eStatement and eAdvice 

The following eStatements and eAdvices are available at HSBC Internet Banking:

  1. HSBC Jade monthly eStatement
  2. HSBC Premier account eStatement
  3. Foreign Currency Current Account eStatement
  4. RMB Savings Account eStatement
  5. Cash Card Account eStatement
  6. University Student Account eStatement
  7. HK Dollar Statement Savings Account eStatement
  8. CombiNations Statement Savings Account eStatement
  9. Consolidated eStatement for Savings Account
  10. Revolving Credit Facility eStatement
  11. Monthly HIBOR-based Mortgage Plan Repayment eAdvice
  12. Time deposit maturity eAdvice
  13. Inward remittance eAdvice
  14. Inward interbank fund transfer eAdvice
  15. Outward interbank fund transfer eAdvice
  16. Confirmation for credit transaction eAdvice
  17. Confirmation for debit transaction eAdvice
  18. Interest rate change eAdvice
  19. Outward Remittances eAdvice
  20. Outward Remittances Charges eAdvice
  21. Cheque Purchase eAdvice
  22. Cheque for Collection - Credit eAdvice
  23. Time Deposit Interim Interest Payment eAdvice
  24. Time Deposit Placement Confirmation eAdvice
  25. Time Deposit Change of Maturity Date eAdvice
  26. Confirmation of autoPay instruction
  27. Unauthorised Overdraft eAdvice
  28. Unauthorised Overdraft Charge eAdvice
  29. Unpaid Standing instructions Warning Letter eAdvice
  30. Super Ease Reminding eAdvice
  31. Returned Cheque eAdvice
  32. Summary listing of deposits and withdrawals eAdvice
  33. Internet Banking Registered Transfer Account eAdvice
  34. Mortgage Account Quarterly eStatement^
  35. Reminder on inactive account eAdvice
  36. Reminder on reactivation of inactive passbook savings account eAdvice
  37. Reminder on reactivation of inactive account eAdvice
  38. Handling of inactive passbook savings account eAdvice
  39. Inactive passbook savings account closure eAdvice
  40. Update of FPS default account notification
  41. Deregistration from FPS notification
  42. Fund transfer credit advice
  43. Payment return advice
  44. Fund transfer refund advice
  45. autoPay instruction - cancellation advice
  1. Investment services/Securities account - composite eStatement *#
  2. Margin FX trading account eStatement
  3. Securities purchase and sales eAdvice * #
  4. Corporate Action eAdvice *#
  5. Risk Profiling Questionnaire eReport
  1. Credit card eStatement +
  2. Credit Card Activation eAdvice
  3. Credit Card Overlimit Opt-out Arrangement eAdvice
  4. Credit Card Credit Limit Increase Notification eAdvice
  5. Credit Card Standing instruction set up eAdvice
  6. Credit Card Credit Balance Transfer eAdvice
* Due to regulatory requirements, for investment related eStatements and particular eAdvices, you can view via HSBC Internet Banking and receive them in your designated email address protected by password.
# Particular purchase and sales advice, Corporate Action advices and certain investment statements (e.g. securities margin trading statements) will be delivered to you in paper.
+ For green cardholders with our internet banking profile, you can view your eStatement via HSBC Internet Banking. Otherwise, it will be sent to your designated email address protected by password.
^Effective from 1 Mar 2017.

More eStatements and eAdvices will be made available by phases at a later stage.

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