Herbal Education Schools

Disclaimer: The schools listed below are only offered as reference to potential students wishing to further their knowledge in the art of herbal medicine. However, the schools included in this list DO NOT signify that the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) endorses the content and/or quality of any trainings or programs offered by any of the institutions listed, nor should it be considered to reflect the views or opinions of any representative of the AHG. Read More

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Earn certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. This certification can be used for personal, family, and community service. It can also be used in professional health services as a herbalist, nutritional consultant, and herbal manufacturer. The format and the philosophy of the Naturopathic Herbalist Certification is designed to promote self-directed learning in earning certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. Each lesson will include a Reading Assignment, Writing Assignment and Kinesthetic Learning Assignment. This self paced course is a global survey of healing paradigms and includes 13 training lessons in the following course curriculum:

Human Nutrition

Herbal Nutrition

Herbs, Enzymes and Hormones


Edible Wild Plants

Basic Herbal and Medical Terminology

Herbal Medicine Preparations

Herbal Products Guidelines

Western Pharmacology

Drug and Herbal Interactions

Cross Cultural Herbology

Tropical Medicinal

Indigenous Herbs/Spiritual Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ancient Medicine Today

About the Founder:

Dr. Akua Gray with twenty plus years of herbalist training and experience has designed a premiere intensely innovative herbology program for all future herbalists. Whether you are an experienced student of herbology or a neophyte, this course offers a complete understanding of health and wellness herbology from an indigenous perspective. As a correspondence course students can register for this class anytime and each year current students are invited to attend online training sessions with Dr. Akua for the course lessons.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 7138938447
Address: 1902 Texas Parkway Suite 921
Missouri City, TX, 77489
United States

Academy of Oracle Arts

This gathering place is a response to the insistent calling so many of us have been hearing throughout our lives… a call out to the Oracular Consciousness that dwells within us all to arise within and take its place amongst the toolkit of human technologies.

Our herbalist program is a 3 year certification course, of three component parts.

Participants will be taken on an experiential journey into indigenous earth medicine, vibrational healing, and taught ancient ways using light, sound, shadow, elemental forces to make the ancient forms of alchemical healing medicines.

Learn the ways of the Mystery School initiations to prepare yourself to be an alchemist, medicine maker, herbalist, and energy healer.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 5107100157
Address: 2036 Nevada City Hwy #509
Nevada City, CA, 95945
United States

ACUPUNCTURE & HERBAL THERAPIES / Traditions School of Herbal Studies

Traditions School of Herbal Studies, located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, combines the talents of two of the areas most experienced herb teachers - Dr. Bob Linde & Renee Crozier.

Renee and Bob create a community of focused, hands-on educational experience, carefully blending science and energy, research and experience, Eastern and Western herbal medical arts.

Western Herbalism Program:​

The herbal student can attend an introduction to Western Herbalism class or continue on to take the full year and a half program. Our course levels are described below.

Western Herbalism: 101

1 weekend class

Perfect for the beginning herbalist or a refresher for the experienced one, this class introduces the basics of Western Herbalism, bioregionalism, herbal nutrition, and the foundations of holistic herbal health. Each student will get hands-on experience making their own herbal preparations including tisanes and tinctures.Learn more than 20 herbs: their uses, medicinal properties & propagation.

Foundations of Western Herbalism 6 weekend course

Our Foundations curriculum is designed to immerse both the beginner and intermediate herbalist in the basic knowledge needed to provide herbal care for themselves and their family. In doing this, we provide a grounded, well-rounded western herbal program to evolve and take into the student’s home and community. This course covers the art of medicine-making, client intake, and the properties of over 100 herbs.

Classes meet one weekend a month for 6 months. This intermediate course requires the successful completion of Western Herbalism: 101 and the approval of the course instructor.

Advanced Western Herbalism 8 weekend course + weekly student clinic

This program covers a full range of educational opportunities from working hands-on with a strong western herbal materia medica to the theory behind holistic, bioregional, herbal living. It covers basic botany, wild crafting, cultivation, processing and storage, medicine making, human physiology, therapeutics and first aid. In addition to these fundamental principles the core curriculum will expand on herbal beauty products, essential oil, and plant spirit medicine and communication. Our overall goal is to educate the student on traditional herbal practices of thousands of years, that span many cultures and healing practices.

Every Tuesday night, students will meet at the clinic to treat real, live clients. They gain experience in case taking, creating appropriate herbal formulas, and preparing medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: A two year program, this course meets for one weekend each month for 2 years for lectures. Weekly hands on internal clinic starts in the 4th month and continues for the remainder of the 2 years.


Level One Classes are required for advancement to Level Two Classes. These classes must be completed in order.

1. General Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

This class covers the concepts of Yin, Yang, Qi, Blood and Body Fluids as well as 5 Elements and 8 Principle Theories. Pre- registration and Herb school application required. Class usually starts in November.

2. General Chinese Herbal Theory & Legal and Ethical issues in Herbalism

The first day of this class will cover basic concepts of herbs and formulas. We will discuss quality, risks, preparation, dosage, flavors, 18 incompatibles and more. Day two will explore potential legal and ethical issues in clinical herbalism to include DSHEA, selling/prescribing conflicts risk factors in the consulting room and HIPPA.

3. General Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics.


Must have completed all three Level one classes to attend Level Two classes. These classes can be completed in any order. Each class will be offered once every two years. Discussion will be on the major herbs of each group on the first day and common formulations on the second. We will also discuss western herbs, Du Yaos and possible formula alterations.

Release Exterior and Drain Fire Herbs & Formulas

Drain Damp/Transform Phlegm

Regulate Qi & Blood

Building Qi, Blood, Yin & Yang

Calming the Shen & Extinguishing Wind

Stabilize & Bind, Open Orifices, Food Stagnation

Making Herbal Products & The Business of Herbalism

The first day of this class will be hands-on making of various herbal medicines. On the second day we will delve into the opening and running of potential herbal practice, record keeping and business plan writing.

Vitamin & Mineral Therapies

We will discuss how various supplements can be included into client care. Discussion will also focus on TCM energetic relationship to various vitamins.

Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists

This class will explore the body from the western medical approach so that we can better have conversations with doctors and clients.

Pathology for Herbalists

This class will discuss common western medical diseases from patho-physiology and pathology approaches. Must have completed Anatomy & Physiology.

Overnight Field Study/Camping Trip

The camping trip will be offered once a year and will be a fun and exciting exploration of the roots of herbalism.


This class will explore the basic ideas of plants structure and classifications needed for any herbalist.

Herb/Drug Interactions & Western Herbal Practices

Day one will be a discussion of risks and potential herb & drug interactions as well as positive benefits of herbs and drugs. Day two will explore the language of western herbalists and many of their



Student must have completed at least one year of classes before attending these advanced classes.

Chronic Disease

We will focus on the difficultly of treating some of the more common chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, CFS and more.

Fertility & Gynecology

We will focus on the unique problems faced by the practitioner when dealing with regulating the menstrual cycle. We will look at fertility, PMS, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and more.

Geriatrics, Children & Infants

We will look at the unique needs of these special types of clients and how we must adjust our diagnostic techniques, dosages and administration of herbs.


No prior classes must be completed. These classes are open to any interested person.

Beyond Herbs: Barefoot Doctoring

This class covers the techniques outside of normal herbalism such as auricular therapy (ear therapy), moxibustion, basic acupressure, Chinese dietary theory and cupping. Wear comfortable clothes since there will be hands-on practice. Moxa (mugwort) will be burned during this class and may bother someone who is irritated by certain types of incense.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 7273182505
Address: 2520 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL, 33712
United States

Adiantum School of Plant Medicine

Hello! Natalie here, teacher at the Adiantum School. I teach herbalism, plant identification, foraging and nature literacy. Most classes are outdoors in the field and heavily hands on. I offer yearlong programs, online classes, private foraging walks, group hikes and more.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 14258941294
Address: 1009 170th pl ne
Bellevue, WA, 98008
United States

Albuquerque Herbalism/Yerba Mansa Project

Albuquerque Herbalism is a bioregional herbal studies program that brings students into relationship with the medicinal plants of the Southwest through classroom discussion, hands-on remedy making, field trips, and native medicinal plant restoration. Our program incorporates an interdisciplinary whole landscape approach that focuses on the inter-connectivity between people, plants, and the land. This approach is based in ecological herbalism, which allows us to understand how ecological interactions of plants correspond to medicinal actions in the land and as remedies for people. Classes include in-depth semester long series, one-day specialty topics, and a year-long advanced study group. Our staff is headed by New Mexico herbalist and native plant conservationist Dara Saville and includes additional professional Southwestern herbalists, each bringing their own areas of expertise for a wide variety of experiential classes. As part of our program, students also have the opportunity to deepen their land connection and engage in reciprocal relationship with local medicinal plants by engaging in habitat restoration and replanting on public lands through our non-profit sister organization, the Yerba Mansa Project (YerbaMansaProject.org).

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 5052481774
Address: P.O. Box 6493
Albuquerque, NM, 87197
United States

American College of Healthcare Sciences

ACHS is a world-renowned accredited online college. Celebrating over 40 years of Holistic Health Education. We award degrees, diplomas, and certificates in Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and more. Learn more about using herbs and essential oils for your health and wellness, how to make custom blends, and gain a foundation to enhance your practice. Our programs are taught by industry-leading experts and in a collaborative, experiential learning environment designed for your success. • DEAC Accredited • Fully online for ease of education • Research, science-based curriculum.

Military-friendly institution.

Our students are changing lives. Join us. 800-487-8839

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 503-244-0726
Address: 5005 S Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR, 97239
United States

ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism

The ArborVitae school is rooted in the wisdom of the natural world and the many traditions that have honed the craft of botanical medicine. We appreciate a holistic approach to healing and to general wellbeing that seeks balance in all aspects of the individual, including food, lifestyle, and spirit. We offer a full, professional program and diverse curriculum to future practitioners. The school provides training by qualified teachers, and is a community resource and space to gather and share for the public in New York City, state, and the Northeast region. ArborVitae's first year students gain a foundational knowledge of herbal medicine, and the full three year course of study is ideal for people who wish to pursue clinical herbal knowledge and practice.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: (646) 721-5998
Address: 68 Jay St #425
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States

Ayurvedic Living School

Now more than ever, we need big hearted healers, empaths, yoginis, parents and change-makers to connect deeply to the healing powers of nature, reclaim their own body wisdom, and listen to their own inner guidance. The Ayurvedic Living School offers self-empowering ayurveda training programs which support you in reclaiming your health, transforming your life, and launching your natural health and ayurveda career.

We train:

* Ayurveda Herbalists

* Ayurveda Health and Life Coaches

* Ayurveda Practitioners

* Ayurveda Massage & Panchakarma Therapists

* Offer downloadable courses on Ayurveda Aromatherapy, Ayurveda Herbal Product Making, Ayurveda Body Reading Skills & More

Together we are raising the consciousness of the planet and supporting you to reclaim your birthright as the self, family and community healer and leader you were born to be.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 7076019025
Address: 1740 Loop Road
Fortuna, CA, 95540
United States

Barefoot Botanicals

Barefoot Botanicals offers farm based herbal education in the form of season long courses offered both on site and online. With a focus on re-establishing connection with Earth and her seasons, we teach about propagation, harvest and use of easily cultivated & wonderful weedy plants found throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our Herbal Foundations course is offered as an onsite, monthly, hands on course during the growing season from April through October at our certified organic herb farm. This course serves as an introduction to the the major systems of the body, how herbs can support optimal wellness for students and their families, and how to grow, harvest and make medicine using cultivated and wild plants accessible from our farm (all plants and medicine making materials are included in the cost of the course).

For those interested in access to an abundance of high quality, regionally grown organic herbs with an interest in medicine making, we offer the Medicine Maker CSA Program. In the Medicine Maker CSA, members receive monthly boxes (locally picked up in New York, Doylestown, Philadelphia or shipped within the lower 48) filled with our farm grown fresh and dried herbs along with access to video instruction for each herb in creating a home apothecary to support the whole family.

Owner and primary instructor, Linda Shanahan, is an herbalist with 20+ years of study and practice in traditional western herbal medicine primarily in growing and medicine making, supported by 14 years experience as a critical care, and later, hospice and community health nurse. She weaves all of these worlds together in her small herbal practice and courses. She welcomes instructors with experience in other systems of practice each season to broaden student's exposure to other plant medicine traditions practiced in the Americas and beyond.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 215-345-4771
Address: 113 Decatur Street
Doylestown, PA, 18901
United States

Bastyr University

Ebony Caldwell is a Montclair State alumnus, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelors in biochemistry. She is currently a fourth-year naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University California and is discovering her passions in ethnobotany and herbal medicine as president of the botanical medicine club. This passion has led her on excursions to learn herbal medicine practices from other cultures, such as the people in Bali, the Harakmbut tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, and traditional Incan plant brews in the Scared Valley in Peru. Ebony is dedicated to help others discover and live the life of their dreams with the highest quality.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 6195764236
Address: 7001 Ballena Way unit 29
United States

Berkeley Herbal Center

The Berkeley Herbal Center encourages and renews a living knowledge of the healing powers of plants through the study and practice of traditional Western herbalism. The Center is committed to educating healers into successful careers as practicing herbalists and herbal educators.

Established in 1995, the Berkeley Herbal Center is a leading educational and clinical center for sustainable systems of Western herbal­-based healing. Based in Berkeley, California, the Center offers the most comprehensive, integrated education in Western herbal medicine and practice, and is one of very few schools nationwide with clinical internships in Western herbalism.

Western herbalism provides critical healing solutions to economic, physical, mental, and spiritual challenges in a changing healthcare environment. Based on time-­honored traditions practiced worldwide today, Western botanicals offer a highly effective, affordable healing modality that is in balance with our natural resources. Throughout history, plants have been central to all forms of medicines; worldwide, 20,000 documented species are used for medicinal purposes. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 75 percent of the world population depends on botanicals for their basic healthcare needs. In addition to providing primary healing for a wide range of health challenges, herbs can increase the effectiveness of modern drugs, decrease their side effects, and sometimes replace them.

Our knowledge of plants and plant medicines is based on a deep relationship to the land, place and home. This understanding is handed down through many generations using natural wisdom and scientific study. While allopathic drugs burden our natural resources and create waste contributing to global pollution, the use of local plants deeply benefits the body and the earth.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 5109308050
Address: 1250 ADDISON ST STE G
Berkeley, CA, 94702
United States

Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals

Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals’ offers Sacred Gaian Herbalism apprenticeships, classes, family-friendly workshops, and wisdom circles based on the premise that "herbalism is your birthright - claim it!”

The Sacred Gaian Herbalism Apprenticeship program consists of 12-seasonal semesters. Whether you join us for the Roots of Sacred Gaian Herbalism (our foundational course), or the full 3-year program, be prepared for this apprenticeship to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Our goal is to help you fall ecstatically in love with the Green World and recognize your birthright as a natural healer. If you’re ready to immerse yourself into a richer understanding of how interconnected life on this planet is, and discover your part in the pattern, READ ON!

Welcome to folks of all learning styles, experience levels, and walks of life, and offering unlimited Social Justice Scholarships for BIPOC & Trans/2-Spirit students, as well as sliding scale tuition, these hands-on courses will teach you far more than just how to use plants as medicine - this is herbalism for body, mind, and spirit; ancestors and descendants; family, community, and planet. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful healing space, community apothecary, and United Plant Savers botanical sanctuary in the woods!

Please note, these are NOT YOUR TYPICAL classroom-style learning experiences... Instead, our primary classrooms are your kitchen, our school-run community apothecary, woods, fields, our ever-expanding gardens and trails, and your community (wherever you're located)! You'll grow incredibly close to your fellow Herbkin (our inclusive term for all who are drawn together through our mutual love of the plants), as we stretch our minds and hearts to understand the green world around us in ways you never thought possible. If you’re looking for herbal education that blends scientific and sacred, practical and profound, with a hearty dose of social justice and environmental stewardship, this is the program for you. Each apprenticeship year ends with a final ceremony, and students who complete all graduation requirements receive a Certificate of Completion. Prepare to sing, taste, laugh, dance, plant, pray, blend, brew, and get dirty!

About the Apprenticeship:

Of use to beginners and experienced herbalists alike, the complete three year Sacred Gaian Herbalism Apprenticeship course is divided into 12 seasonal semesters, so busy people don’t have to commit to the full program at once. Should you wish to become an AHG registered herbalist, after completing this program you will have more than enough experience and hours to seek AHG mentorship and follow that path.

In addition to class time, all apprentices (whether in person or distance learners) are required to participate in 8 practicum hours a month, gaining and sharing our diverse skills. Your time may be spent working in the apothecary, tending the Botanical Sanctuary & gardens, helping behind the scenes at our school, assisting (and learning from) herbal elders in our community, creating herbal products to raise funds for our scholarship program or to donate to your local mutual aid organizations or Herbalists Without Borders, teaching free workshops/plant walks, or volunteering at community herbalism events.

Class time is divided equally between Group Learning and Collaborative Learning. During Fall and Winter terms we meet virtually twice a month from 6-9pm EST as a large group. Twice a month, students also meet in small groups (either in person here in the apothecary, at your homes, or virtually) from 6-9 to work on at-home explorations (aka homework - researching, kitchen witching, making projects, participating in book group, etc), with your teacher available by phone, video, or in-person to answer any questions and support you through your projects.

For Spring and Summer terms, you may attend in one of two ways: in-person, or virtually with one 4-day in-person intensive per season (intensive cost is not included in that Semester’s tuition).

In-Person Spring and Summer Cohorts meet twice a month at Blackbird's Daughter for practicum hours from 10-3, followed by class from 3-6EST. On alternate weeks, students meet in small groups (either in person here in the apothecary, at your home, or virtually) from 3-6 to work on at-home explorations.

Virtual Spring and Summer cohorts meet once a week for 9 weeks, as well as in-person for the 4 day Immersion Intensives.

For students who require lodging, we offer free on-site camping, as well as rental guest quarters in our adjacent Bower (a single room overlooking the Mushroom Trail), Nest (a two room suite with small private deck above the barn, overlooking the pond and woods), and one RV hookup site. There are also many local bed & breakfasts.

In addition to learning how to support yourself and your loved ones holistically (body/mind/spirit/community/earth/ancestors), and become familiar with herbal allies, their families, actions, & energetics, body systems, botany, environmental stewardship, plant communication, sustainable wildcrafting, and organic gardening/farming/permaculture practices, this program is designed to introduce students to a variety of Nature-based healing traditions, holistic self care strategies, herbal remedies, and Earth-based spiritual, healing, and wellness practices from around the world and across time (including Yorùbá, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Wise Woman, Folk, and Kitchen Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Curanderx, and multiple Native American traditions) WITHOUT appropriation or spiritual bypassing. Please note that you will not become an “expert” in any of these, nor are they all available for you to use carte-blanche. Rather, this is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, to learn and unlearn and explore the ways your own ancestors were encouraged and discouraged from doing so, to sit with discomfort and joy, to discover more questions than answers, and to build your own authentic relationship with plants and herbal healing. Together, we will explore how (and how not) to incorporate these diverse modalities into our own understanding of Herbalism - safely, respectfully, and wisely. You will learn which plants you are called to work with, what gifts you have to offer, and how you can confidently and competently use what you learn to make the world a healthier, greener, more just place.

By the end of just the first year, you'll have cooked up nutritive foods, made a whole medicine chest of Syrups, Teas, Tinctures, Oils, Salves and Steams, a First Aid kit, a group Flower Essences collection, a group materia medica, and your own herbal oracle deck. In the second year, we focus more on ancestors, mental/spiritual/emotional wellbeing, and connecting with forests, oceans, and mushrooms. We dive deeper into the rhythms, traditions, and connections of Sacred Gaian Herbalism, re-member how our (often ancient) ancestors honored nature and worked with herbs, and further our studies of body systems, native and naturalized/invasive plants, and custom remedy blending. In our third year, we learn more about reproductive and sexual health for all bodies (cis, trans, young, old, and in between), learn about wellness throughout the life cycle, hone our formulating skills, and work on using our knowledge to support others. We research the traditions that call to us most deeply, studying with a variety of teachers (both in the group and independently). You will also be working to prepare to use your newfound skills and knowledge to give back to the community as a Sacred Gaian Herbalist, wherever your journey takes you.

Family Learning: Parents are invited to involve their children in appropriate learning opportunities whenever practical*, to encourage the next generation of herbalists and environmental stewards. (*Practically, this translates to young babes-in-arms, and kids who are able to play and read outdoors fairly independently or have interest in learning and helping alongside the grownups. Toddlers and wiggly/short attention-spanned younglings make for distracting though much-beloved visitors, so please bring a back-up adult or older kid to support your family's time here. We have places to build fairy houses, trails to explore, and are close to many free-to-visit natural areas).

Farm Interns: For students with prior farming experience, we have room for up to 2 farm interns at a time over the Spring and Summer, with shifts lasting 2 weeks (after the first two weeks, depending on our needs and your abilities, the opportunity to come back again or stay on longer next season may be available). Applicants must be comfortable camping, experienced with living rustically and independently, have their own transportation and cooking apparatus, and be physically, mentally, and emotionally hearty enough to enjoy a variety of New England weather conditions, entertain themselves, and the opportunity to spend far more time with plants than with people.

Social Justice Scholarship Opportunity for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Trans/2S folk: Apprentices who this applies to receive 50% off each semester, as well as the sliding-scale tuition. This scholarship seeks in a small but meaningful way to replace systemic injustice with the skills necessary to heal and nourish all community members. Simply check the box on your application that says you qualify - that's it!

Sliding Scale: Each semester, simply review the sliding scale, calculate your tuition based on your household's current income, and adjust your tuition accordingly.

Please note we offer this program at a low cost with the goal of making this wisdom available to everyone who seeks it. In return, participants must agree to share what they make and learn, while naming and supporting the traditions, regions, Peoples, and teachers they come from, to ensure the knowledge of wellness spreads. We rely on the honor system, a desire to break free of capitalist/racist/sexist constraints, and a robust desire to see more Sacred Gaian Herbalists in the world, no matter your income or background. Come join us; the world needs you!

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 8025787931
Address: 57 Lois Lane
United States

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine

Located in the rolling hills outside of Asheville, NC, the Blue Ridge School offers an immersive experience combining outdoor work with plant identification and ethical harvesting with lectures on subjects such as Chinese medicine, materia medica, and clinical skills.

Holistic herbalism is about finding the root cause of disease - "It is more important to know what person has a disease than what disease a person has."

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 828-505-0032
Address: PO Box 151
Barnardsville, NC, 28709
United States

BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies

The BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies offers herbal education in the North Georgia Mountains. For 29 years, we've been the premier school of herbalism in Georgia, with a reputation for well-organized, interactive, and stimulating learning experiences.

We offer herb classes and in-depth programs online and in-person at beginner and intermediate levels.

Our Foundations of Herbalism program consists of lectures, interactive learning, and medicine-making demonstrations with field studies that emphasize plants of the Southern Appalachians.

Teachers include program director Patricia Kyritsi Howell, Cara-Lee Langston, Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Mimi Hernandez, Zaire Sabb, and Jen Stovall.

Webinar recordings on topics such as Herbal Basics for Everyone, From Symptom to Formula, and Healing with the Five Elements are also available on our website.

Located in a small town in the lush, botanically diverse mountains of northeast Georgia (100 miles northeast of midtown Atlanta and 90 miles southwest of Asheville, NC), we're surrounded by the vast Chattahoochee National Forest.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 7064903904
Address: 68 North Main Street #3
Clayton, GA, 30525
United States

Brigid's Way

Brigid's Way offers educational and ceremonial opportunities to deepen your connection with Nature and remember who you are through the guidance of the Plants themselves.

Our classes include the HEARTransformation Apprenticeship, Plant Communication Workshops, Sacred Plant Initiations, Music of the Plants concerts, and more.

Embrace your fullness

Know who you really are and why you are here

Hear the wisdom and guidance that surrounds you

Remember your connection to all

Experience true healing at the Source

Be a conduit of healing and Love for others, including our Earth

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 717-629-8426
Address: 3227 ANCHOR RD
United States

C.A. & J. Farm - a Medicinal Herb Farm - Sharing Our Earth!

CA & J Farm-Sharing Our Earth

An Off-Grid Capable Solar, Medicinal Herb & Egg Farm

Located in Beautiful Mathews County, Virginia!

Sharing Natural Health & Healing Music!

Jean Howard

5620 East River Road

Foster, Va 23056

cajfarm@gmail.com www.cajfarm.com Facebook- Jean Howard

YouTube- CA & J Farm Podcast- Hey Farm-ily!

“Life Close to Nature” Herbalist Course

A Foundations Plus Course

Annually April through October

One Saturday a month 10am-4pm

Dates will be announced in November for the next year

$700.00 due by March 15th

Only 10 Students accepted each year for this very intensive class!

More details on the website, the Herbal Course page.

Questions? Please Ask!

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 8048152839
Address: 5620 E River Rd
Foster, VA, 23056
United States

California School of Herbal Studies

California School of Herbal Studies

Located two miles west of Forestville, in beautiful Sonoma County, the California School of Herbal Studies is one of North America’s oldest centers for herbal education. Founded in 1978 by Rosemary Gladstar, and led today by School Director Rebecca Maxfield along with a skilled and dedicated staff of teachers, CSHS continues in the spirit in which it was created. Our mission is to help create sustainable communities by providing Earth centered, community based herbal education. CSHS works to empower individuals with the skills, experience and confidence needed by the community herbalist. Our school teaches from the tradition of western herbalism, with a materia medica primarily made up of North American and European herbs. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives and herbs are used to complement the Western tradition.

Our full-time, Roots of Herbalism intensive offers students a broad-based foundation in herbal medicine. For those who can't make a fulltime commitment we also offer a broad range of weekend series courses and one-day workshops. Successful graduates of our intensive program go on to the second year Community Herbalist Program and leave here with the knowledge they need to enter and contribute to the field of herbalism. Upon graduation students receive certificates of completion that are highly regarded by the herbal community.

CSHS is located on a lovely, rustic 80 acre sanctuary known as Emerald Valley. Our campus includes a classroom with an adjacent kitchen, a one-half acre garden with over 400 herb species, a medicine making building and forested hiking trails. Forestville is an hour and a half drive north of San Francisco. Visitors to the school are welcome, but please call first so we can be sure someone will be available to greet you! We look forward to meeting you and sharing friendship and herbal experiences.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 707-887-7457
Address: PO Box 39
Forestville, CA, 95436
United States

Cedar Mountain Herb School

Connect… Learn… Transform…

Transform your life in powerful, positive ways by connecting with the earth, others, and most importantly–yourself. Cedar Mountain Herb School teaches you how to tap in to the healing nature of plants and your own natural ability to heal and thrive. Join a community of like-minded wildlings. Find and become the person you were born to be!

With training programs in Seattle, Washington and Sandpoint Idaho, Cedar Mountain Herb School inspires and guides students to better health through medicinal plants and health education on many levels – including diet and stress management. CMHS’s hands-on, integrated botanical programs center on wild medicinal plants and their applications.

Cedar Mountain Herb School is one of the longest-running herbal schools in the Pacific Northwest. Serving herbal students for over 30 years, we provide the highest quality in herbal medicine education, all-natural living, herbal healing and more. Whether you are learning about herbalism for personal use or building your own herb business, we offer you the full range of enthusiasm and education!

Explore our herbal workshops both online and in-person, apprenticeship programs, herb labs, and herbal forum to take your herbal knowledge and skills to the next level!

Out in the world, where we sometimes feel excluded or looked at as that “weird herb person,” it can be hard to find our place. I’ve created a school and safe place where everyone is welcome! That means you! What I am told by so many of my students is that their lives changed for the better during their time in the programs, and they’ve finally found the community they’ve been searching for. Sometimes very surprising decisions are made, paths take turns, and new directions are found. We meet everyone where they are and practice boundaries with integrity and kindness.

Suzanne Tabert, bioregional herbalist, is director of herbal education and herbal mentor at the Cedar Mountain Herb School. An herbal medicine instructor for over 30 years, Suzanne teaches with great passion and excitement, bringing her wealth of herbal knowledge to students in an engaging and vibrant manner. She is the primary instructor at CMHS and an adjunct faculty member and practicum supervisor for students at Bastyr University.

Taking students to wild places and giving them tools to engage and connect with flora, fauna, and the exquisite beauty of nature is the icing on the cake of life, and one way that Suzanne is making a difference in the world, one person, one group at a time.

"Get out into nature’s classroom, get your hands dirty, meet the plants where they live, and start a relationship that will last a lifetime. You’ll learn more about wild plants, their work in the body, and yourself than you ever thought possible. We go where they grow!" Suzanne Tabert

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 3605405651
Address: 1903 Ontario Street
Sandpoint, ID, 83864
United States

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine is located in the botanically rich Appalachian Mountains, just outside of Asheville, NC. Our passion for healing plants, herbal education, and medicinal gardening is at the heart of all our teachings. We offer several online opportunities to learn, including the Herbal Medicine Making Course (150 hours), the Foraging Course (375 hours), and the Herbal Immersion Program (1,000 hours).

The Online Herbal Medicine Making Course will give you the know-how and confidence to create an abundant apothecary. The hands-on instructional videos and photographic tutorials are chock-full of personal experience and insider tips, along with a hearty dose of silliness.

In the Foraging Course, you’ll learn all the botanical skills and harvesting ethics necessary to safely and confidently forage wild foods and herbs.

Identify, harvest, and prepare wild food + medicine from 21 of the most abundant and nourishing “weeds” on earth

Learn Botany & Plant ID skills that set you up for a lifetime of foraging new plants

Includes 51 videos, 40 lessons, and a 600-page printable manual

In the Online Herbal Immersion Program, you’ll learn all about herb cultivation, medicine making, and therapeutic uses for each featured herb. In a nutshell, the course has two equal and integrated parts: How to grow medicinal plants and how to bring their medicine into your daily life. All three courses weave together video instruction, written lesson plans, and experiential learning.

Just as locally grown food is key to long-term sustainability, locally grown medicine is equally as important. That’s why our programs focus on growing your own herbs and all the ways you can enrich your life with edible and medicinal weeds. Our connection to plants as medicine nourishes this ancient spirit and wakes us up to the profound natural cycles of life. We’re honored to share that connection with you, and we hope it brings you as much joy as it brings us.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: (828) 484-1252
Address: 73 Sanford Way
Weaverville, NC, 28787
United States

Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

A rich and comprehensive program guiding students from the holistic foundations of Western, Chinese, and First Nations healing traditions to the doorstep of becoming clinical/community herbalists, offering a diverse and engaging range of workshops, classes and courses for herbal enthusiasts at all levels: including herbal field and identification knowledge, gardening and wildcrafting, preparations, theoretical and hands-on, herbal knowledge for self and family, and full programs for community and clinical herbalism. On-site and distance learning opportunities available (via Zoom), and online courses very soon, TBA.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 4132301733
Address: 125 Montague Road
Wendell, MA, 01379
United States

College of Naturopathic Medicine

The CNM Master Herbalist Diploma Course is based on CNM’s leading in-class training material. CNM has been training successful practitioners for over 20 years at ten CNM colleges throughout the UK and Ireland.

It is a 100% online training and can be completed in three years. CNM has an excellent reputation based on its long experience in delivering high-quality training, with over 80% of its graduates practising.

Students are studying in countries such as: Hong Kong, Malta, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, USA, South America, more than 28 countries.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 01342410505
Address: CNM, Unit 1 Bulrushes Farm
East Grinstead, WSX, RH19 4LZ
United Kingdom

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, located in Lafayette, CO, on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, was founded as NAIMH by Paul Bergner in 2004. In 2012, Paul retired as the Director of the school, and it was reborn as CSCH under the leadership of Lisa Ganora, a former faculty member and author of the textbook and distance learning course, Herbal Constituents. We continue to build on the comprehensive Vitalist curriculum developed by Paul over his long career, and he remains with CSCH as a case reviewer in our Clinical Herbalism Program. At CSCH we currently offer certificates in Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism (370 hours), Advanced Herbalism (540 hours), Clinical Herbalism (385+ hours), Nutrition (1000 hours), Rocky Mountain Field Botany (68 hours), Flower Essences (56 hours), and Aromatherapy (124 hours) ... with public workshops and events at our beautiful farm, Elderberry's, in Paonia, CO. Our basic curriculum covers Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, Materia Medica, Formulation, Herbal Pharmacy, Vitalist Therapeutics, Integrated Nutrition, Flower Essences, Herbs of Commerce, and Field Botany. Our Clinical, Nutrition, and Flower Essence programs also teach interview & assessment skills, and students work with clients at the onsite Evergreen Center Clinic and Apothecary. CSCH is approved & regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational Schools Board.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 720.406.8609
Address: 424 A East Simpson St.
Lafayette, CO, 80026
United States

CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism


School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 9125362355
Address: 4523 Yellow Breeches Creek Rd S
Cosby, TN, 37722
United States

Daoist Traditions College

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts offers accredited educational programs in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Study Chinese herbs, essential oils, herbal medicine making, and Chinese food therapy with experienced faculty. Our 4-year master's program includes the ancient traditions and contemporary practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Our 24-month Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine program offers postgraduate herbal medicine training for acupuncture practitioners and current acupuncture students in a convenient, hybrid format. Federal financial aid is available.

Contact admissions...............828-225-3993, admissions@daoisttraditions.edu

Apply online..................https://tinyurl.com/2ce34t8f

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 8282253993
Address: 382 Montford Ave
United States

David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies

Clinical Herbalist Certification Program

The 2020-22 two-year herbalists training program will begin September 15, 2020. This will be David's last class as primary teacher. Class will meet once per week on Tuesday evenings from 5 pm to 9:45 pm ET (includes dinner break).

Due to Covid-19, all students will go on-line until things improve (once a vaccine is widely available). When on-site students can return to the classroom safely, we will do so. No one really knows at this point and we will keep students updated.

The prerequisite class, Anatomy & Physiology, is required unless you have completed a college level into to A&P. There is an excellent online course taught by Tammi Sweet (http://heart-stone.com) that meets our requirements, and many community colleges offer it, too.

Students will be eligible to receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements.

Completed applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted to arrange a phone interview with David.

The DW-CHS program meets 43 weeks out of 52 per year (5:00pm-9:45pm). Promptness, regular attendance, an active interest in work assignments, and a cooperative attitude toward the instructors and fellow students are required. We want you to succeed both in our program and after graduation.

Success is a two way street and we at DW-CHS will do our share to help you attain success through mutual commitment, cooperation & responsibility. Our philosophy is to offer a quality program providing the successful graduate with the necessary skills to understand, utilize and work effectively with herbs, nutrition, and health issues.

Field Botany

Introduction to botany/botanical terminology [taught by Richard Mandelbaum, RH (AHG)]

Field identification [taught by Richard Mandelbaum, RH (AHG)]

Herb walks/Slide presentations

Introduction to Phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants [taught by Richard Mandelbaum, RH (AHG)]

Chemistry of the cell

Medicinal compounds produced by plants

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Introduction to TCM – Chinese organ systems, the vital substances, Yin/Yang theory, causes of disease, 8 principles, and basic disease patterns [taught by Andrew Appello, MSOM, L.Ac., RH (AHG), RN]

Materia Medica of 100 herbs


How to determine which diet is best for you and your patients and how to create a therapeutic diet

Therapeutic Use of Nutritional Supplements

A look at claims and studies and discussion of how and when supplements can and should be used

Materia Medica of the most effective, well-studied and clinically useful dietary supplements

Ayurvedic & Unani-Tibb Materia Medica

Introduction to Ayurvedic medicine [taught by Andrew Appello, MSOM, L.Ac., RH (AHG), RN]

Materia Medica of 35+ herbs

Introduction to Southeastern Herbal Traditions and Native American Materia Medica

Language of Plants, stories

Ethnobotany of American medicinal herbs

North American Materia Medica of 100+ herbs

Introduction to Herbal Pharmacy [Taught by Kerry H. Adams, RH AHG, ABT, NCCAOM, CFMP]

Making extracts (alcohol & glycerites), oils, ointments, compresses, poultices, cough syrups, creams, ointments, pills & suppositories


Analysis of the tongue, face, hand/nail, pulse, iris, sclera, and diet

Materia Medica III

80+ world-wide herbs including African, European and Polynesian medicinal plants

Therapeutic Protocols

System-wide reviews of the herbs utilized for correcting immune dysfunction, digestive issues, cardiovascular problems, imbalances of the nervous system, intestinal tract, respiratory system, and genito-urinary system

Constitutional Therapy

Clinical use of herbs, diet, supplements, exercise, counseling techniques, flower remedies & essential oils for creating patient-specific protocols

Case Histories & Clinic

Patient intake and case history preparation

Case history practicum utilizing the triune method and other techniques for creating patient-specific formulas

Professional ethics

History of Western Herbal Medicine

The Roots of Medicine – Greek, Arabic, and European traditions

American Herbal Traditions: Thomsonian Medicine, Physio-medicalism, and Eclectic Medicine

For more information, visit www.herbalstudies.net or contact us at office@dwherbal.com

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 908-835-0822
Address: P.O. Box 417
Riegelsville, PA, 18077
United States

dwelling School for Earth Medicine

As an earth medicine school, { dwelling } offers a unique integration of herbal medicine, stone medicine, and embodied medicine. Each course incorporates intuitive cultivation, health justice, ethics and safety, medicine-making, and wild connection among other topics essential to work with earth medicine.

Three courses build from foundations to clinical practice and short workshops and intensives complement this in-depth curriculum. You may drop in for one immersion or go so deep with three years of study, gaining skills and gathering wisdom to enhance your personal and professional practices for vitality and well being.

{ invitation } Earth Medicine Fundamentals

engages the foundations of intentional and intuitive relationship with earth medicine, prioritizing conversations around health justice and cultivating authentic wisdom so that you feel comfortable bringing what you know into your healing work to support real transformation for yourself and the world.

{ awakening } Integrative Earth Medicine Practice

centers around the cultivation and application of practical skills and resources for working with earth medicine in-depth in personal, community, and professional contexts. You bring your own modalities (anything at all, from tarot to bodywork to poetry) and, with the support of plants, stones, and embodied medicine, grow skill, clarity, and confidence in your healing practice.

{ presence } Resilient Relationship & Clinical Skills

supports devoted practitioners of earth medicine. This course emphasizes mentorship with experienced professionals and community workers, round table sessions with fellow students, and tools for strengthening a practice built to support others in navigating their own healing.

Visit our website or send us a note to see what’s new!

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 8283577965
Address: Los Angeles &
Asheville, NC, 28801
United States

Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions

Earthwalk teachers are passing down the wisdom of local and global herbal traditions to individuals, families, and aspiring practitioners.

We offer classes, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities that explore a broad array of natural healing modalities to improve body, mind, and spirit.

Earthwalk School Director, Melanie Scofield

Core Faculty: Jillian Hyllantree Twisla, Steve Byers, Pat Harpell, Melanie Rose Scofield

Phone: (617) 755-8063
Address: 14 Camrock Dr
Rockport, ME, 04856
United States

East West School of Planetary Herbology

Same as currently listed. This is a renewal. : )

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 831-336-5010
Address: P.O. Box 275
Ben Lomond, CA, 95005
United States

Elderberry's Herbal Education and Retreat Center

Elderberry's Herbal Education and Retreat Center is located in the quiet Rocky Mountain town of Paonia, Colorado (60 miles southwest of Carbondale and not too far from Crested Butte and Aspen, as the Crow flies). We're in the beautiful North Fork Valley, a traditional center for organic farms, orchards and vineyards. At Elderberry's we offer a variety of hands-on classes and workshops that blend herbal and dietary wisdom from the Vitalist Western Herbal, Nature Cure, and Wise Woman traditions. New for 2021, we also offer live-in Apprenticeships of one month or longer. We have extensive herb gardens, wildlands nearby, a creek for dipping, and a shady camping meadow in addition to a tiny house, two BnBs, and rooms in our restored 1908 farmhouse with commercial kitchen and herb lab. Elderberry's was established in 2016 by Lisa Ganora, founder of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (CSCH) and author of Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry. Elderberry's does not grant certificates; for a comprehensive program in Clinical Herbalism, see CSCH in Lafayette, Colorado.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 720-722-4372
Address: 1978 HARDING ROAD
PAONIA, CO, 81428
United States

Florida School of Holistic Living

Our programming includes a comprehensive curriculum of plant-centered workshops, continuing education, and professional training. In addition to our classes, we provide the Central Florida community a space to connect with our community, build vibrant health, and deepen our relationship with the earth through our Community Garden, the Florida Herbal Conference, and ongoing special events.

Philosophy-in-practice education offers students the opportunity to “get their hands dirty.” We emphasize a holistic philosophy in all of our courses, a perspective which honors the whole person and their connection to their environment. We then seek to put that philosophy into practice through hands-on educational opportunities, taking our students into the field to connect with the subjects of which they are learning. By empowering our students with the knowledge and experience to live a more fulfilling, resilient lifestyle, we hope to contribute to a more equitable, peaceful world for future generations.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 4075953731
Address: 1705 Edgewater Dr. #547726
Orlando, FL, 32804
United States

Forrest Green Farm

Whole Living: A Comprehensive Course on Herbalism & Gardening

Wellness Simplified! This is a hands-on course in herbalism, gardening, seasonal eating, and food as medicine at a working farm.

On this journey, you will learn by growing, harvesting, nourishing and healing with the herbs and vegetables as you learn to make them part of your everyday life.

Over a period of 14 classes, we will lay the groundwork for healthy living by exploring and learning how to live in rhythm with the natural world. Mother Nature has so much to offer us and we must learn to be still, observe, connect, build awareness and relationships to explore all the bounty that is available. We then move forward in developing our knowledge base to work with herbs safely and instill confidence to use them to nourish and heal yourself, your family and your friends.

This is a hands-on course in both gardening and herbal medicine skills. You will work on deepening your knowledge and connection with the plants over a growing season. Through the use of this knowledge, you will learn how to make quality medicine from the plants. The herbs in combination with whole foods will provide you with a foundation for healthier living and fulfillment of a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

This is a hands-on class!

You will take home something from every class. You will take home 70 projects! This is a learning opportunity as well as a chance to produce and immediately start using your new skills to enhance your lifestyle with the projects that you make in class.


School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 5409671165
Address: 2317 Evergreen Rd
Louisa, VA, 23093
United States

Foundations in Herbal Medicine by Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Foundations in Herbal Medicine by Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Tieraona Low Dog, MD, developed the original Foundations in Herbal Medicine program in 1992 as a two-year training program that included a sliding scale, student-run clinic in Albuquerque, NM—one of the first of its kind in the United States. In 2013, the program was completely updated and relaunched using an online teaching platform with extensive video and written materials.

The Foundations program is designed for clinicians and highly motivated non-clinicians who are interested in learning the traditions of Western herbal medicine wrapped firmly in herbal pharmacology, physiology, biology, botany, biochemistry, and integrative medicine. The program is based on a systems approach (e.g., nervous, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular), with each module building upon previously learned material. Students work through case studies that are followed by a treatment approach presented by Dr. Low Dog. Evidence based discussions of nutrition, lifestyle, macronutrients, and micronutrients are woven throughout the program, offering a truly integrative approach.

This 500-hour course is structured and self-guided, with most students completing the program in 24 months. Clinicians will come away with confidence about incorporating herbal and natural medicine into their practice, and non-clinicians will be able to serve their community as holistic health educators and providers of herbal care. Program participants can choose to achieve one or two certification levels:

Your Instructor: Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Among many other achievements in the field, Dr. Low Dog served as the President of the American Herbalists Guild, received the Herbal Insight Award from the American Herbal Products Association, and was awarded the Fredi Kronenberg, PhD award by the American Botanical Council for her lifelong commitment to women’s health. She is a founding member of the Academy of Women’s Health, founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine, and was the Director of two Fellowships in Integrative Medicine, where she oversaw the training of more than 1000 health professionals. She has chaired numerous panels on dietary supplements and botanicals at the United States Pharmacopeia over the past twenty years. Dr. Low Dog’s knowledge and expertise, combined with a warm, accessible teaching style, makes her uniquely qualified to instruct students of herbal medicine.


Certificate of Completion

To earn the certificate of completion in Foundations in Herbal Medicine, students must complete all on-line course work including all on-line case studies, attend one summer Foundations intensive for hands-on training in field identification and medicine making, and successfully submit and receiving a passing grade on one of the following: a comprehensive case study that includes patient/client history, detailed treatment plan with rationale for recommendations and follow up (this is required if earning a Certificate in Clinical Herbalism) OR a 20-page pre-approved thesis of a topic related to medical herbalism. (Note: for overseas students, please inquire about alternatives to the in-person training intensive).

Clinical Herbalism Certificate

For Foundation graduates who, in addition to the above, attend and actively participate in a minimum of 20 hours of supervised case studies under the mentorship of Dr. Low Dog will receive an additional certification in Clinical Herbalism. This 20-hour requirement can be met by attending a three-day summer intensive offered annually at Medicine Lodge Ranch.

Graduates of the program will also attain the ability to register with the American Herbalists Guild, earning an RH (AHG) credential as well as access to the Guild’s support and benefits. To become registered:

• Practitioners must complete the program and attend the Foundations in Herbal Medicine three-day case study intensive.

• Non-practitioners must complete the program and demonstrate they’ve done 80 case studies, 40 of which can be met doing the on-line program and the other 40 can be earned by doing two three-day case study intensives.

Cost: $3000 for lifetime access to all online training materials, access to the closed community chatroom on Facebook, and quarterly webinars.

Additional Costs: $500 for on-site, in-person Foundations I intensive for learning field ID and herbal medicine making at Medicine Lodge Ranch in Pecos, NM (excluding travel). All course materials, lunches, and snacks are included in this fee. There will also be some expense associated with making herbal preparations at home, as well as any textbooks the student chooses to purchase.

If pursuing the Clinical Herbalism certification, an additional $750 for on-site, 3 day in-person case study immersion at Medicine Lodge Ranch in Pecos, NM (excluding travel). All course materials, lunches, and snacks are included in this fee.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: (505)757-2147
Address: PO Box 709
Pecos, NM, 87552
United States

Gathering Thyme School of Western Herbalism

Gathering Thyme School of Western Herbalism provides students with a strong foundation in herbal medicine with comprehensive programs as well as short-term workshops in clinical & family herbalism, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and nutrition to promote and enhance personal well-being

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 415-524-8693
Address: 1332 4th Street
San Rafael, CA, 94901
United States

Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine

Green Comfort offers botanical studies from series lectures to outdoor exploration. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia it is rich with flora. Our 10 month programs are Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary, which offer a well rounded introduction to becoming an herbalist. For the advanced students we offer Clinical Practicum Training to gain hours toward AHG professional membership. We also like to play outside and provide hands-on education through; Botanical Sanctuary Apprenticeship, Farm'ocology day classes, Herb Camp and Holistic Herb Camp. We also have invited guests teachers; Matthew Wood and David Winston and others once a year. Housed in two yurts we have onsite camping for our overnight visitors. Check out our offerings and come learn from the plants.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 540-937-4283
Address: PO Box 376
Washington, VA, 22747
United States

Green Path Herb School

Imagine you are walking through the forest near your home. As you look around you, you start noticing the plants growing nearby. Imagine knowing each of these plants; understanding how to use them, when to harvest them and which parts to use. Envision being able to make these plants into medicines such as salves, oils, pills, syrups, and tinctures. How would it feel to help others use these herbal medicines for healing purposes? These are the skills of an herbalist. Are you ready to follow the path less traveled? Are you interested in deepening your connection with plants and the earth? It is time to get excited about plants and awaken your passion for natural healing! Green Path Herb School empowers students to use medicinal plants for themselves, their families, and as professional herbalists. We offer several herb programs designed for the beginning student to the advanced practitioner.

Join us on a journey of exploration of medicinal herbs and natural remedies! Students foster a lifelong relationship with herbs as we explore the healing power of plants and the study of herbal medicine. Our offerings include community herb classes, herbal workshops, wildcrafting trips, online herb certificate classes and programs, a school for training professional herbalists, herb books, and lots of free herbal information! Our main online courses include our Herbalist Certificate Program, Cycle Tracking and Natural Birth Control webinar, and an online self-paced program (coming soon).

Herbalist Certificate Program: now offered both On-line and In-person!

A comprehensive program catering to those interested in becoming professional herbalists, this curriculum is designed to provide a total immersion into natural healing and medicinal plants. Students will take away from this course the skill set, and confidence needed to practice herbalism. Discover a new and exciting direction in your life: explore the ancient art and modern science of herbal healing! Learn more! https://www.greenpathherbschool.com/herbalist-certificate-program

Cycle Tracking and Natural Birth Control: An Online Workshop for Herbalists, Herb Students and Health Professionals

Learn how to avoid pregnancy naturally or achieve it! Practitioners can use this method to assess hormonal balance and aid in fertility management. Fertility Awareness can be an amazing tool to work with health issues such as flooding, dysmenorrhea, problem pregnancies, miscarriages, mid-cycle bleeding, amenorrhea, menopause, cyclic migraines, and acne. Herbal protocols will be addressed, and Elaine’s will go over her simple “Menstrual Map” tool used to address health-related issues such as painful or excessive menstruation, hormone balancing, phytoestrogens, reproductive tonics, infertility, progesterone support, and PMS. Learn more https://www.greenpathherbschool.com/cycle-tracking

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 406-274-2009
Address: 180 S 3rd St W
Missoula, MT, 59801
United States

Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine

Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine

Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine offers students inspiring diverse learning experiences with courses ranging from short exploratory workshops to professional clinical CAM-- Complementary Alternative Medicine--immersion programs. Our school has been providing naturopathic and botanical medicine for 3 decades in the Upper Midwest United States, Lake Superior and Ontario, Canada regions. Also, flexible, remote learning globally.

Green Wisdom instruction and guidance connects ancient and contemporary wisdom within the context of education and practice for the newly beginning student to the experienced professional. Our programs open a wide range of experiences within the Complementary Alternative Medicine fields, from herbal medicine making to nature immersion field studies, as well as continuing education professional, business and intensive clinical trainings. We offer one of the formal long term Master of Herbalism Programs in North America.

Online and CEU courses are classic offerings via Green Wisdom, serving students globally for decades, from Croatia to Canada.

Another component of our school is our clinic offering tele-health and in-person services, as well as weekly Free Peoples Clinics that our advanced clinical students are involved in.

Potential Participants and Students...

If you are seeking an educational experience that provides a strong foundational knowledge of herbalism, holistic education and natural medicine...

If you are searching for a comprehensive herbalism program with a solid history encompassing diverse bioregions from prairies to woodlands and wetlands...

If you are deciding upon a Master of Herbalism program that not only adheres to national directives for herbalists, but exceeds them...

Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine is the place for you!

Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine

offers students diverse opportunities that are inspiring, comprehensive and flexible. Our programs integrate Naturopathy, Holistic Health, Herbalism and Ecology into all courses. This means our students receive a true holistic education acquiring unique personal tools to transform their passion into a strong foundational knowledge base, essential for a successful profession in natural medicine. Other students engage in our programs as part of a personal journey to creating a more healthful life.

Green Wisdom classes are offered in a variety of formats: formal courses, community workshops, seminars, in-person and online and independent studies--not to mention deep immersion field experiences in nature which are some of our students favorites. Courses blend the intuitive art and clinical science of herbalism, creating a balance that we believe is needed in fields of contemporary medicine. Many of our classes include a formal certificate upon completion. The Master of Herbalism Program is designed for students who feel a calling to botanical medicine and wish to step beyond the basics, adhering not only to the suggested minimal national guidelines for herbalists, but exceeding standards and requirements within the profession.

Green Wisdom has been educating students in the natural and botanical medicine field for three decades beginning as a Complementary Alternative Medicine clinic near Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN, USA), developed as a component of the Center for Healing Arts founded and operated by, Gigi Stafne MH, ND, MI. That clinic offered a wide range of natural medicine services with a team of 12 diverse practitioners. From there it evolved through Stafne's dedication and commitment into the top-notch North American school that it is today. Gigi Stafne, our Executive Director and lead instructor, is a well respected member of the global Complementary Alternative Medicine community, dedicating her career to serving students, as well as local to global communities via Herbalists Without Borders International. Her background and core knowledge is rich with a history of coalition building and promoting wellness in a way that is sustainable, ecological, and returns the focus to a type of health care that is the true definition of holistic. All of these principles and values are transmitted through each of our school's programs.

Visit: www.greenwisdom.weebly.com

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 17156425760
Address: N1443 Buck Lake Road
Chetek, WI, 54728
United States

Greenwood Herbals

Level 1 is a beginners/intermediate program for learning about herbs and establishing a foundation in herbalism

Level 2 is an advanced program that teaches the basics of clinic, with hands on diagnostic skills, tissue states and tastes with constitutional knowledge.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 207-793-3553
Address: 561 Parsonsfield Rd
Limerick, ME, 04048
United States

Hawthorn & Honey School of Herbal Medicine

Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Hawthorn & Honey offers seasonal apprenticeships and monthly workshops in Tacoma, WA. We believe the resurgence of herbalism is not a fad, but a calling from the plants themselves for us to reconnect and ground ourselves once again.

Guided by the seasons and plants, we’ll forage in a different location each day, gathering along the Salish Sea and Cascade Mountains discovering the bounty of wild plants living beside you. Learn essential foraging skills including herbal first aid and ethical, sustainable harvesting practices.

Our students learn the history and medicinal uses of each plant and how to create a daily plant practice using meal preparation, meditation, journaling, and dream work. Each day our apprentices create new remedies, adding to their home apothecary, while also building a personal relationship with the plants through intuitive plant communication and personal ancestry research.

Come join us on this life changing adventure, create new friendships with your fellow apprentices, and find the connection you’ve been looking for.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 2064588483
Address: 244 S 55TH ST
TACOMA, WA, 98408
United States

Heart of Herbs Herbal School

Heart of Herbs Herbal School

Founded in 1998, we have been serving students as a school for almost 20 years. It was a dream come true, and 20 years in the making. I always say that I didn’t choose herbalism, but that herbalism chose me, you may feel the same way. We have always been at the forefront of herbal education, serving over 25,000 students worldwide.

One of the core reasons for our success has been the belief and support of each student. Our herbal students are all so individual, and each is given personal support and care. We at Heart of Herbs Herbal School want to honor that and embrace that and use that to ensure student success. We have had homeschooling teens to grandmothers (even Demetria’s) in our classes; we are the school for you. At Heart of Herbs, we not only encourage individuality and diversity, but we also embrace it! We want to support our students in their lives and support them on their path.

Students choose Heart of Herbs Herbal School for many reasons like:

Fully supported online education, you will find audio, video links, and other traditional learning materials.

24-7 online classroom access.

Work when you have time.

A dynamic classroom with updated resources and bonuses.

At your own pace, education that supports your life.

We get you, and we know you have a busy life and family and understand that you may need extra time or guidance.

Most importantly, direct access to your primary instructor (Demetria Clark).

Energetic student support group to encourage herbal connections.

We know you, as a student, have an active life. We want to support you, and I want to help you on your journey.

Our distance learning programs are popular throughout the world, in the medical field, with midwives, lay herbalists, and aromatherapists. Over 50% of our students open their practice or businesses (and this number is growing) upon completing the course. Most of the rest already owned a company that herbals work well with or have a complimentary practice. At Heart of Herbs Herbal School, we take business and career development seriously.

We offer the following programs and so much more.

Phytotherapy Diploma -https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-phytotherapy-diploma.htm

Clinical Herbalist Education- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-master-herbalist-certification-program.htm

Herbalist Education-https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-certified-herbalist-certification-program.htm

We also have other intensive herbal programs and the following Aromatherapy Certification Programs, NAHA Approved.

Aromatherapy Certification- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-aromatherapy-certification.htm

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-master-clinical-aromatherapy-certification-program.htm

Our students receive unsurpassed support and mentorship. We also assist students with business and career planning.

We believe in helping you achieve your educational and professional goals.

Director Demetria Clark

I believe that herbalism is part of my soul, and it is something that resonates and makes sense to me at my very core. I believe that herbalism is something to share with anyone who wants to learn. I also believe in evidence-based health care, and I feel that responsible herbalism can lead the way to vitality and health.

When I founded the school in 1998, I wanted to make a program that would work for you. I have been teaching herbal and aromatherapy classes since 1996, starting on Army bases, community colleges, and mother’s groups. This foundation allowed me to craft a program that works for all types of lives and students.

Does my name sound familiar to you? I am also the author of the best-selling books:

Herbal Healing for Children

475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Healing (Live Healthy Now)

Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 8663034372
Address: PO Box 575
Bokeelia, FL, 33922
United States

Herbafarm Academy

HerbaFarm Academy launched by Ms. Meltem Kurtsan, she is a nation-wide recognized Pharmacist. HerbaFarm Academy hosts seminars and trainings, mainly covering healthy living and natural life topics, such as Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Ecological Architecture, Natural Cosmetics, Organic Agriculture, etc. All trainings take place either online or in the HerbaFarm facility, with practice in the laboratory if required.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 00905301769986
Address: Dirmil Mah. Ahmet Bilgic cad 23 Gokcebel
bodrum, 48, 48990

Herbal Academy

Founded by Marlene Adelmann, the Herbal Academy is a global leader in herbalism education reaching 100,000 students with their online herbalist training programs. The Herbal Academy's mission is to empower people with the art and science of herbalism through accessible, affordable herbal education that represents many points of view and honors our intrinsic connection to nature.

Whether you are looking into herbalism as a hobby or personal endeavor or preparing for a career in clinical herbalism, the Herbal Academy has designed herbalist programs and study paths to suit your goals and your educational needs. View all herbalist training programs and path packages here: https://theherbalacademy.com/courses-classes/


The intention for this self study program is to give students with little or no herbal experience a glimpse into the world of herbs, kindling your enthusiasm for a lifelong course of learning. While this intro-level class does not qualify students to practice clinical herbalism, by the end of our course we hope you will feel more comfortable AND excited about making your own teas, tinctures, and body care products. You’ll be mixing up new recipes in the kitchen, using spices and herbs you never knew had medicinal properties! You will walk away more inspired to pursue your herbal studies at the intermediate level and beyond! This is a 6 unit, online course.


This program is intended for students with some herbal training, whether that be workshops, the Introductory Herbal Course or self study. We’ll be reviewing some basic concepts in the first unit to set the foundation for the rest of the course. This program will include intermediate topics such as safety and side effects; discussions about theory and energetics; in-depth coverage of physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation. We will introduce many theories and works of some of today’s most revered herbalists. We’ll study many different ways herbalism has been practiced over the centuries and how in recent years we have begun to reclaim these traditions. This is a 10 unit, online course.


The Business Herbal Course –

We know just how puzzling it can be to determine how to start an herbal business without a clear, detailed guide to help you along the way. And that’s exactly why we’ve designed the Business Herbal Course—to guide herbalists as they navigate the unique and sometimes challenging regulations, requirements, and considerations that come along with starting an herbal business. Whether you aspire to launch an herbal products business, open a clinical practice or herb store, start a wellness blog, teach herbalism in your community, grow herbs to sell in bulk, or pursue another type of plant-based path, your opportunities as an herbal entrepreneur will unfold with guidance and a surefooted business plan! This is a 7 unit, online course.


Take your herbal studies to a professional level. The Advanced Herbal Course has been designed to prepare students working toward a career as professional herbal practitioners. This program will also benefit healthcare practitioners, students looking to grow in their holistic health careers, for family health care, developing herbal products businesses, herbalism education, and with additional hands-on training, clinical herbalism. The Advanced Herbal Course has been designed with the type of academic rigor that will help develop the budding professional herbalist’s knowledge base and encourage the critical thinking skills necessary for clinical herbalism. This is a 14 unit, online course.

**Enroll in the Herbal Academy's programs individually or bundle your courses into Herbalist Path Packages, designed to represent the common training paths an herbalist may wish take their education: Family Herbalism, Clinical Herbalism, Professional Herbalism, and Entrepreneur Herbalism. These are discounted bundles, and can be found at: https://theherbalacademy.com/courses-classes/

THE HERBARIUM MEMBERSHIP: Inside the digital walls of The Herbarium membership website, you will find complete and constantly updated herbal monographs, photographs, thoughtful articles, and educational podcasts, videos, tutorials, and teaching charts. As part of The Herbarium community, you will have all of these resources right at your fingertips, enriching your life-long journey through herbalism. The Herbarium membership is open to anyone at $45/year.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 781-908-4372
Address: 24 South Road
Bedford, MA, 01730
United States

Herbal Wisdom Institute

Herbal Wisdom Institute offers classes for all levels of interest in herbalism and alternative modalities. Classes focus on clinical herbalism and an eclectic vitalist approach. Classes include plant walks, medicine making, herbal medicine basics, and herbalist certification.

Herbalist certification is offered in our Foundations in Western Herbalism online, instructor led course over 6 months and is focused in clinical application of herbal medicine. This herbalist certification course provides 200 hours of education and is designed to give you a strong foundation in the historical and contemporary use of Western herbs, laws and regulations governing herbal medicine, and effective preparation and formulation of herbal medicine to be used in clinical practice. The course reflects our holistic approach to health and healing that incorporates food, lifestyle and spirit. The program includes in-depth study of body systems from a functional perspective, with a strong emphasis in using herbs and nutrition together.

In person and distance Learning classes are available depending on the course.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 928-227-2760
Address: Dewey, Arizona
Dewey, AZ, 86327
United States

Herbalism Roots

Our 500-Hour Herbalism Certificate program is a solid foundational program that prepares you to work with family, friends, and communities as a Professional Herbalist. Through the study of medicinal herbs within a pathophysiological paradigm – connecting plants with the body systems they affect – it prepares you to safely and effectively assist people with herbal recommendations to facilitate wellness.

Embark on a life-changing journey where your path takes you on a thrilling adventure to earth’s magic. Connect with plants, learn to craft herbal remedies and make plant medicine. Take the tools you learn and heal yourself, your family and your community.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 303-623-3121
Address: 1221 Galapago St
Denver, CO, 80206
United States

Hill College (Holistic Wellness Pathway within the Associate of Science Biology Major)

The Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway offers a unique blend of affordable courses that can lead to an associate of science degree (if desired) as well as provide the education and training required to sit for/apply to 3 national holistic boards: NANP (holistic nutrition board certification), AHG (Registered Herbalist designation), and/or NBHWC (holistic wellness coach board certification). Students can take these classes 100% online. The 6 required classes include the education and clinical training required by the above 3 national boards, as well as hands-on clinical hours, business and marketing training, and myriad aspects of herbal medicine including constitutional assessment and herbal protocol creation, plant ID and wildcrafting, herbal medicine making, and organic permaculture herb gardening at an affordable price. There is no other program that exists that offers this extensive training at this level of affordability. We can't wait to see you in class!

Dr. Lori Valentine Rose (PhD), Certified Nutrition Professional (CNP), Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Registered Herbalist (AHG)Hill College Life Sciences Instructor 817-760-5892"

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 817-760-5892
Address: 2112 Mayfield Pkwy
Cleburne, TX, 76033
United States

Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals School of Herbalism

Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals offers classes for all levels and interests - herb a month, herbal preparations, the basics course & their flagship program - The Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism.

This program is for the more dedicated herbal student who is interested in going into community herbalism or clinical practice. It covers all relevant topics to give you a great foundation in holistic health & herbal applications, western energetics, growing herbs using permaculture, harvesting, wildcrafting, and making herbal preparations.

Beginning in 2022 they are adding two additional programs: Family Herbalist & Clinical Herbalist Program both will be done via Zoom which will be recorded for those who can't attend during the live hours. Enrollment is open now. They are limiting their Clinical Program in order to emphasize discussion and personal interaction with other students and the instructors.

Family Herbalist will begin April 2022, and will be a series of 7 monthly Zoom classes based around creating a healthy home, kitchen medicine, digestive health, natural beauty, wildcrafting/growing, and first aid for the family.

The Clinical Herbalist Program beginning March, 2022, is for the herbal student who dreams about helping others achieve health naturally. It is intended for the intermediate/advanced herbal student who is familiar with basic anatomy and physiology, herbal preparations, western energetics, basic nutrition, and at least 30 herbs and their uses. This program runs for 18 months. The first 12 months students and instructors meet via Zoom one weekend a month for lecture and discussion. Additionally, there is assigned reading, research, presentations, and case study work to prepare you for clinical practice. The last 6 months is composed of one-on-one mentoring and monthly round tables with case study discussions. Accepting applications - class size is limited.

On Site Classes: Hands-on workshops, herb walks, & other live events are held throughout the year on their 40 acre homestead and in surrounding locations in North Idaho.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 2082815667
Address: 45 Eichs Rd
Cocolalla, ID, 83813
United States

Institute of Chinese Herbology

Chinese herbs and acupuncture comprise two pillars of Chinese medicine and naturally compliment each other. However, the practice of Chinese herbology is a healing system complete in itself, and achieving proficiency in its use does not require the years of extensive training in it to become a licensed acupuncturist. Furthermore, Chinese herbology can also be used effectively with Western medical practices, both conventional and alternative.

The Institute of Chinese Herbology was founded in 1986 with its proprietary herbalist education program for anyone who wants to gain a thorough understanding of Chinese herbs for promoting health. Also for practitioners in allied health fields: massage therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, Western herbalists, nurses, doctors, and others, who would like to broaden their practice and expertise with a complimentary health care system. People who wish to gain a working knowledge of Chinese herbs to enter advanced careers in related fields such as herb research, preparation, or sales; including people who want to enter the health field as practitioners of Chinese herbology, or people who have special health interests or health problems and wish to have the knowledge of healing.

Upon completing each class, students are awarded state CEU's and NCCAOM PDA's.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 8007360182
Address: 5514 Langford Ct
Concord, CA, 94521
United States

International Holistic Life Sciences Institute

At International Holistic Life Sciences Institute, our vision is Massive Health. Anyone who wants to study medicine, regardless of age, can have a channel to learn anytime, anywhere, and with very low tuition to enter this field. We also popularize the knowledge of fitness, health care, and self-healing for free and provide the public with lifelong learning and benefit skills in herbal treatment strategy and oriental medicine using herbal remedies.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 9095398260
Address: 14929 Little Bend Road
Chino Hills, CA, 91709
United States

International Integrative Educational Institute

Currently enrolled in the Professional Herbalist Course-Year 1, Module 1

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 2626761638
Address: PO Box 1054
Honokaa, HI, 96727
United States

Irish College of Traditional & Integrative Medicine

The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine (ICTIM) offers a post graduate diploma in traditional and integrative medicine. In this diploma, we seek to integrate the best of traditional knowledge, herbal medicine, biomedicine, and current scientific knowledge in our teaching so that graduates may be confident in their comprehensive understanding of patient care.

ICTIM also offers a unique online course on Irish Indigenous Medicine, which covers Irish healing practices from legend to the present day.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: (353)12549217
Address: Church Cross
Skibbereen, C, P81 H297

Lincoln College

Clinical Herbalism

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 01522876232
Address: Lincoln College Library
Lincoln, LIN, LN2 5HQ
United Kingdom

Love My Womb Academy

Love My Womb® Academy provides residential and online classes, training and certification in the sacred art of Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming for Self Care: Level I, and Goddess Steam Practitioners Training and Business Course Level II. Here's your opportunity to become certified in Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming, Womb Health, and Feminine Wellness, and increase the energy of our Divine Feminine. Learn how to create herbal therapies that assist in the relief of womb conditions, and restore health and regain balance to the womb. Learn the ways of the Medicine Woman. We will teach you how to start your very own signature based, heart-centered, Yoni Steaming business. It's so much more than putting herbs in a pot of hot water. It's a whole new world

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 3379449131

Maryland University of Integrative Health

Maryland University of Integrative Health is one of the leading academic institutions for integrative health in the nation. Since 1974, MUIH has educated and informed practitioners and leaders in health and wellness through transformative and relationship-centered programs that draw from traditional wisdom and contemporary science. Progressive graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines including graduate degrees in Clinical Herbal Medicine and Herbal Product Development are offered both on campus and online.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 410-888-9048
Address: 7750 Montpelier Road
Laurel, MD, 20723
United States

Mederi Academy

Mederi Academy will be a 2-year, accredited online learning program that will train healthcare practitioners around the world in Mederi Medicine and give them the skills they need to significantly improve quality of life and longevity for people facing cancer and other serious health challenges.

Mederi Academy will be open to healthcare practitioners who are committed to providing comprehensive care in the field of integrative medicine, specifically with an interest in our unitive, Mederi Care model. The Academy will address the deep gaps in current healthcare by training providers in our wholistic, unitive form of medicine and healing, thus providing a much-needed foundation for the integration of conventional science, genetics, and immunology with the life-enhancing properties of botanical medicine.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 5414880514
Address: 478 Russell Street Suite 101
Ashland, OR, 97520
United States

Mederi Center

Mederi Academy will be a 2-year, accredited online learning program that will train healthcare practitioners around the world in Mederi Medicine and give them the skills they need to significantly improve quality of life and longevity for people facing cancer and other serious health challenges.

Mederi Academy will be open to healthcare practitioners who are committed to providing comprehensive care in the field of integrative medicine, specifically with an interest in our unitive, Mederi Care model. The Academy will address the deep gaps in current healthcare by training providers in our wholistic, unitive form of medicine and healing, thus providing a much-needed foundation for the integration of conventional science, genetics, and immunology with the life-enhancing properties of botanical medicine.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 541-488-0514
Address: 478 Russell Street, Ste 103
Ashland, OR, 97520
United States

Midwest School of Herbal Studies

The Midwest School of Herbal Studies was founded by registered clinical herbalist Matthew Alfs, MH, RH (AHG) in 2003. We offer a Master-Herbalist Diploma Program consisting of a Western Herbalism module, an Asian (TCM + Ayurveda) Herbalism module, and an Integrative Herbalism module. Study materials consist of 2 textbooks + 1,000+ pages of workbook text + audio CDs. We also require a thesis of 24 pages or more and 60 hours of in-person workshops consisting of wild-plant walks, holistic-assessment skills, and medicine making, which can be done onsite in our home state of MN or through other approved providers in other states.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 1-866-781-2038
Address: P O Box 120096
New Brighton, MN, 55112
United States

Milk & Honey Herbs

Milk & Honey Herbs is a small, diversified, family-owned farm and business in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts.

We offer monthly online classes through our Patreon community and offer a 6-week online course each winter, Spice Rack Medicine, focusing on the rich subject of kitchen herbalism. Jade's work as an herbalist revolves around self and community empowerment, accessibility, community resilience, and the intersection of food and medicine.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 413-427-9829
Address: 163 Leverett Rd
United States

Misty Meadows Herbal Center

Welcome to Misty Meadows Herbal Center. Our school is licensed by the NH Dept. of Education Division of Career Schools. You will find us nestled on 66 acres of protected field and woodlands on scenic Wednesday Hill Road in the town of Lee, New Hampshire. Since 1989 our herb shop and gardens have grown and evolved to become one of the finest facilities and resources for bulk herbs, herbal products and education. Our gardens are maintained using organic and permaculture practices.

Wendy Snow Fogg is the founder and Senior Herbalist at Misty Meadows. Her deep personal relationship with this land and the beings who live here has fostered a sense of "coming home to heal" for many hundreds of students, teachers and visitors. She and husband Clyde have lovingly stewarded the farm since 1982, even before Wendy began to hear the songs of the plants and the whisperings of the trees and other nature spirits of this very sacred and magical land.

Our Herbal programs welcome students from far and wide to pursue herbal studies ranging from introductory personal enrichment workshops to comprehensive, licensed certification programs

- Level I: Foundations in Basic Herbalism;

- Level II Herbal Studies:

Expanded Skills of the Herbalist: Preparing for Clinical Practice

- Level III Advanced Herbal Program: Clinic.

Our childrens program introduces littles, tweens and teens to the beauty, magic and deliciousness of nature!

Gardens filled with richly aromatic herbs and colorful perennials will lead you around the farm. Miles of groomed walking trails through a purely magical forest rich with medicinal plants are sure to inspire you. You’re encouraged to let your nose and eyes be your guides.

Our forest labyrinth is a place of peaceful solace where you can walk gently into the places of your soul, sit a while, then return with a quieter mind and deeper understanding of your journey.

Over the years many dozens of herbal, aromatherapy and flower essence students, as well as Reiki masters, witches, and seekers of angels and fairies, have studied, played and found their personal path here, gracing this place with loving energy, great food and lots of belly laughs.

It is with great joy and humble gratitude that we continue this work on this sacred land known as Misty Meadows.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 6036597211
Address: 183 Wednesday Hill Rd.
Lee, NH, 03861
United States

Natural Nurse Herbal Certification

Natural Nurse® Herbal Certification Course

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, RH (AHG), AHN-BC

I have been learning and teaching the medicinal use of herbs since 1964, as well as providing information to thousands of individuals on how to use herbs for themselves, their patients and their families through the many books I have written, http://www.naturalnurse.com/products/books/

radio shows and podcasts,http://www.naturalnurse.com/category/radio-shows/

and online and onground classes and workshops. http://www.naturalnurse.com/events/

I get many requests for more in depth classes, and the opportunity to apprentice with me.

I teach in conventional educational settings, such as mainstream medical schools and universities, as well as with master traditional healers from a variety of cultures. It has been my honor to have studied with indigenous and master herbalists, such as JAMBA of the MAROONS in Jamaica, Michael Moore and Mimi Kemp in Bisbee Arizona, SONIA in Santa Cruz Mexico, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and a vast array of advanced herbalists.

I love to share my knowledge and experience with you, to empower you to be in charge of your health naturally.

Your Health is In Your Hands!

My Favorite Activity!- Teaching natural medicine to professionals and anyone who loves to learn.

Select courses are

CE Certified for Nurses, Midwives, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dietitians.

You choose the topic, Herbs, Homeopathics, Energy Medicine and More!

The course is conducted via individual webinar training. Although students can also opt to join in any of the onground classes, such as journeying to Jamaica to live for a week with indigenous healers, www.ecotoursforcures.com , visiting China Town, or spending the day wildcrafting edible and medicinal plants and preparing your OWN herbal remedies to take home. http://www.naturalnurse.com/services/herb-walks-and-medicine-making/

At the time we mutually agree on, I will send you a link to a powerpoint, and then we will review the slides. As I discuss each topic, we will go into many aspects that are mentioned on each slide in a much more comprehensive way, giving you in depth data on how to collect, purchase and use each individual herb for yourself and your family. Before we complete each lecture, I will email you a specific assignment that must be completed before our next meeting. Depending on the level of the topic, it will be basic or more advanced. For example, I might ask you to go to your local health food store, and read the ‘other ingredients’ and ‘standardization claims’ on a few different herbal products. We will then discuss the significance of your findings.

For a more advanced course, I may ask you to identify 2 alkaloid and 2 glycoside substances found in a particular herb, and what medicinal value they have, along with possible adverse effects that they may provoke.

Don’t worry, if you are a beginner, we will have covered all the initial classes you would need in order to know how to access that kind of information. Since I am both a traditional wildcrafting herbalist, AND a Professor of Botanical Pharmacognocy, I can take you as far as you want to go. Therefore, this course is appropriate for both the beginner and the professional, who would like to go more deeply into understanding the world of sentient communication as well as chemical interactions between plants and humans.

Topics offered include, but are not limited to:

• Herbal Medicine

• Essential Oil Therapy

• Homeopathy

• Radionics

• Darkfield Microscopy

• Regulatory Compliance for those offering products in the Natural Marketplace-

( vital if you wish to avoid becoming pen pals with the FDA and FTC!)


Each class is $ 65 for one class, or $ 300 for a 5 class course.

After completing 5 classes, you will receive a certification. The certification will indicate the number of hours of study, and the level of the course work that you have completed.

Select courses offer: CE Broker Certified Credits for Nurses, Midwives, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Dietitians!

I look forward to sharing my decades of knowledge with you, and to learn from you as well, because as a teacher, I am also a perpetual student.

For more information:www.naturalnurse.comwww.facebook.com/NaturalNurse

or call 800-829-0918

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 800-829-0918
Address: 328 Newport V
Deerfield Beach, FL, 33442
United States

Natural Skincare Chick/ Yonisteam Chick

Natural Skincare Chick is a leader in Natural Skincare Education offering a Master Class on Natural Skincare & Herbs.

Do you want to learn more about how to make your very own natural skincare products?

Do you want to become an Herbalist or Yoni/Vaginal Steam Practitioner

​So dont delay enroll today at Naturalskincarechick.com

Natural Skincare Chick is a Leader in Natural Skincare Education. Specializing in Yoni Steam Practitioner Certifications, Herbalist Certifications & Natural Skincare Master Class Certifications.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 3366622436
Address: 930 Amity Road
Asheboro, NC, 27203
United States

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies

A Natural Health and Herbal Studies School that offers the following Herbal Programs:

Certified Herbalist (CH) Certificate Program

Master Herbalist (MH) Diploma Program

Medicinal Herbalist (M.H.) Advanced Professional Diploma

Certified Aromatherapist Certificate (C.A.) Program

Certified Herbal Consultant Certificate (C.H.C) Program

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 2192306102
Address: 5 Washington St. Suite 300-73
Valparaiso, IN, 46383
United States

North Star Herbal Studies

Two year program for training in western herbalism. Program is an extensive teaching of all vital aspects of herbalism including: history, botany, field identification of plants, aromatherapy, healing theory, etiology, organ patterns, assessment, formulation, running a dispensary, material medica and much more. Course covers over 175 important western herbs. Class also covers basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other historical systems. Students often experience dynamic personal growth as they grow into embodying healers. Program emphasizes the vitalist approach. It also teaches to embrace tradition, understand modern research and synthesize everything into one's practice.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 402-933-6444
Address: 9935 Maple Street
Omaha, NE, 68134
United States

Ojai School of Herbal Studies

The Ojai School of Herbal Studies (OSHS) provides a 22-month comprehensive program in herbal medicine that includes an in-depth education on how to use herbs safely and effectively, an extensive materia medica, study of anatomy and physiology, clinical skills and ongoing time spent in the Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden—as well as the making of actual herbal remedies and products.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 805-646-0693
Address: 1070 McAndrew Rd.
Ojai,, CA, 93023
United States

Pacific Rim College Online

Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO) came into existence to provide you with high quality virtual education in the subjects of Holistic Health and Sustainable Living.

You may be familiar with our brick-and-mortar sister school Pacific Rim College, an award-winning institution that provides world-class education, modern research opportunities and premier clinical services in sustainable land stewardship and a variety of medical modalities.

PRCO takes the same professional approach to education; we recruit industry-leading practitioners to teach holistic medicine, mindfulness, and sustainable living. Our courses are unique in that they not only offer expert instruction but do so using high quality video production (many full of demos and live examples), so that the student can have a maximum learning benefit. Students have lifetime access to all learning materials, which includes course videos and downloadable, printable manuals.

Areas of study:

Western Herbal Medicine: Both beginner and practitioner level courses are offered for you to deepen your understanding in areas such as female hormonal health, autoimmunity and integrated approaches to treatment.

Holistic Nutrition: Explore how to treat conditions and achieve health through various perspectives including Chinese Dietary Therapy and Nourishing Traditional Diets, or take an in-depth look at Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance and Autoimmunity.

Natural Building: Extend your knowledge into sustainable living. Gain the skills to design and build a cob structure plus create and apply natural finishes through video workshops that guide you with step-by-step instructions.

Bodywork & Movement: Learn restorative physical and mental practices through courses offering Qi Gong exercises which provide benefits for both you and your patients.

Acupuncture/TCM: Courses covering Tui Na massage, Qi Gong exercises, Chinese Dietary Therapy and Ethics For Practitioners are valuable for anyone looking to expand their clinical skill set.

Doula & Birth Support: Our Pregnancy, Childbirth and Your New Baby online program launches early Dec 2019 and is a must for both the person having a baby and their birth support partner. Step-by-step guidance to help you navigate these precious times of life.

We are continually adding new course and program offerings, so do check back often!

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 7782206798
Address: 560 Johnson St #229
Victoria, BC, V8W 3C6

Purple Moon Herbs and Studies

Educating Veterinarians and Pet-Lovers on Western Herbal Medicine. We are veterinarians trained in Western Herbal Medicine and other holistic modalities training veterinarians and people in allied professions on-site on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and in Delaware.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 3022705095
Address: 1841 Bryants Corner Rd.
Hartly, DE, 19953
United States

Reidman College

Reidman College for Complementary & Integrative Medicine has been a leader in the field of training Complementary Medicine therapists in Israel for over 35 years.

Among our leading study programs are: Naturopathy, Natural Nutrition, Clinical Herbalist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The Clinical Herbalist program provides extensive professional training. It focuses on studies of traditional Western herbal medicine with an integrative holistic approach, along with knowledge of the latest scientific research of special treatment capabilities of herbs.

Our programs and courses are unique and offer expert frontal and practical instruction including the high quality of filming classes (demo and live examples); providing the students with maximum learning benefits.

This unique educational program also combines experiential learning with herbs such as: pharmaceutical workshops (the students learn how to make different preparations from the different parts of the plants) and guided study tours to wee the herbs growing in their natural environment, Practical learning through our extensive supervised student clinics

ensure graduating with lots of experience and self-confidence to successful career development.

We provide diplomas in:

Clinical Herbalist

Master Herbalist

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 00972-3-7453000
Address: 26 Haim Levanon st. Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv, TA, 6997536

Rosalie Botanicals

Rosalie Botanicals is a brick-and mortar herb shop located in Bayou St. John, New Orleans. Adjacent to the herb shop is an active clinic and classroom space where we host a wide array of classes on herbalism, holistic health, botany, and more. Our herbalism classes are hands-on and interactive, incorporating medicine making skills and experiential learning. All classes are all currently being held on Zoom, with supplies provided and shipped to students' homes.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 5044884425
Address: 3201 Toulouse St
New Orleans, LA, 70119
United States

S.O.W. Institute

Unique program that combines herbs and foods to give an in depth herbal training to those interested in pursuing a career in herbalism or looking to add herbal and food therapy to their repertoire.

Deepening your connection to Earth to better understand the plants.

We will dive deep into food preparation and differences in cultivation methods both past and present. The importance of soil and the ecosystem to our overall health and wellness. You will learn basic cooking and preparation along with how to avoid AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products).

You will learn basic medical terminology and communicating with the allopathic/conventional medical practitioner. Basic Human Science to include Anatomy & Physiology and Holistic Nutrition.

Dive deeper into plant identification, ethical harvesting vs. cultivation, and develop a materia medica.

Past and Present Herbal Philosophy will be taught in Eastern, Western, Ayurvedic, and Folk. We will explore the similarities and overlaps between each philosophy and begin the discussion of energetics to heighten your plant knowledge

As your Journey continues you will learn therapeutic protocols using herbs and foods. Develop an understanding of Plant energetics and pathways with medicinal herbs and foods. Develop Food protocols and infuse medicinal herbs into your culinary creations. Develop Herbal protocols and advance medicine making skills.

Dive deeper into protocols, pathology, and biochemistry. Your relationship with plants will deepen as we discuss the science behind the evolution of plants and Earth. Our relationship with land will be explored in depth.

As we continue to build the materia medica you will also develop techniques to use with clients to build successful protocols including, but not limited to, lab review, and effective communication with the conventional practitioner.

This course also includes fermentation, traditional foods, food energetics, gardening, importance of soil, business development and marketing.

Customization of courses available. Start anytime.

Abundant Blessings and Walk in Peace.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 4048951302
Address: 11940 Alpharetta Hwy #102
Alpharetta, GA, 30009
United States

Sacred Journey School of Herbalism

An herbalist is someone who lives at the edge between the world of people and the world of the plants. We are stewards of the medicinal plants, of the natural world, and of the Earth herself. Herbalists connect people with plants so that they may partner with them on a healing journey. Herbalists also train others who wish to learn this sacred craft. It is our sacred joy and honor to do the work we do. The path of the herbalist is, ultimately, a sacred journey.

Sacred Journey School of Herbalism reflects Ginger Webb’s deep love for the plants and for humanity; her study with the late great herbalist Michael Moore; her years of experience making plant-based medicines; her explorations of east Indian philosophies including Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga, and the chakra system; her geeky passion for botany, wild plants, and plant families; her reverence for the wisdom of the ancients; and her belief that we all have access to the healing wisdom of the plant world simply by virtue of the fact that we are alive and share consciousness with all life.

In addition to the programs and classes taught by Ginger Webb, we offer classes throughout the year taught by guest teachers. To stay in the loop about new upcoming classes, please subscribe to our email newsletter at gingerwebb.com. We now offer several live virtual learning options as well.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 512-766-3574
Address: 1200 Skyline Dr
Wimberley, TX, 78676
United States

Sacred Plant Traditions

Sacred Plant Traditions is an educational center offering classes for all levels of students - from the absolute beginner to the accomplished practitioner looking to deepen their understanding and relationships with plant medicines. Our classes range from how to create a home apothecary all the way to our celebrated Three Year Clinical Training.

Our mission is threefold:

To honor and protect the plants and sacred gifts bestowed to us for our health, nourishment, delight and spirit. Our teachings in harvest methods as well as use of herbs in the clinic reflect this. We also have a gorgeous backyard Botanical Sanctuary that is part of our dedication to working with United Plant Savers.

Empower individuals to be as self sufficient as possible in tending their own healthcare, while strengthening the bonds of reciprocity to create resilient and regenerative communities.

Train compassionate, competent clinical herbalists with a broad array of skills needed to serve their communities.

We encourage and welcome all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious belief, cultural background, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification and expression, age or socioeconomic status.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 434 295 3820
Address: 208 Douglas Avenue
Charlottesville, VA, 22902
United States

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Are You Called to Become an Herbalist?

Our graduates are serving as herbal remedy producers, guides for plant exploration hikes, teachers of herbal agriculture, chefs, herbal consultants to private clients and more. You will learn to write herbal research literature, speak publicly about the benefits of herbs, create herbal products for retail, and provide one-on-one wellness coaching. We offer many program options, ranging from an introductory certificate in herbal remedies for those interested in personal exploration to an AOS Degree program where you can tailor your education to the vision of your future business. Our Western Herbalism classes are all offered on our main SWIHA campus in Tempe, Arizona.

How Our Herbalism Program Ensures Your Success!

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is an award-winning, nationally accredited college focused on supporting our conscious community as they become pioneers of modern, holistic wellness modalities. We offer lifetime entrepreneurial support to students and graduates and build business development courses in to our diploma and degree programs tailored uniquely to holistic entrepreneurship.

Our Western Herbalism program is one of the most comprehensive in the United States, focused on native flora and sustainable wild crafting practices. SWIHA is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, an association of herbal practitioners which uplifts clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice.


Certificate of Excellence:

Western Herbalism – Holistic Herbal Remedies 100 Hours

If you’re interested in personal development or simply curious about plant medicine, this certificate offers an introductory herbalism training and a well-rounded overview of the essentials of herbalism. You will be introduced to the awe-inspiring world of plants and, most importantly, learn an appreciation for this kingdom and a sense of stewardship for our earth companions. This program gives you entry into the path of the herbalist, providing an ability to proceed in an educated manner to learn, use, and work with plant medicines.


Western Herbalism - 745 Hours

If you want to participate in hands-on herbalism work, including field work in diverse Southwest ecosystems which will allow you to become familiar with local plant life and encourage sustainable wild crafting practices, our diploma program may be a fit for you. You will have practical, guided intermediate application and experience in seven arenas: herb cultivation, research writing, and teaching herbalism in the community, retail work, supervised clinic and botanical pharmacy. The herbalism core is further enhanced with science courses including Pathology, Homeopathy and Biosciences, making the connection between body and earth complete. Completing this program allows you to serve as a professional herbalist and create a productive, enriching, sustainable, successful work life!


Western Herbalism - 60 Credit Hours

Earning Associate Degree in Holistic Health Care Concentrations in Western Herbalism gives you the framework and experience to become a professional, successful, qualified Herbalist with a myriad of business opportunities for you to build. Encompassing all topics included in the diploma program, your knowledge of the practice of plant medicine will be enriched by electives such as the psychology of addiction, herbal remedies for babies & children, and a concentration of your choice: Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training, Whole Foods Culinary Specialist, Life Coaching or Hypnotherapy.

Financial Aid:

SWIHA is a nationally-accredited college approved by the United States Department of Education. Students enrolled in programs of 600 hours or more may qualify for Federal Student Aid in the form of Pell grants and student loans. Title IV Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Meet JoAnn Sanchez: Herbalist, Educator, Friend of Earth & Western Herbalism Program Director.

JoAnn Sanchez is trained in social work, forestry, natural resource development, botany and describes herself as a “primarily self-taught Herbalist” with experience spanning four decades.

“A natural attraction and affinity to plants began in childhood,” says JoAnn, program director of the Western Herbalism program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, “as it is with many Herbalists.”

Fate directed JoAnn to an herbal shoppe in the late-1970’s. There she met a third generation New England herbalist who modeled her craft through mentoring for many months. The next leg of her journey took her to the Arizona desert, where she learned from an Italian-American who knew the herbal ways from European family traditions.

She tells us: “I was influenced by many American herbalists such as Mark Blumenthal, Chris Hobbs, Cascade Anderson-Geller, Donald Yance, Roy Upton, Michael Tierra, Michael Moore, Daniel Gagnon, Paul Bergner and others.” In workshops and conventions during the first chapters of her career when she worked in the natural products industry as retailer, broker, and educator, she credits their work for having personal and direct influence on her understanding of herbal heritage.

Her first decade of introduction in the retail and clinical beginnings further encouraged her private study, where she found inspiration in the work of Dr. Bill Mitchell, Dr. John Christopher, Stephen Buhner, Judith Bergner, Matthew Wood, Sharol Tilgner, and Rosemary Gladstar. She has served as an educator, gardener, wildcrafter, apothecary host and clinician ever since.

“My work renders itself from Nature and Her environments,” explains Joann.

Through practical learning and diligent study, her long standing curiosity has led her to have experience in the field learning botany, observing the morphology and life cycles of plants, of which she remarks: “I have learned of Earth’s wondrous kin-dom.”

“This has been the motivation to proceed in my exploration and continue following the herbalist path as my vocation and calling,” JoAnn emphasizes, “It is an ardent admiration of trees, flowers, grasses, meadow, forest, and seashore; the earthly gardens that provides the substance that lends me to attune, harvest, research, process, produce, dispense, and administer the remedies of Nature’s offerings.”

“This is my work, this is my life: to journey close and near to these Green Folk all my days. The gift of being an Herbal educator is the outcome of my affinity and earnest attempt to be a mindful caretaker of the Earth places where the medicine plants are.”

Jen Awdry, SWIHA graduate and Joann’s former student, had this to say about her experience: “I have so much thanks for JoAnn it makes my heart swell and my eyes water. Her teachings gifted me a deep respect and better understanding of the plant world, which is life-changing and invaluable.”

Emerald Martin, who now works alongside JoAnn, offers this touching sentiment: “JoAnn Sanchez is a remarkable person. Not only is she a very influential teacher, she is one of the most compassionate and intelligent women I've ever met. I admire her most for her ability to trust her intuition on a whim and calmly pursue the tasks at hand, though they may be monumental. She is very strong in mind, body, and soul; I am so grateful to have met and been taught by her. The Herbalism program would not be the same without her intuitive insight and practical skills as Director.”

If you’re interested in learning from Joann and following the path of the Herbalist, click here for upcoming start dates of the Western Herbalism program and read some more SWIHA blogs on the topic!

What will I be learning as a Western Herbalism student?

30-hours of introductory courses create your foundation in herbal studies, familiarize you with the working language of the herbalist, and support discussion of contemporary issues in the field. You will begin cultivating plants, making medicine and identifying local plants.

You will also receive education in Chinese herbals, Ayurveda, plants native to America, endangered plants, earth stewardship, plant chemistry, botanical plant families, herb gardening, studies of medicinal plants and the applications of these for all human body systems. A thorough series of herbal pharmacy and medicine-making lessons are included midway in the course.

Your field study will emphasize desert botanicals identification, native uses, plant spirit medicine, flower study, and ethical harvesting.

What will my profitable opportunities be as an Herbalist?

Our Herbalism graduates do a myriad of things – community education, working alongside naturopathic doctors, publishing literature about Herbalism, opening brick-and-mortar retail spaces, one-on-one wellness coaching, and more.

Within your program, you will learn to write research papers, participate in an externship, and learn to formulate herbal products, giving you the opportunity to experience all aspects of being an Herbalist and to decide which unique path will bring you the most joy.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 480-994-9244
Address: 1538 E. Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ, 85282
United States

Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine

Terra Sylva’s Community Herbalism Program provides training in Western herbal medicine from a holistic and Vitalist perspective. The course begins with a firm footing in the foundational elements of Western herbalism: the flavors of herbs, influences and actions of plants on the body—what we can notice directly with our senses. We employ a traditional Vitalist approach to healing. Vitalism respects the intrinsic wisdom of the human body and seeks to recognize and support the healing force that exists within us all, using herbs, food, and lifestyle changes as fundamental therapies. These time-honored skills and methods are deepened by in-depth lessons in modern botany, plant chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, and the study of disease.

At the same time, our program emphasizes immersion in nature and experiential learning. Whether outdoors on plant walks or in the classroom, we are always with the plants, studying them botanically and experiencing them sensually, learning their temperaments and their actions on our bodies. We’ll read the signs that are found on a person’s tongue, and practice clinical skills on actual patients. Throughout the year we will share the craft of medicine making in hands-on classes. We’ll cover many techniques for making plant medicine, from the intuitive art of the elixir to quick and effective tincture percolations.

We are surrounded by the famously diverse ecosystems of the Southern Appalachian mountains. The majority of herbs commonly used in the western herbal pharmacopoeia grow wild in these mountains, and many more are found growing in our gardens. These virtues make this location an unparalleled place to learn botany and plant medicine: the botany skills and plant connections that you learn here can be applied wherever you call home.

Environmentally-conscious herbalism is imperative in any setting. We teach ethical wildcrafting and emphasize the use of weedy and garden-grown plants. In this era of ecological catastrophe, we highlight the responsibility of herbalists to have conscientious relationships with their medicine.

Far beyond merely indulging a person’s curiosity about using plants as medicine, our six-month intensive training program is designed to impart the skills and knowledge that a graduate would need to begin serving their community as a holistic health educator and a provider of plant-based holistic health care. Community herbalism is a powerful, indeed crucial element in the creation of a grassroots alternative to the unsustainable, ill-informed, and unjust conventional health care system. Our school exists for those who want to be a part of that grassroots alternative.

Attending to community wellness implies recognizing the impact of structural oppression on the health of individuals and communities. The effects of racism, misogyny, poverty, transphobia and homophobia are important aspects of health and dis-ease. The Terra Sylva School makes clear the links between societal and individual ills. We incorporate anti-oppressive practice and education into our school’s curriculum. We acknowledge the enormous debt that North American herbalism owes to Native people without fetishizing or appropriating Native culture. We adhere to feminist values but avoid gender essentialism, and use trans-inclusive language. We believe firmly in teacher accountability. We value the experience of our students, are receptive to feedback, and will do our best to share knowledge effectively and maintain a safe space for all in the classroom.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 8287796069
Address: 115 Blannahassett Island #209
Marshall, NC, 28753
United States

The Community Medicine Cabinet

The Community Medicine Cabinet was founded in 2014 and its shelves hold both a clinic and classroom. Our work connects people to each other and nature. By supporting humans and other animals to cultivate relationships with plants and ourselves, we make room for the collective to embrace interdependence and practice reciprocity.

The educational program at the Cabinet prioritizes accessibility, empowerment, and direct experience with the plants- our best teachers. We practice and teach herbal medicine for humans and animal companions alike. Our students are challenged to trust themselves and their intuition while being supported to build practical knowledge and experience with the plants and the body in scientific, magical, and creative ways.

We are located in Santa Rosa, CA just north of the Bay Area in Sonoma County-- the unceded lands of the Southern Pomo, Wappo and Coast Miwok peoples.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 4158701332
Address: 1758 Riebli Rd
Santa Rosa, CA, 95404
United States

The Herbalists Path

At The Herbalist's Path we dream of a day where there's an herbalist in every home... Again!!

We focus on Western herbalism, and cultivating a relationship the plants around you.

Our mission is to help people learn to use plants as medicine in a safe and effective way. We want you to feel confident and empowered with a tool belt full of fantastic herbal knowledge and resources.

Currently, we're working to get more online courses available, starting with each body system, and helping people create a greater connection to the plants, and their bodies.

We aim to take the overwhelm out of becoming the herbalist in your home, and your community!

The Herbalist's Path is run by Melissa Mutterspaugh, founder of Mountain Mel's Essential Goods & The Green Canyon Apothecary, Environmental Educator, and clinical Herbalist. You can learn more about us, by tuning into our Podcast, The Herbalist's Path, or catching our live classes on YouTube.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 5033416048
Address: 68272 east highway 26
Welches, OR, 97067
United States

The Hermit’s Grove Master Herbalist Program

Beyerl’s work as herbal author and educator.

Conceived in the 1980s in Minneapolis under a different name, over the years it evolved into our Master Herbalist Program with our 45,000 square foot private botanical garden, with more than a third of our 4,000 book research library directly relevant to the MHP.  The MHP is in-depth with no two students moving at the same pace. As a consequence, it is ideal for the correspondent student but does require self-motivation.

The MHP is a non-profit educational program. Beyerl and all volunteers donate 100% of our labor and time as our gift to the serious student who is committed to a quality herbal education.

There are 100 Units, a pay-as-you-go program, so that the student can afford books, herbs, equipment and time. The MHP covers herbal horticulture, and typical coursework. We also cover anatomy and physiology in ten courses; more than 100 infectious diseases and other conditions, history, ethics and more. To date more than 50% of those who complete the program are RNs.

Although challenging due to its depth, my goal is to bring the most education for the least student expense. The program itself, not counting books, herbs and equipment the student will need, is under $3,000 at $35.00 per unit with some reduced options available.

Information and application: $5.00 which includes the most current description of the program (in detail), an application form, the current edition of The Hermit’s Lantern and a complete catalog. If you live outside North America, please send $6.50 in U.S. funds.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: (506) 896-3339
Address: 16501 County 13
Houston, MN, 55943
United States

The School of Herbal Medicine

School Type: On-site learning
Address: Westbourne
Minehead, SOM, TA248TP
United Kingdom

The University of America

The university is an independent Baptist institution with its administrative headquarters in Willemstad, Curacao, Florida and California, United States. The university runs its programs through a hybrid of distance-learning and on campus for the science and arts programs requiring practicum.

The University of America is licensed to operate by the Ministry of Economic Development (License no: OFS 0649/2019) and gazetted in the official Curacao Commercial Register with no:150998 and is approved to award all academic degrees and titles by the Royal Charter granted to it by the Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Science, Culture & Sports, Curacao with Charter Zaaknr. 2018/45709.

Please contact for all Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine degrees. www.uoac. www.uoa.edu.cw. www.ua-edu.us

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 9512393084
Address: 41707 Winchester Road
Temecula, CA, 92590
United States

Thyme Herbal

Nestled in the hills of Western Massachusetts, Thyme Herbal is a sanctuary for healing and education. Herbalist, Brittany Wood Nickerson weaves her unique training in Western Herbalism, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, cooking, nutrition, and plant spirit healing into curriculums that are engaging, diverse, detailed, and empowering. Thyme Herbal offers an introductory online herbal apprenticeship program and workshops on topics related to herbal medicine, nutrition, and earth-based ritual and spirituality. Hands-on, skill-oriented learning, and personal empowerment are emphasized. Thyme Herbal offers an educational path for those interested in learning about herbal medicine for personal development and home use as well as for those working to support career goals in the healing arts. Brittany's Introductory Apprenticeship and most popular class, The Art of Home Herbalism is now offered online - blending video and audio lessons with at-home activities and reading assignments.

Brittany teaches History and Use of Herbs in the Kitchen at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is the author of Recipes from the Herbalists Kitchen, The Herbal Homestead Journal, Cooking for Winter Health Wellness, and Sacred & Mysterious, Healing Wisdom and Herbal Lore for Those Who Menstruate. She also authors a series of herbal posters made in collaboration with artist and illustrator Chelsea Granger. Learn more at ThymeHerbal.com.


An introduction to the practice of using medicinal herbs and whole foods to heal yourself and others. A unique opportunity to study herbal medicine remotely, in community with others!

This apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of Western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. You will meet the plants in their environment and learn the art of herbal medicine as it relates to your own health and the earth.

Topics Include: Medicine Making, Harvesting, Wildcrafting, Drying, Storing, Body System Therapeutics (For the Nervous, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune Systems and Skin), Nutrient-dense Foods and Food Preparation, Herbal First Aid, Seasonal Cooking and Self-care, Seasonal and Elemental Energetics.

The Class Includes: 8 Instructional Videos, Over 20 Recorded Audio Lessons, Handouts and Recipes, At-Home Activities, Reading Assignments from Assigned Texts, Class Message/Discussion Board, Monthly Discussion Groups, and a printed and illustrated course booklet.


Learn the art of creating ritual and ceremony for everyday self-care, intention setting, seasonal transitions, and major life thresholds.

The integration of simple rituals into everyday life, throughout the seasons of the year, and at major life thresholds create containers through which we can navigate our world and more deeply connect with ourselves, others, culture, and place. Ritual and ceremony have long been used to bridge gaps, transcend difference, gives thanks, heal, move through transition, and connect more deeply with our world. All spiritual systems use ritual as a way to cultivate connection with the unknown and help create context and meaning. In this course, we will explore the elements of ritual and aspects of earth-based spirituality to learn how to create simple and more involved rituals and ceremonies for ourselves, our families, and within our communities – giving us the tools to develop a deeper sense of connection within all aspects of our lives. We will also explore ritual as a contextual life tool for helping us to remember – remember our roots, our deepest, most authentic selves, intentions for our lives, our ancestral stories, and how to follow our hearts, even amidst challenge and chaos.

Topics Include: Basic elements of ritual for everyday self-care, intention setting, earth-honoring, seasonal transitions, and major life thresholds. The practice of creating various types of altars and sacred, safe space. The use of aromatic plants and herbal medicine to promote connection and access deep intuitive knowing. Skills and tools for practicing non-judgment and the art of deep listening. How to make and use plant, stone, and spirit essences. Everyday rituals for mealtimes, morning and bedtime, setting boundaries and intentions. Ritual and ceremony for seasonal transitions; equinoxes, solstices, and cross-quarters. Ritual and ceremony for major life thresholds; birth, death, menarche, menopause, moving, relationship transitions, marriage, separation, and other major life transitions.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Address: 264 S Shirkshire Rd.
Conway, MA, 01341
United States

Trinity School of Natural Health

Trinity School of Natural Health offers the most comprehensive online natural health education in the country. Drawing on decades of experience, we provide the knowledge to help you transform your life and improve the world, one client at a time. We offer 14 distinct holistic health programs, including the Certified Master Herbalist, which are delivered through an interactive online classroom. Your learning process is guided by instructors with practical expertise who can help you turn your passion for natural health into a rewarding career.

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 800-428-0408
Address: 220 Parker Street
Warsaw, IN, 46580
United States

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

VCIH offers intensive learning opportunities for students at every stage of herbal education. Our programs are rooted in a commitment to ecological and social justice and repair and emphasize a culture of relationship and responsibility as foundational to collective and individual health. There are four years of training available, serving students just beginning their herbal journey, as well as those with considerable experience. We offer an 8-month Herbal Roots Apprenticeship (210 hours), a 1-year Family Herbalist program (308 hours) and a 3-year Clinical Herbalist program (1356 hours).

*In 2021, we expect to offer some (possibly all) of our programs in hybrid formats, allowing folks to attend without relocating for the first time. We are developing these changes in response to COVID-19 and plans are evolving as of May 2020. Updates will be made to our website as they become available.*

Herbal Roots: This program emphasizes hands-on, embodied learning and is ideal for those who are new to herbs, but keen to make them part of their daily lives. This course provides a thorough introduction to using herbs for self-care, splitting students’ time between garden, lab and classroom. Additional topics include an introduction to our relational and justice-focused orientation to herbalism, the history of herbal medicine, fundamental energetic concepts, and basic physiology of body systems.

Family Herbalist/ Clinical Year 1: This year is a combination of hands-on skill development, and didactic time in the classroom, providing more complex medicine-making skills, introductory coverage of phytochemistry and pharmacology, student-led skill sharing, holistic physiology, in-depth coverage of materia medica, and therapeutic approaches to common system dysfunctions.

Clinical Year 2 — This year focuses on understanding more complex system dysfunctions (both energetically and physiologically), as well as the social and ecological determinants of health, intermediate coverage of phytochemistry and pharmacology, developing critical thinking and clinical strategies, and grounding in the logistical and relational skills of a practitioner.

Clinical Year 3 — This year brings the learning from the first two years to the clinical relationship. In addition to continued study of complex health conditions and materia medica, students see clients under supervision in the community clinics, while also developing a business plan for their future work as herbalists, and practice sharing their knowledge through community teaching.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 802-224-7100
Address: 123 Pitkin Rd
Plainfield, VT, 05667
United States

Well of Indigenous Wisdom School

Well of Indigenous Wisdom School works with students to discover themselves as healer, learn Materia Medica of widely used herbs worldwide, tropical and Caribbean plants (locals), and master clinical skills to lift up communities. The concepts of the school are based on indigenous wisdom. Indigenous wisdom is a universal indigenous language that speaks through the elements and nature. We focus on using this language to understand modern pathologies and phenomena to better merge plant medicine to people.

Olatokunboh Obasi MSc, RH (AHG), CNS is a wellness professional in herbal medicine, nutrition and indigenous ways of practice. She is an educator/founder of Well of Indigenous Wisdom school for herbal medicine and African cosmology. Puerto Rico Coordinator for Herbalists without Borders International & Owner of Omaroti a wellness shop for wellbeing. Birth doula, yoga and dance instructor, author, presenter and healer, her devotion is to serve humanity and care-take the earth.

Instagram & Facebook: Omaroti: Well of Indigenous Wisdom www.wellofindigenouswisdom.com

Herbalists without Borders International: http://herbalistswithoutborders.weebly.com/puertorico.html

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 787-988-3922
Address: 120 Este Calle Ramon Antonini
Mayagüez, PR, 00680
United States

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing began as a brick & mortar herbal college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Terry Willard, Ph.D. in 1975.

Today all Wild Rose College Diploma programs (from Practical Herbalist to Master Herbalist), are available on-line, from anywhere in the world, with in-person apprenticeship placements available to Clinical Herbal Apprenticeship students.

The emphasis of Wild Rose College is on wholism – the integration of the body, mind and spirit, and each course reflects this approach within an up-to-date, interactive, on-line platform. Each lesson is broken down into user-friendly & digestible PDFs, videos and quizzes and can be accessed from any electronic device.

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing is proud to offer some of the most support for personalized education in the industry, including monthly live webinars and bi-monthly herbal intensives in our Wild Rose Village, with school administrators available 5 days a week for course support.

Programs and access to On-line Community here: www.wildrosecollege.com

School Type: Distance learning
Phone: 8889537673
Address: Box 789
Cumberland, BC, V0R1S0

Wild Women Herb School

The Wild Women Herb School aims to strengthen your hands-on plant knowledge through wildcrafting apprenticeships and workshops. With a strong focus on seasonal magic and ancestral plant wisdom, each class is deeply-rooted in plant magic, medicine making and traditional practices in folklore and mythology.

We offer both in-depth apprenticeships as well as monthly workshops in Puyallup, WA and aim to provide hands-on herbal education and training for ethically harvesting and incorporating our native and invasive plant species.

We also offer local plant walks and private sessions as well as a Patreon option for distance learning where you can find dozens of detailed plant monographs, foraging videos and all the basics you need to know to get you started with ethical wildcrafting. https://www.patreon.com/wildwomenherbs

We hope you can come join us either in-person or online and wish you the greenest blessings on your plant path.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: 12532561515
Address: 17404 Meridian E
Puyallup, WA, 98375
United States

Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

Sowing the seeds of the herbal revolution one wildflower at a time since 2003. We have a goal of putting a herbalist into every home. You can start or continue on your path of herbal learning with us, and we thrive on making sure you receive training that is tailored to your unique goals. Explore all aspects of North American Herbal Medicine from the personal, family, community and even clinical levels. Programs range from 95-625 hours of training in everything from outdoor plant walks, growing herbs, wild harvesting, preparation making, materia medica, body reading, clinical practice garden apothecary internships.

Core Values: Learning about and using Bioregional medicinal plants, Weedcrafting and Wildcrafting for the future, deepening our connection to Plant Spirits, making Herbalists and Herbal Medicine accessible to all parts of our communities, honoring oral traditions, and teaching our families and community responsible and safe use of herbal medicine.

We started educating in person, in and around Austin Texas. We are now growing into new parts of the country like Portland, but Texas remains our hometown. Founded by Practicing Herbalist, Nicole Telkes, RH(AHG), the school is not just as a journey into your green world, but a journey into yourself. We provide intimate views of our own bodies, our connections to plants and other people, and working to be as self sufficient as possible in a world that changes quickly and has an uncertain future at times. We strive to provide students with a comfortable and nurturing learning environment, where students grow into lifelong herbalists, while also growing together as a strong and supportive herbal community. The founder wrote the book the Medicinal Plants of Texas in 2013 and it serves as a textbook for our intermediate outdoor studies. The school also sponsors and organizes Moonflower Herb Fest to celebrate herbalism in our community and bring folks together.

The goals of the programs are to:

~Provide a solid basis for learning how to study and practice as an herbalist

~Understand holistic approaches to using herbs in the human body based not only on pharmacology but vital response and humoral energetics (hot, cold, moist, dry)

~Identify local medicinal plants in the garden and field and any ecological concerns surrounding the plants

~Create unique and interesting preparations with medicinal plants (and other natural substances)

introduce the idea of working with clients and the human body in both a home and professional setting

~Learn to live with the seasons as a weedcrafter and gardener

~Learn how to access resources in your herbal community and add them into your practice as an herbalist

2020 marks a pivotal year for us, as we launch our new and improved online and hybrid learning environements. You can check out our teaching style by taking the free online course that introduces you to herbalism on our new platform learn.wildflowerherbschool.com

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 512-943-2511
Address: PO BOX 160
Del Valle, TX, 78617
United States

Wildwood Institute, LLC

At Wildwood Institute, we have been bringing the plants to the people

and the people to the Earth since 1996.@ Come study with us in our beautiful rural Wisconsin

woodland, garden, and prairie! We teach from the Four

Directions of Information: Herbal Traditions, Science, Personal Experience, and Intuition; with

Nature at the center.

Wildwood Institute offers the only comprehensive, collegiate level Clinical Herbalist program

in the Upper Midwest. Located outside of Madison, WI, we offer 1, 2, 3, and 4-year Herbal

Apprenticeships. Classes meet one weekend per month. Some students take just the first year,

learning how to use herbal medicine for themselves and their loved ones. Others continue for a

deeper education, and exceptional students complete the entire program for a clinical

certification. Kathleen Raven Wildwood has been studying and practicing in the Western,

Scientific, and Shamanic herbal traditions for over 20 years.

School Type: On-site learning
Phone: (608) 841-1337
Address: 3311 Mound View Road
Verona, WI, 53593
United States

Wintergreen Botanicals Education Center

Wintergreen Botanicals Education Center

Wintergreen Botanicals offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced herbalist study programs in the Allenstown, NH classroom and online. The primary instructor is clinical herbalist Maria Noel Groves, RH (AHG), author of Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care. Maria combines Western herbalism with holistic anatomy, physiology, and pathology, whole foods nutrition, and lifestyle approaches. Wintergreen Botanicals' down-to-earth approach combines the latest botanical research and evidence-based medicine with traditional and experiential knowledge of the plants. We primarily cover herbs that can be grown or wildcrafted in a temperate/northern climate and/or are commonly available in commerce. A strong foundation in hands-on remedy making is included in all program options. The introductory/intermediate Home Herbalist Series and Beyond the Home Herbalist Series are available on-site and online. The advanced Herbalist Intensive Training Program is only available on-site at this time. Students receive certificates upon completion of each program.

School Type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 603-340-5161