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#1 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
had a great time here, i bet the collection will grow and grow, very relaxed and friendly staff too - lots of photo opportunities and you are encouraged to dress up join in and touch stuff
We had so much fun here, it gave us a completely different perspective on Romanian life and culture while constantly poking fun at itself, the mix was interesting and educating but also fun and hilarious at times.
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#7 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The highlights for me were the three beautiful paintings by El Greco, three perfect sculptures by Rodin, French impressionists and Breughel the Younger's Four seasons.
Both are extensive collections with incredible pieces on display, there are too many to single out but it was one of the best art museums I've visited so far and we have visited many on our travels The museum is c...
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#12 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is a museum in Bucharest, with a collection of textiles, icons, ceramics, and other artifacts of Romanian peasant life.
For about 10 years, the institution on Kisseleff Boulevard offers visitors to the Romanian Peasant Club where a good part of the bohemian world gathers in Bucharest.
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#14 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
A most decorative entrance area leads to multiple rooms, each filled with paintings and gorgeously designed wood art, mostly produced by the great artist himself.
It's a small museum so I would definitely recommend take some time to visit.
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#15 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The murals are also incredible i can’t believe there are still places like this ... my opinion is that it is a must for every wandering art lover out there.
Besides its beauty, you will find here a team of professionals in the art of photography and a wide range of antique costumes.
#17 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
It is a memorial house, a late 19th century - early 20th century haven of two prosperous and affluent intellectuals, an exquisite pallazino that hosts rare art and unique objects.
... the quantity and quality of objects on display is very impressive and includes Greek pottery, stunning silver and gold jewellery, Roman glass and pottery, figurines, clay lamps and coins from different periods.
#19 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The Rotenberg-Uzunov Art Gallery has some amazing artworks and currently they present the extraordinary artworks of the most important and famous sculpture in Romania, Mircea Roman.
#24 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
2) A building that is a work of Art both as conceived by the Architect and the superb execution of the design with the finest details sharply delivered.
Located in the former house of Ana Pauker, fully renovated into a modern museum facility.
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#26 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
You can spend quite a lot of time here, as there are many exhibits and a good variety of different types of art.
The museum is located in the unfinished section of the parliament building so it is also interesting to see.
#27 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
Most of the art inside is done by the Storck family starting with Karl in late nineteenth century, lots of sculptures made by Frederic his youngest son, all paintings done by Frederic's wife Cecilia.
The house of sculptor Frederic Storck and his wife, Cecilia Cutescu Storck, a painter, will leave you impressed.
#28 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The oldest house in Bucharest, the Melik House, dating from 1760, shelters in the 8 rooms open to the public, the collection of the Serafina and Gheorghe Răuţ spouses, friends of the painter Theodor Pallady, where...
Interesting but very small collection.
#35 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The palace, itself is worth a visit on it own, that said, you cant go wrong with a museum located within a palace, adds a perfect setting.
There's an english description for everything and you learn a lot about the culture and history of Romanians.
#43 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
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