Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife Dubbed Him 'Emotionally Abusive', Said He Cheated on Her, Emails Claim - Sputnik International
04:33 GMT07 September 2021
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    It's now been revealed what the final straw was in Hunter Biden's split from ex-wife Kathleen, with the woman saying it was not solely his compulsive behaviour, like drug or alcohol addiction.

    Hunter Biden's ex-wife Kathleen accused him of cheating on her and being "emotionally abusive" after she had ostensibly found about his purported extramarital affair with his brother's widow, according to emails seen by the Daily Mail.

    Hunter's new memoir, "Beautiful Things", purportedly states that Kathleen found the explosive texts, sent in July 2016, on her ex-husband's old iPad, which ultimately led to their divorce.

    "You say you were surprised by my asking for a separation and needed time to process it. I was surprised when I found your bottles of Viagra and Cialis. I was surprised when I found airline purchases and jewellery purchases", Kathleen wrote, referring to Hunter's alleged affair with Beau Biden's wife, while admitting she forgave him for his previous incidents of infidelity.

    The aforementioned affair, believed to be with Hallie, the wife of Hunter's elder brother, who died on 30 May 2015 of brain cancer, was the final straw, as follows from the emails.

    Kathleen's and Hunter's relationship took a rocky turn after Beau's death, with Hunter moving out of the estate he shared with Kathleen two months later, after breaking his sobriety pact with his then-wife, as per a 2019 interview with The New Yorker.

    By October of that same year, the couple had formally separated after two decades of marriage, according to their divorce papers, which also cited Kathleen as complaining about Hunter's use of drugs and prostitutes. The former even saw him being treated for the addiction.

    "It has taken a long time for me to process that the man I loved, the marriage that I thought I would be in for the rest of my life, is gone", she complained.

    Kathleen suggested that she had suspected Hunter's infidelity, but he attempted to bust the accusations by "telling me that I'm crazy", and "taunting" her about his late brother and Beau's children Natalie and Hunter.

    "I've had some time for the reality of what you've done to sink in. I've been able to really reflect on how you've treated me and realise the emotional abuse you have subjected me to over the past year. Your taunts about Beau, Natalie, and Hunter", she wrote.

    Yet, the claims put forward in the Daily Mail report appear to contradict the president's son's comments to The New Yorker in 2019, when he insisted it wasn't until August 2016, when he was on vacation in the Hamptons with Hallie and her children, that there first appeared some chemistry between them.

    He shared with the magazine in 2019 that their romance only began in the fall of that year, when Hallie flew to meet Hunter after he left a rehab in Arizona.
    Kathleen filed for divorce on 9 December 2016, and his relationship with Hallie was made public early the following year, on 1 March.


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