencers, nurses, teachers, students, startup founders, YouTubers, and more. They are not defined by gender, race, or age but rather by a common interest in having fun. Much Fun.

DogeBNB Benefits for you

and that's just a beginning


Liquidity Locked

Our liquidity has been
locked forever.


Fair launch

IDO buy-in per holder was
capped at 1 BNB max.


37% burn

37% tokens are
burned forever

pixel doge (1)

NFT collection

Limited edition


Still low cap

Perfect token for early
adopter low cap gem hunters


Get in early

Token release date 11,
september 2021


NFT marketplace

Available soon

Connect with us and check charts

Our number one priority has always been our community. Follow us on Twitter and on other social platforms to stay updated. Check the price chart at Coinmarketcap.


You asked, we answered!

No, we don´t think so. We are just getting started. It's estimated that more than 800m new people will have exposure to cryptocurrencies and different digital collectibles by the year 2025. And it's probably will not stop at 1B people ;-)

No. $DogeBNB is a community tribute for Binance and Binance Smart Chain. The greatest blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world.

No. In fact, the founding team of $DogeBNB holds both $Dogecoin and $SHIBA tokens. However, because we believe that blockchain is still young there is room for one more game-changing meme token built on Binance Smart Chain. We believe that because DogeBNB just started there is a ton of upside potential compare to the Shiba Inu token and the original Doge token what are already richly valued.

Binance and space. We strive to show our support for Binance and get more people excited about cryptocurrencies and humans multi-planetary future. What better way to do this than meme tokens. Join the fun and be part of rapidly growing community.

You sure do. We believe in gamification ( because it's fun ) and are working on several "share to win" campaigns. Starting from pure airdrops to more specific milestone-based campaigns allowing you to unlock mystery boxes, DogeBNB tokens, BNB tokens, Bitcoin, and of course partner offerings from other Binance smart chain coins. Please tell the world about the DogeBNB coin and be ready to join the fun. Woof, woof! :) Let's break the internet together.

It's simple. DogeBNB wears sunglasses and a gold BNB chain. DogeBNB also runs on Binance Smart Chain offering low transaction fees and performance suitable for mass adoption. DogeBNB is a people's coin from the people to the people. Join the fun.

Moon mission roadmap

Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Let’s mobilize, together can take over the world.

Phase 1 - Birth

Phase 2 - Crawl

Phase 3 - Walk

Phase 4 - Run

Phase 5 - Jump

Phase 6 - Space

Phase 6 - Moon

Phase 7 - Game over

  • Conceptualization of DogeBNB
  • Putting together a rockstar team
  • Initial go-to-market preparations
  • Starting developing a website
  • First partnerships
  • Pursuing more partnerships with Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord influencers
  • DogeBNB Twitter, Telegram, Reddit presence.
  • Website done. First partnerships are ready to spread DogeBNB awareness at the point of IDO.
  • Marketing Push
  • JulPad DEX offering
  • JulSwap Exchange Listing
  • Pancakeswap.finance Listing
  • 500+ Twitter followers
  • 500+ Telegram members
  • 500+ holder
  • Website update v1.01
  • 10000+ Twitter followers
  • 50000+ holders
  • Small crypto exchange listings
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko listing
  • Dogebnb.org/feed/ product
  • Meme library so we could break the internet.
  • Preparations for major crypto exchange listings
  • NFT marketplace
  • Edutainment crypto content partnership announcement
  • Larger scale marketing + marketing team expansion
  • Gamified token holders appreciation giveaway wallet for DogeBNB token holders
  • Log in dashboard for #DogeBNBArmy
  • Referral program integration to NFT marketplace
  • Referral partners onboarding
  • Share and win gamification campaigns
  • More to be announced
  • Donations to charities
  • More exchange listings
  • More to be announced
We literally want to send $DogeBNB tokens to space as a marketing stunt. It's estimated, it will cost about 500k, but as more reusable rocket companies emerge, the price will fall. If we can get $DogeBNB to go viral, it's doable. Join the fun and spread the word.
Obviously. After space, we go to the moon also.
Game over, you won. Did you miss Shiba and Doge? This is your chance to get in early. Buy $DogeBNB on Pancakeswap today because it's still early days.


We put lot’s of deep thought into designing tokenomics structure what would allow DogeBNB reach mass adoption at fastest possible rate.


DogeBNB Token

Token name: $DogeBNB
Smart contract:
Circulating Suppl: 465,016,476,995,632.8
Token type: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
Buy DogeBNB on PancakeSwap today

because it's still super early.


We put lot’s of deep thought into designing tokenomics structure what would allow DogeBNB reach mass adoption at fastest possible rate.

Publicly sold 70%
Active team 10%
Marketing 5%
Liquidity 5%
BSC projects airdrops 5%
Foundation 5%
Publicly sold tokens distribution

Dogebnb will be launched via a fair distribution model. The community owns the major stake, 70% of tokens will be sold via Initial Dex Offering on Julpad, starting with a very low 50 000$ market cap.

Team tokens distribution

We are here for the long term and are working super hard to push blockchain adaption. We are like a pro-sports team. The more talent we have, the more we can accomplish. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for A+ players to help spread $DogeBNB awareness full-time for the benefit of you and other holders. We help each other to be great by working together towards the common mission. We believe that a community + active team will get us to the moon the fastest.

Important: Team tokens are locked and distributed via smart contracts over 20 year period using the vesting model. Read more about it at BSC.news.

Marketing tokens distribution

Think performance-based token distribution campaigns for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Discord influencers allowing top performers to unlock more tokens while all the token holders benefit from the upside. But that’s not it.. there’s more… think reward-based gamification for DogeBNB token holder’s community, because you are the engine that drives network effects. To the moon together. 🚀🚀🚀

Liquidity distribution

5% of the total supply will be used for providing liquidity in different exchanges ( Julswap, Panckeswap, etc). This way community can be sure there are always enough coins if you wanna buy or sell DogeBNB.

BSC projects distribution

We aim to partner with comparable Binance Smart Chain projects to create a synergistic relationship with other Binance Smart Chain projects for the benefit of all the Binance community.

Foundation 5%

Foundation tokens will be treated as reserve tokens and used in unexpected circumstances or future events.

How to buy $DogeBNB?

It’s simple.

Available soon

Join the DogeBNB.org army

Rewards for those that make an impact. Together we are strong.


Be a Contributor

Provide content or participate in community efforts.


Lead a army

Earn rewards by building a community.


Diamond hands

HODL and get a chance to win monetary rewards.

Apply now

Up to 20 trillion $DogeBNB available to claim.