Robert Pattinson may be a talented actor, but even today's most devoted fans hadn't really heard about him before he starred in 'Twilight.' Sure, he played Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter,' but it wasn't until the role of Edward Cullen that viewers really took notice of the actor.

Of course, Robert's lucky he made it through filming without getting fired, according to some sources. But after that, Robert was on an upward swing. He dated Kristen Stewart, and even though their relationship publicly combusted later, it seemed like most things in his life were going well.

Countless roles came his way, he got to flex his writing and producing chops, and he's even portraying Bat Man in an upcoming flick. It's safe to say playing a vampire paid off, but let's take a look back at the journey (and the pay raises).

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Though the 'Twilight' films were really successful overall, bringing in tons of cash for the cast and crew, not everyone was happy with how they turned out. In fact, Stephenie Meyer has had both positive and negative things to say about the movies.

But how did it all start for Robert, and what kind of salary did the newbie actor get for his role as Edward Cullen? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

The first film in the franchise, titled simply 'Twilight,' earned around $392 million, noted Bustle. And after it came out (and earned bank), the film distributor sued the production company for a few million. Part of the issue was that the film distributor didn't get its fair dues from the deal, but the lawsuit Bustle highlighted also included amended agreements for the movie's talent.

Based on the lawsuit, the stars qualified for retroactive cash, and Robert's part was $300K. Not bad for his first foray into vampirism. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, by the time the franchise was halfway finished with filming the five-part saga, Robert was pulling down $25 million per film. In 2010 alone, he made $27.5 million. Of course, that year he was in two other films, in addition to 'Twilight: Eclipse.'

For the final two movies, in addition to a salary, Pattinson received a percentage of the back-end revenue. Not every actor or actress receives what amounts to commissions on their films, but the cast of 'The Twilight Saga' was lucky enough to.

That meant Robert Pattison made $40 million on each of the last two films in the 'Twilight' franchise, 'Breaking Dawn' parts one and two. His total net worth today, after donating money to charity, buying some real estate, and spending in other ways, is $100 million, says Celebrity Net Worth.

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