Hulu has just dropped the full trailer for False Positive, their upcoming pregnancy horror film starring Ilana Glazer. The trailer was heralded by a darling birth announcement from the streamer that included key art and declared the film a “bundle of joy.”

The film stars Glazer and Justin Theroux as Lucy and Adrian, a couple struggling to conceive. They seek out the seemingly perfect Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), who manages to get Lucy “100% pregnant” with a healthy baby girl. But as her pregnancy wears on, Lucy begins to suspect something sinister about their fertility doctor.

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Glazer wrote the script, along with director John Lee. The two had collaborated previously on Glazer’s Broad City, for which Lee directed several episodes. Glazer and Lee were also producers on the film, along with Swiss Army Man producer Jonathan Wang.

False Positive comes from A24, the studio behind modern horror classics like Midsommar and Hereditary, and the psychological elements of its premise certainly fit in with that impressive output. The trailer features plenty of unsettling imagery, but rides that line of “is this really happening, or is it a hallucination?” It’s a quintessential question in A24 horror films, making you wonder what is real, even as things clearly start going wrong.

It also seems perfectly cast. Theroux is good in absolutely everything, and while this more dramatic turn from Glazer may feel outside of her wheelhouse, she acquits herself beautifully in the trailer. The headline might just be how effectively Brosnan weaponizes his charms into something insidiously chilling. That megawatt smile is a lot creepier when he flashes it while lubing up a medical scope.

The supporting cast is equally stacked. Sophia Bush (Chicago P.D.) plays Lucy’s supportive but ultimately dismissive friend; Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire) plays a nurse in Dr. Hindle’s office; and Zainab Jah (Homeland) plays the “natural” midwife Ilana turns to for guidance. Each of these characters seems designed to pull Lucy in opposite directions, pitching the tension higher as she seeks answers.

False Positive arrives on Hulu June 25. Check out the trailer below:

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