Fortnite Season 4 has begun and players will be pitted against the colossus Marvel villain, Galactus. Some people are asking what is the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass price, and here you’ll discover how much it costs, as well as learn all the skins included and their respective tiers. And yes, She-Hulk and Mystique are part of the package.

Thanks to Epic Games and their ensuing conflict with Apple, Fortnite has now been split into two games thanks to iOS users being locked out of the newest Chapter 2 iteration. This is especially disappointing for those who absolutely adore Marvel which is basically almost everyone.

While iOS gamers are unfortunately left in the dark, players on console and PC will discover the Season 4 Battle Pass price and all the confirmed skins and tiers down below. And She-Hulk and Mystique are two fantastic unlockables.

What is the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass price?

The Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass price is 960 V-bucks.

1,000 V-bucks cost £6.49, so this is the lowest price you must pay to get the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass.

Epic Games have released a trailer which showcases everything that will be on offer. Some people have responded to Epic Games and Marvel’s collaboration with scepticism, but Epic Games have attempted to appease these fans by assuring them that the battle royale game has not just become a big advertisement for other brands.

While it’s easy to understand why certain fans now see Fortnite as just an advertisement for everything, the collaboration with Marvel remains exciting for most players.

All Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass skins and tiers

Below you’ll find all the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass skins and their respective tiers and built-in emotes down below:

  • Thor – tier 1
  • God of Thunder bult-in emote – tier 15
  • Jennifer Walters – tier 22
  • She-Hulk built-in emote – tier 29
  • Groot – tier 38
  • Groot with Rocket Racoon built-in emote – tier 46
  • Storm – tier 53
  • Storm Gale Force built-in emote – tier 60
  • Doctor Doom – tier 67
  • Victory Von Doom built-in emote – tier 74
  • Mystique – tier 80
  • Mystique Shapeshifter built-in emote – tier 86
  • Tony Stark – tier 93
  • Iron Man built-in emote – tier 100

These are all the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass skins with their tiers.

As for what built-in emotes are, they change some characters into their respective superhero. So, while you unlock Jennifer Walters at lvl 22, you can only transform her into the mighty She-Hulk after reaching and finishing tier 29.

Groot will only be accompanied by Rocket after 46, and Tony Stark can only become Iron Man if you reach tier 100.

The ability to get the Wolverine skin will unlock in 35 days.

There are plenty of other emotes, weapons, back blings, and unlockables available to catch. You can check out a complete overhaul of all the tiers over on I Talk Fortnite‘s YouTube channel.