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Free Tool To View Plenty Of Fish 🐟 Profiles Without Registering, Without Signing Up

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  • View POF.com Profiles/Images without Signing Up Update 2020
  • View POF.com Profiles/Images without Signing Up
  • How This View Plenty of Fish Profiles without Registering Utility Works
  • Can you View POF Profiles without Signing Up or Becoming a Member?

View POF.com Profiles and Images Without Signing Up Update 2020

Because POF.com made the bonehead move of requiring people to have an account and be logged in to view profiles (is it possible that the viewing of profiles would entice people to create an account?), member pages on Plenty Of Fish are no longer indexable by the search engines so this tool for viewing profiles anonymously without having an account and be logged in no longer works. Ever since Match.com purchased Plenty Of Fish dating, they have taken away some of the best features of this free (for now) dating site.

Here are a few other dating sites to consider:

WhatsYourPrice Dating (bid for first dates with singles who are more attractive than most) 
EliteMate Dating (regular dating site) 
Ashley Madison (not recommended for long term relationships) 

View POF.com Profiles and Images Without Signing Up

Fill out the short form below and click the Create POF Search Links Below! Button. This tool will create two urls to view profiles on POF matching your seletions.

  1. Text results for POF profiles.
  2. Image results for POF profiles.

Simply copy and paste, in your web browsers address bar, either of the urls created and view all the profiles, 100% FREE, no registering on Plenty Of Fish, no signing up.

Show Plenty Of Fish Singles Profiles that Match these Criteria:

The form below is already filled out with example settings to help avoid confusion on how to use this POF search tool.

Male Female

Relationship Wanted:

Copy and paste either of the below links into your browser address bar to perform the search to find the people on POF who match your search parameters.

How this View Plenty Of Fish Profiles without Registering Utility Works

These days most dating sites require you to create an account and a profile to view members of that dating site. Why? They get your email address and make you a captive audience every time you log in, meaning, once they have your email address they can begin sending you emails to software move you to a paid member, such as member zyx wants to meet you. Click here to become a paid member and see who they are.

This is especially stressful with Plenty Of Fish dating because their sign up procedure is a little bit lengthier than most dating sites when taking that long, pre-sign up personality test into consideration (all the weird questions with the option buttons you have to tick for each question)

This free POF search without signing up or having an account bypasses Plenty Of Fish search altogether and performs a specialized search at Google instead.

Can you View POF Profiles Without Signing Up or Becoming a Member?

YES. Actually quite easily and for this Google is our best friend. How is this possible? When you search Google for anything, say for example, dating pick up lines, Google scans its database of billions of pages and looks for the pages containing the words you typed into its search box.

Plenty Of Fish member pages do not have the meta robots noindex, nofollow directive. What this means is that when anyone signs up for Plenty Of Fish and creates a profile page, it gets indexed and saved by Google. The above utility simple takes your information and searches for the profile pages on Plenty Of Fish that have text on the page that match what you entered in the tool above.

The image below shows parts of a POF member page. The search POF utility above simply asks Google so shows us pages on POF.com that have text matching what we want.

View POF.com Profile Member Pages Via Search Using Text On Pofile Page.
Image of View POF.com Profile Member Pages Via Search Using Text On Pofile Page.
View POF.com Profile Member Pages Via Search Using Text On Pofile Page.

The fantastic part:

  1. You can view either text results or images.
  2. There are no age restrictions, meaning creepy old guys can look at pics of teenagers on POF.
  3. It is 100% free and requires no effort.

The result is you get to view members of Plenty Of Fish who you may be interested in meeting and dating without having to be a member and go through the long POF sign up process. In fact this technique will work for any dating site that has its members profile pages indexed by search engines.


I need some help getting info on pof
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I use your search POF profiles and it is not working for me. I am trying to see the profiles of those who want to meet me but I do not want to upgrade (think a large portion of the POF accounts are fake). Can you assist me?
How exaclty can we assist you Wen?
I need help getting some info on someone who's supposed to be my boyfriend.
How would you like us to help you Kayla?
Hey Evan thanks for the use of the tool.
It is, literally, my pleasure Mark.
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