NYC Dem: Make crime victims help attackers, pay victims not to prosecute

NYC Democrat wants to make crime victims help their attackers and pay domestic violence victims not to prosecute


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Democratic Socialist City Council candidate Tiffany Cabán has a “woke” plan to replace prisons with programs where victims of violent crime help their offenders and domestic violence victims are paid not to prosecute.

In what Cabán calls “a new vision of public safety for New York City,” Cabán has put forward a 48-page manifesto calling for “restorative justice,” placing the burden for crime on the victims.

The manifesto reads:

“Communities will be empowered to develop individualized strategies to help heal wounds of violence rather than being forced to rely on policing and prisons as the only recourse.”

Cabán’s plan calls for the creation of “Violence Mediation Centers and Community-based Alternatives to Incarceration,” claiming that police are used as a “blunt instrument” to “perpetrate violence against the people involved” in crime.

Cabán believes she has a better way to address violent crime by bringing victims and criminals together to “center their needs.” The City Council candidate and former public defender gave an example of how the system would work:

“A person is beat up, suffers a broken rib, and is robbed of his wallet. First, his needs are heard and affirmed, and he works with trained staff to develop a services and healing plan.

“Then, when he is ready, he participates in restorative justice circles with the person who harmed him and their respective support systems. He asks questions and gets answers, and they develop an accountability and consequences plan.”

Replacing the police and prisons with “restorative justice circles” is not the only thing Cabán is calling for in her plan, which has been supported by The New York Working Families Party.

She wants a fund to be established to pay domestic violence victims who do not press charges. An example is given in the manifesto:

“A mother who experiences abuse by the father of her children needs support but does not want him incarcerated.

“She could work with the appropriate support programs and apply for the New York Violence Response Fund and receive financial compensation.”

The manifesto concludes that police cannot help victims of crime and that her plan can:

“Police do not solve most crimes and do nearly nothing to help survivors and victims.”

“If someone is in a situation where they need to call 911 because they are afraid for their life, police are unlikely to be able to help.”

City Council members have blasted her plan, calling it “insane” and suggesting she is running to represent The Twilight Zone.

Councilman Robert Holden told the New York Post in an interview:

“Unless Ms. Cabán is running to represent the Twilight Zone, it sounds like she needs to participate in a restorative reality circle. Our city and state already help criminals enough as it is, without insane ideas like this.

“It’s not a plan for anything but total chaos and yet another denial of the absolutely essential role the police, courts and incarceration play in any society.”

Another council member, who did not want to be identified, suggested that prison may one day become safe havens for law-abiding citizens progressives like Cabán have their way:

“This is insane. Woke socialists need to wake up. If they get their way, New York City will have to build more prisons just to house and keep law-abiding citizens safe from criminals that ‘sleep wokers’ want to be free to roam our communities.”

John Jay professor and retired NYPD Detective Sergeant Joseph Giacalone has also spoken out against Cabán’s plan, saying Progressive, left-wing plans like hers will eventually “backfire”:

“Apparently, there are no more victims’ rights anywhere in New York City. If this keeps on going the way it’s going, eventually this is all going to backfire. You cannot keep on disrespecting victims and their families because you think it’s going to be a better society or this utopian society.”

He added that when he first read about the plan, he thought he was reading a parody new story:

“When I first read it, I actually thought it was The Onion. The level of craziness is off the charts.”

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NYC council candidate wants to completely defund NYPD: ‘Get to…where we are no longer funding police – period’

February 7, 2021


NEW YORK CITY- What could possibly go wrong with this scheme? A city council candidate in New York City is proposing to slash the $6 billion dollar NYPD budget by half—and that’s only the beginning.

She claims that her end goal is to build a system where police wouldn’t be needed at all, according to an article in the Jackson Heights Post.

Tiffany Caban, a 33-year-old former public defender and previous candidate for Queens District attorney announced the scheme this past week. And it’s a doozy. Caban wants to take funds from the NYPD and redirect it into social services.

This, a year after the crime rate in the Big Apple skyrocketed.

Caban unveiled a 48-page plan which she said provides a “roadmap” as to how funds would be reallocated to areas such as mental health, job creation, housing security and legal issues.

“My goal at the end of the day is to ultimately get to a place where we are no longer funding police—period,” she told the Queens Post.

“That is not going to happen tomorrow, that is not going to happen next year, but it’s important to have that goal in mind—understanding that there is no connection between police and public safety, and we have to stop pretending that there is.”

Her scheme looks to remove police from complaints involving so-called “low-level” crimes and 911 complaints, such as prostitution, minor narcotics offenses, traffic incidents, mental health crises and quality of life problems. She also wants police removed from schools.

In its place, Caban suggests a number of non-policing emergency and crisis response units.

Caban believes public safety to be a “public health issue,” and she suggests there are existing models used elsewhere she claims have been successful.

Caban claims that if people are provided with resources within their respective communities, everything will be sunshine and lollipops.

Her proposal suggests “neighborhood hubs” be crated, where people would be able to receive services such as family support, safe consumption areas [places to shoot up “safely” in other words], homeless mitigation programming, immigration legal services, school counseling, mental health crisis responders, etc.

“It lays out an ecosystem,” she says. “It shows all these solutions and programs in relationship to one another.”

Caban claims these solutions are nothing new and have been tried elsewhere, claiming they are the result of organizing by minorities. She says she has worked with so-called “experts” and community-based organizations and activists to hatch the scheme.

“Everything in this plan, it exists somewhere else,” she said. “So we’re talking about taking things that we know are supported by empirical evidence and scaling them to service our entire city.”

But what of the increase in violent crime and gun violence? Caban said her scheme addresses that.

She claims officers spend only a small amount of time dealing with violent crime, and resources should be more directed toward preventing crime.

“We know what works better,” she said. “For example for gun violence—violence interruption programs like Cure Violence and LIFE Camp here in the city reduce gun violence at rates that the police are not able to do.”

Cure Violence has been brought into several high-crime precincts in New York City, and Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $10 million expansion of the program last June. The program addresses violence as a public health problem.

Caban tied the increase in gun violence into the economic crisis brought forth by the pandemic, yet apparently dismisses the connection between the increase in violent crime and the bail reform act which went into effect January 2020.

“We see upticks in violence throughout history whenever there is an economic crisis,” Caban says. “That goes back to our argument of saying that we have to provide housing, healthcare, education and jobs because that is the best way to keep our communities safe.”

Caban’s youthful naivete is showing however in that she ignores statistics. As of last September, the city’s murder rate soared by 27 percent, with gang violence increasing by 50 percent, according to the Daily Mail.

Likewise, burglaries had increased by 20 percent and grand theft auto by 30 percent. In addition, juvenile arrests for major felonies were up 54 percent.



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