Download Torrents With IDM Download Manager (Top 5 Ways 2021)

Download Torrents With IDM Download Manager (Top 5 Ways 2021)

Download torrents with IDMTorrent to IDM Complete Guide
download torrents with idm superfast

In this post, We are going to show you how to Download torrents with IDMtorrent to IDM direct download link trick with pictures and complete guide. Downloading torrent with Internet Download Manager (IDM) is very easy. Many of my friends asked me if they can download torrents directly with IDM or not? Yes, Downloading torrent with IDM is now possible though it may seem that it is not possible if you understand how torrent works? Well, torrents are not saved on a particular servers so getting a direct download link was not possible.

As you may have noticed torrent clients like BitTorrent is very slow if there are not much seeders and leechers. We can’t blame BitTorrent client for that because this is how it works. On the other hand Internet Download Manager can increase your download speed with its segmentation techniques. The more chunks it creates, the more simultaneous connection is possible and this increases download speed 200% to 300%. You can also pause your download anytime you want using IDM and resume later.

In your office or schools, Torrent websites are may be blocked. Again, you can use these ways to Download torrents with IDM bypassing restriction on torrent download.

Your ISP is tracking your traffic and will send warning and notice if you download torrents? Now forget about it as we are going to bypass their tracking by securely downloading torrent with IDM.

Internet Download Manager also helps you to schedule downloads and you can also manage how many files you want to download simultaneously and add this feature with your torrent download needs and you are now king torrent downloader 🙂

So, here we will present to you TOP 5 ONLINE TOOLS that will help you to Download torrents with IDM. These online BitTorrent clients first cache torrent to their server and then let you download torrents with direct download link. So you don’t need to worry about Seeders or Leechers. Buy premium membership and your file will be stored to your cloud dashboard in a minute.

Table of contents

What is Torrent?
Torrent To IDM
How to Download torrents with IDM using BitPort
How to Download torrents with IDM using Filestream
How to Download torrents with IDM using Putdrive/TransferCloud
How to Download torrents with IDM using Offcloud / Quick Torrent
How to Download torrents with IDM using Zbigz

What is Torrent?

Torrent is file extension for BitTorrent files. Torrent works on PEER to PEER connection between distributors (known as seeders) and requesting clients (known as leachers). When you request a torrent file using any BitTorrent client you also participate in the uploading of a small piece of that file. A huge two way P2P distributed connection is made between seeders and leechers and this is how torrent magic works. So torrent files are not saved on a single server.

Torrent to IDM – How can we Download torrents with IDM ?

Internet Download Manager is a great tool to download everything as it is super optimized to provide you the best downloading experience and a feature rich download manager. Now the question is can we use IDM to download torrent with superfast speed? Actually the answer is YES. But a torrent file with .torrent extension does not represent the whole file rather it is a small file with tracker information . We need to use online tools or websites to download torrent files. These online tools can grab all the pieces of the torrent and gather it into a single file and upload it on their server. Then they will provide you a direct download link. Like any other files, you can use IDM to directly download these files. In this complete guide series we are going to represent to you these online websites:

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Download torrents with IDM and BitPort

Visit BitPort Website

download torrent to cloud

How to Download torrents with BitPort:

  • First visit Bitport and create a free account. Also verify your email.
  • Copy Magnet links from BitTorrent sites and paste it on BitPort site
  • Bitport will take a few minutes and upload it to their server.
  • After the caching process is finished you will get a direct torrent download link.
  • Now you can download the torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager) or any other Free Download manager.

Features of Bitport FREE account:

  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • Upto 1GB torrent file can be downloaded using Bitport.
  • You can stream Videos to all devices.
  • Download speed will be moderate i.e. 100 MBph.

Features of Bitport Premium Account for secure torent Download:

  • With BitPort Small premium package you get Upto 30GB torrent storage facility.
  • If you can simultaneously download 5 files at a time.
  • If you use IDM (Internet Download Manager) or any other free download managers then you will get superfast Download speed because BitPort Gives unlimited download speed for Premium Users.
  • On-line Streaming on all your devices is supported. You can watch movies without downloading them fully on your Computer now.
  • Fully secure HTTPS connection so nobody can pry into what you are doing and it has built in Antivirus program to keep you safe from Virus and Malware contained in a torrent.

Download torrents with IDM and Filestream

Visit Filestream Website

Filestream Cloud storage is currently the most reliable and fastest way to download torrent files with IDM. allows users to paste Torrent Magent link or .torrent file on their website and they simply generate a direct download to your fabourite torrent files. You may want a step by step guide with picture which you will get here:

How to Download torrent files with Filestream:

  • First, visit Filestream and sign up using your Email id. Here are some Premium Coupon codes that you can use while signup and get 1 Day Premium facility for free.Premium Codes: uu02ixnnb, snr6njhcyo, kqeo2en1tb, 7k2jf507su
  • Verify your Email Address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your Email Inbox
  • Now you are ready to download any torrent files.You can get torrent files from different torrent sites sites and Copy magnet link of the torrent files you want to download like below
  • torrent to idm direct link

  • Now paste this magnet link to your Filestream dashboard
  • torrent to idm filestream

  • Click on the Download Button and IDM will start downloading the files from torrent to filestream server.
  • download torrents with idm

  • You can also upload torrent files which has a file extension .torrent
  • download torrent with idm

  • Now please wait 2-3 minutes. You will get your torrent files on your Filestream dashboard by now. After the caching process is complete you will get options to download the file. Click on the Download button that appears right to your filename. If the download does not start then right click on the download link and copy the download link. Open IDM and paste the download link. If you download torrent frequently then use Filestream premium subscription to get your file cached very fast. Usually Free users get less priority. So though you will get faster speed while downloading torrent using Filestream the premium accounts get the top priority

Filestream Premium Account Features:

Filestream has 3 premium account package to meet your requirements i.e. Bronze(10GB), Silver(25GB) and Gold(100GB). Let’s look into what they offer with Gold(30GB) premium package i.e. Download torrents with idm using Premium account which has the following features:

  • You can download torrent file upto 100 GB filesize limit. Holycow! Do you need more than 100GB for a single torrent file? Ofcourse not!
  • All torrent files will be stored for 20 Days and you can download your files anytime before expiry date.
  • You can download 10 torrent files at a time with IDM or other Internet Download Managers
  • You will get Maximum Download speed your ISP allows. And if you use Internet Download Manager to download torrents then you will get the most of your Bandwidth because IDM can simultaneously download several parts of a file and this makes a faster download experience. Premium accounts gives you 30 streams for a single file that means IDM can split a file into 30 pieces and start download all parts at once. Thus IDM download manager and Filestream premium service can work together to give you highest download speed possible on this earth.
  • You can fetch files from 13 file hosting sites i.e. Netload, Deposit, LetitBit, TurboBit, 4shared , Uploaded, Filepost, RapidGator etc.
  • You can Resume downloading of ZIP’ed folders
  • You can Unzip a compressed file online and choose files which you want to download only.
  • Maximum priority while caching torrent files
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Filestream Free Account Features:

  • Maximum filesize limit 1GB. Gotcha! You can’t enjoy High Definition Movies on free account. OK, Here is my free advice, first try Filestream free account and if you like their service then buy a premium package and enjoy seemless torrent downloading with IDM.
  • No Download Speed limitation but if the server is overloaded then you will get very little download speed throttling ( it happens very rare)
  • Less priority while caching torrent files means you will need more times to upload torrent to your filestream account. Though premium account gets maximum download speed and priority.
  • You can simultaneously download 2 torrent files. Great for free users. If you don’t want to pay for premium service you can still use Filestream to download torrents with IDM download manager fast and free.

Please remember, if for any reason your IP is changed during the download then you have to generate the download link again from the filestream dashboard. To do so, open IDM and right click on the file and click “Refresh Download link”, IDM will open your filestream account link, Now login there and you will get the new link. After refreshing your download link, you can resume your file from where you left it. Remember, this is just a no-brainer trick to resume files with Filestream.

How to Download torrents with IDM and Offcloud

Visit Offcloud Website

download torrent with idm and quicktorrent

How to Download torrents with OffCloud:

  • First Visit OffCloud and create an account.
  • Currently they will give you 7 day free trial. You can download 50GB+ torrent files with one day trial. But for this you have to verify your email. Wait sometimes and a verification link will be sent to your email, just click on it to verify your account.
  • Now copy your favorite torrent’s magnet link and paste it on the Offcloud/Quick Torrent Dashboard.
  • Offcloud/Quick Torrent will upload the file to your account within minutes.
  • Now you can Download torrent files with IDM using the direct download link.

Offcloud Premium Account Features:

Offcloud/Quick Torrent website is fully responsive so you can browse it from any device i.e. PC, MAC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptop and you will get the same Graphical User Interface.

  • Unlimited bandwidth for torrent downloading with IDM
  • Unlimited storage facility.
  • Unzip compressed files online before downloading or download all files of a zip’ed format at once
  • Unlimited download speed for premium users
  • Fully secured with SSL so your ISP will never be able to catch you.
  • Unlimited torrent per month at $5.99 only.
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Offcloud/Quick Torrent offers 7 Day Unlimited torrent downloading Trial for a limited time. Go and give it a try. I am sure that you will stick to Offcloud/Quick Torrent for a longer time. You can pay using BitCoin and Credit Card. I think BitCoin will be safe if you want to protect your privacy.

Download torrents with IDM and Putdrive / TransferCloud

Visit TransferCloud Website

download torrent with idm and putdrive

How to Download torrents with Putdrive / TransferCloud:

  • Visit PutDrive and Sign-up.
  • On your Download File Dashboard” PASTE any magnet link of your fabourite torrent and click NEXT
  • You can also upload .torrent files.
  • Please wait for sometime and let Putdrive cache the torrent file to their server
  • After caching is complete you can download the torrent file with IDM or any other download manager to enjoy unlimited torrent download speed.

Putdrive Premium Account features:

  • 100 GB Ozibox cloud storage facility with unlimited torrent download for one month at only 9.99 Euro and unlimited torrent download for 6 Months at 44.99 EURO only. I have found Putdrive premium very cheap compared to other competitors. The most attractive feature of PUTDRIVE premium account is that you get truely UNLIMITED torrent Bandwidth facility and they mean it.
  • Fully Anonymous torrent downloading
  • The most amazing feature of PutDrive is that if you buy premium account from PUTDRIVE then you will also enjoy PREMIUM account facility of top 85 FILE HOSTER sites like Mediafire, Netload, 4shared etc. You can also save videos from different Video sharing sites to your PUTDRIVE account and download all files using IDM.
  • You can download High Quality YOUTUBE videos to your PUTDRIVE account
  • Premium accounts enjoy unlimited download speed and using IDM to download torrents also tweak the download speed
  • Your file will not be deleted as long as you are a premium user

Download torrents with IDM and ZbigZ

torrent to idm zbigz

How to Download torrent files with ZbigZ:

  • First create an account from this link
  • You can download torrent without register but if you register you will be able to keep track on your files and will get more useful features.
  • Just paste your torrent magnet link and click Go
  • Your file will be available to your personal account within minutes
  • You can use IDM to directly download these torrent files to get maximum download speed

ZbigZ features:

  • Free accounts can only download 2 torrent files simultaneously.
  • 1 GB filesize limit for free accounts.
  • Speed is limited to 150KBps and I know that sucks.
  • You can use Internet Download Manager to download the torrents but you have to understand that your speed will be limited to 150KBps.


So, These are the 5 Top Online services that you can use to download torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager). If you want to use free services then you should try Filestream (Upto 1GB torrent size limit), Offcloud / Quick Torrent (Premium Trial for One day), Zbigz (free 1GB torrent size limit). As a premium user myself I like TransferCloud , Filestream and OFFcloud / Quick Torrent . Now it is up to which you will choose for your Torrent to IDM download needs. Please mention which one you like most and other torrent to cloud storage services if we missed any on this extensive list of top 5 online services to download torrent files directly to any download manager.


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