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#1 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
had a great time here, i bet the collection will grow and grow, very relaxed and friendly staff too - lots of photo opportunities and you are encouraged to dress up join in and touch stuff
We had so much fun here, it gave us a completely different perspective on Romanian life and culture while constantly poking fun at itself, the mix was interesting and educating but also fun and hilarious at times.
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#3 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
... Băncilă, Camil Ressu, Rudolf Cumpăna, Dumitru Ghiață, George Baron Lowendal ; a wide variety of handmade tapestries, plus a large number of mosaics designed by Prof. Olga Porumbaru and Prof. Florin Pârvulescu.
The interior patio contains fruit trees, fountains and ornamental fish ponds This is in addition to the open courtyard which also contains trees, rose bushes, seasonal flowers and marble benches The estate also ha...
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#4 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
I recommend with all my senses :p Super fun! It’s something unique to experience, its a must for a Romania, Bucharest trip.
Brightened my day!!! Great for teenagers, photoshoots and fun while in the AFI Cotroceni Mall... Recommended to those with children of all ages...
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#5 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The second part, very nicely displayed, is a collection of non-Romanian, mostly Western European art, also spanning several centuries and including early Renaissance paintings and sculptures, and visual arts from...
The National Art Museum of Romania owns the richest collections of Romanian medieval and modern art, European art, decorative arts and oriental art in the country.
#6 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The Palace is the residence of the President, but many parts are open as part of the Cotroceni National Museum which reflects the history of Medieval and Modern Cotroceni.
One the perks of such a visit is the fact that it is a guided tour, providing enticing historical details and comments regarding each room and piece of decoration and its former inhabitants.
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#8 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
Had a great experience with this museum - Raluca helped us figure out the tickets for the same day we called, which was super helpful.
Objects are incredibly unique and authentic, amazing place.
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#10 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
acres of cannons, T-72 tanks, anti aircraft guns, SAM missiles, a panzer tank, a Mig 17, Alouette helicopter, railway gun and much more…they are strewn about like childrens toys and you just wander around…it was a...
Everything from spear tips from ancient times, right through to soviet era missiles and tanks.
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#11 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The collection consists of paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists like Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Ioan Andreescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Theodor Aman, Georghe Petrascu, Camil Ressu, Osca...
Excellentent private collection of the best of Romanian artists but also some Monet, Picasso and even Brancusi, NIce villa in a very quiet and beautiful quarter.
#13 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The murals are also incredible i can’t believe there are still places like this ... my opinion is that it is a must for every wandering art lover out there.
Besides its beauty, you will find here a team of professionals in the art of photography and a wide range of antique costumes.
#14 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
Housed in a neo-gothic villa in the leafy suburbs, this is unique museum will literally travel you through history and geography starting from 16th century into 19th century.
I liked the interactive installation & puzzles dedicated to help the visitors to emerge in the beauty of studiyng a map and the secrets it reveals
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#17 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
It is a memorial house, a late 19th century - early 20th century haven of two prosperous and affluent intellectuals, an exquisite pallazino that hosts rare art and unique objects.
... the quantity and quality of objects on display is very impressive and includes Greek pottery, stunning silver and gold jewellery, Roman glass and pottery, figurines, clay lamps and coins from different periods.
#21 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
This is the only train museum in Bucharest, and the diorama is awesome, if you like trains you should visit it.
Our kids (4 years old) liked Museum of Romanian Railways a lot.
#23 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
#25 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
200% kudos to Mihai for making the tour interesting.
The tour is free but make sure you book 2 days in advance and bring your passports!
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#30 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
There are various radar installations and rocket launchers but outside the collection of Mig fighters is something to see with the star, a MiG 29 sniper supersonic fighter capable of Mach 2.25 Inside are exhibits...
It’s an outdoor exhibition and also an interior one dedicated for Romanian history of air transport.
#32 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
In the writer's room, most of the library, including several thousand volumes, a 1930s radio, as well as a table and a bed.
The house is full of his personal objects and is definetely worth a visit.
#40 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
The best time to visit Technical Museum in Bucharest is during summer for you can also enjoy Carol Park where the museum actually is located.
It's a very interesting museum that has technical items so if you are interested in mechanics, physics, and also history, you must go there.
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#54 of 70 Museums in Bucharest
#57 of 70 Museums in Bucharest