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21,617 releases
Simple, yet catchy melodies and throbbing beats inspired initially by Disco and later various House styles.
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21,617 Releases
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  • Pop

    Umbrella of popular styles closely tied to mass production and mass marketing, focusing on catchiness and accessibility through melody, rhythm, lyrics, and hooks.

  • Dance

    Covers the modern forms developed since the advent of Disco in the early 1970s, including disco itself, Electronic Dance Music, and Dance-Pop.

    • Dance-Pop
      • Bubblegum Dance

        Dance-Pop-oriented; has similar lyrical themes and a childlike atmosphere with Bubblegum.

      • Disco polo

        Polish Dance-Pop, originally established from contemporary wedding / feast songs and Italo-Disco.

      • Freestyle

        Electro-influenced; developed in Latino communities in New York and Miami in the 1980s, especially dominated by Latin Freestyle and its Latin influences.

        • Latin Freestyle

          Displays a heavy influence of Hispanic American Music alongside the Disco, Hip Hop, and Electro influences of Freestyle.

      • Funk melody

        Derivative of Funk carioca in a Dance-Pop direction, originating in Rio de Janeiro.

      • Tecnorumba

        Blend of the themes and singing style of Rumba flamenca with the most commercial forms of House, Techno, and Makina.

      • Township Bubblegum

        Synth-heavy Dance-Pop style popular in the South African townships in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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