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Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace, Honolulu: Hours, Address, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace Reviews: 4/5

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
6:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is bargain central for cheap souvenirs and Hawaiian shirts. Fresh coconuts keep you hydrated while you shop. Cash only.
Suggested duration
2-3 hours
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Very good

Surprise, AZ4 contributions
Sold fake jewelry
Jul 2011 • Solo
My saga from 7/27/2011 to get my $219.90 back from the merchant, Precious Stones LLC, selling at the Aloha Swap Meet & Marketplace, in Honolulu HI, still continues. I contacted the Better Business Bureau of HI, after receiving no help from the Aloha Swap Meet & Marketplace and the BBB quickly got involved. They had myself and the merchant, Linh Nguyen and her husband , negotiate an agreement. The BBB was acting as the middle man. She stated I had to remove all my posts of what had happened to me. She also wanted me to send a letter to the Aloha Swap Meet saying the issue had been resolved. She had originally asked me to write a letter of apology but I laughed at that, I will not apologies for being defrauded. She would then give the BBB a certified form of funds which the BBB would send to me. I sent the jewelry to the BBB which cost me another $10. I sent the three( 3) pieces and this is where it goes bad. This merchant now claims I bought four (4) pieces of jewelry, yet there is no itemized receipt, just a charge receipt with the total. She also claims the bracelet I sent is the wrong one which she says she never sold. The bracelet is the most fraudulent of all the three (3) pieces I bought. It's marked 928 but is actually stainless steel. The pendant is silver plated and the necklace is full of contaminates including lead and copper which leach out when worn. I'm not at all surprised that she is balking at the bracelet the most because it proves she is a thief and a liar. So she makes up some crazy dollar amounts and says she will only give the BBB $130 to refund to me which I declined.
The BBB was so great and sincerely apologized for not being able to resolve my issue with Precious Stones LLC, selling at the Aloha Swap Meet & Marketplace in Honolulu, HI. I can't say enough nice things about how hard they tried to help me, I appreciate their efforts. My complaint will remain open and on file so it can be viewed by other consumers at any time. Unfortunately when you're dealing with dishonest and immoral people, what makes common sense to us normal people, will not to them. So my next step is to involve the police and the court system. I have wasted so much time on this issue for such a small amount of money. My hope is that by stopping this unscrupulous merchant I can help other tourist and locals from being defrauded like I was. It's the principle, I was lied to, I was sold three (3) fake pieces of jewelry and I had an allergic reaction to two (2) of them. I would like my money back and I will now also be asking for my shipping charges and all court fee's to be paid in addition to the original $219.90. It's really mind boggling to me, why would I lie and send the wrong stuff back, would I really want to keep fake jewelry?
Written November 12, 2011
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San Diego, California47 contributions
Anything Your Touristy Heart Desires!
This has to be one of the largest flea markets I've ever seen. Located in the parking lot of Aloha Stadium, the booths are arranged in a circular maze around the stadium itself. You'll find every type of souvenir imaginable, both local and international. From batik sundresses to ukuleles, the endless boutique will take you at least two hours to explore.

Prices range from unbelievable to unexplainable, but the variety alone will rival any established mall or plaza. Refreshments are available throughout, as well as ATMs and restrooms. Most of the booths are shaded by trees, so light rain and intense sunshine won't be much hinderance.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and walked away with several local treasures at bargain prices. (My ukulele was only $25, including the case!) Although it can get crowded, the Aloha Stadium Flea Market is well worth a visit!
Written January 17, 2006
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Canada161 contributions
Know your prices
Went on a hot Wednesday afternoon in July. Drove directly there from our interisland flight from Kona on the Big Island! I'm so glad we went!
Know your prices going into the swap meet. Jumbo beach towels were 3 for $20 here and the best price I could get at the International Market Place was $8 each. You can barter with the merchants, especially at the end of the day.
Everything at the IMP was here too, only cheaper here.
Something for everyone - souveniers, food, drink, clothes, suitcases and jewelry.
Only on Wed., Sat. & Sundays - 6:30 am. until 3 pm. (bummer, eh?)
Would definitely return when we get back to O'ahu.
Written July 28, 2006
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Surprise, AZ4 contributions
Scammed while buying "silver" jewelry
Jul 2011 • Solo
Precious Stones sold me fake silver jewelry. The lady swore up and down it was solid silver, it's stamped as real, she will rub it on the silver cloth to prove it's real but it all just silver plated. I paid $219 for 3 pieces. I started feeling tingles in my neck so I took the necklace off to look at it closely and the nickel was bleeding through which I am very allergic to. The amber pendant I also bought was turning. I wiped the back of the pendant with my cleaning cloth and the silver just wiped off and now it's copper colored. I bought all my jewelry on 7/27/11 so it lasted 8 days. Total scammers. They are at spot 6D17 Sun, 4C01 Wed, and 9D01 Sat. This is what is on their business card. If you also got scammed by these merchants please speak up so other's don't do the same. The stuff really does look real but it's not!
Written August 5, 2011
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Rhode Island18 contributions
Aloha Stadium Swap Meet Bargains
I too have visited the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet on several visits to Hawaii, and always recommend it to friends who are planning trips to Oahu. It is a great place to pick up really good buys on Hawaiian clothes and Jewelry. I have also picked up local produce to enjoy , Macadamia nuts, and Hawaiian style suitcases to bring home with me to the main land. It is truly a place where locals shop, and can be easily accessed by car or public bus.
Written August 1, 2006
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Arlington Hts, IL9 contributions
This is where to buy souvenirs
Shop here first before spending your money on souvenirs elsewhere. You will find that items sell for a lot less than what you would have spent at your hotel for the same item. Example; a pillow cover was $16 at the market and $48 at my hotel. Embroidered T-shirts were 4 for $20, vs about $12 each elsewhere. You will find that the same items are for sale through different vendors at the market- and the prices will vary too - so shop an compare before purchasing. They say that you can haggle with the vendors, but from what I witnessed the vendors were not receptive to the idea. Bring sunscreen - I did not see much shade when I was there. Also bring cash, as many vendors do not accept credit cards. If you buy fruits and vegetables make sure you eat them before flying home!
Written June 30, 2006
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Hamilton, Canada85 contributions
Get all your shopping done here!
My only regret is that i didn't spend more money here. You can nail gifts for the whole family for $20. Many vendors offer t-shirts of varying quality anywhere from 3-8 for $20. Aloha shirts $10-20. Board shorts $10-20. Fresh fruit. Compared to the normal junk you find when vacation shopping, this was a refreshing experience. It is HUGE, the entire circumference of the sports arena. It takes 90-120 minutes for one revolution. This might be the only place you need to shop while in Hawaii. The down side? It's only open Wednesday and the weekend. Highly recommended.
Written January 31, 2006
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Edinburgh, UK2,332 contributions
Oct 2013 • Couples
And having visited markets around the world, some of which leave a lot to be desired like Ben Thanh in Saigon complete with aggressive stall holders a total nightmare to be honest. Here I was in the peaceful Aloha market Oahu and was I impressed? You bet, just be prepared to put up with an hours travel from Waikiki by bus which takes you past the Arizona memorial, or if coming by car then even better I suppose. Entry is a Dollar each and three for car parking a complete bargain, just watch the heat here as we found it hard going especially with a wife who loves shopping from stall to stall. Just make sure you've got comfortable footware too and a hat, walking around this vast market I've found through experience that it's best to have a good look first as it can be so annoying when you buy something and several stalls later see the same item even cheaper.
Having done this I found the best deals are on clothes, wooden ornaments, and jewellery I also managed to get some Pearl harbour T-shirts 7 for $20 and the quality wasn't bad either, just remember to haggle with the stall holders for a better discount it's amazing what you can save folks. To be honest this market sells just about everything you could cram into a suitcase and in my case I even picked up some flower plant cuttings to bring back home as well as numerous other souvenirs which were a lot cheaper than back in Waikiki which didn't surprise me. After a while though, you do notice that most of the stalls are selling the same stuff which some people have already noticed on here, as for food well, there isn't a great deal here except for the Stadium vendors and sweet stalls probably best to bring your own I think. I also found the traders here to be very friendly & helpful, and not in your face and frog marching you into their stalls like what you get in Africa or the Middle East which can be so infuriating at times, in fact it was a pleasure to stroll through here and browse at leisure. But do remember folks and check when match days are on as this market doesn't open which could result in you having a wasted journey, and find yourself sitting in a plastic seat watching an NFL game, with someone screaming in your ear while you're stuffing your face with an overpriced hotdog instead....Oh Joy..!
Written November 20, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Grand Forks, Canada31 contributions
Ripped off by merchant wrapping purchase
Dec 2011 • Couples
After reading all the great reviews on the swap meet we decided to chech it out. As they said, it's really big, lots of tourist junk, typical Oahu quality for visitors, made in china, Malaysia , Taiwan , etc... We did buy some cheap hats and trinkets but got ripped off by the really nice smiling vendor who was so helpful with his slight of hand switch. After purchasing a hanging shell craft for our vacation home as a momento, the vendor insisted he wrap our purchase for our journey home as he wanted to take care of the tourist customers specially as he put it, no trouble. We should have watched him as he switched our large shell craft that we paid for to one half the size and made sure to extend the newspaper wrapping on the ends to make it look like the one we boughtt in length . Once we got home and took off the wrapping we found the small one inside instead which ended up with us paying 4 times the cost of the price tag on the item as we'd purchased the large one. This was definitely a planned action by the merchant and impossible to mistake as the size difference between the one we gave him, paid for and he wanted to wrap, and the one he gave us can't be made by mistake, he had to have one under the table he wrapped on to switch out to us. Knowing we were leaving back to Canada through our friendly conversation he ripped us off also knowing we couldn't come back to do anything about it. Funny though , he even gave us a written receipt for the larger one for our customs claim !!! Buyer be very aware !!! These people don't give a diddly squat about you or I and will take you any chance they get, don't let the fake friendliness and fake smiles fool you. Go for the experience to see how low these people stoop to try trick you into buying their wares for ridiculous prices, especially the fake gold and jewelry at 80% off !!! There is one really honest and great vendor and she makes the real fruit smoothies about half way up from gate 6 for an honest price, best in Oahu .
Written December 29, 2011
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Palm Springs, CA1 contribution
Love the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
As former resident of Hawaii, I always shopped for gifts, etc., at the Aloha Stadium for years; even sold there myself. Now, whenever I come home to Hawaii, I do all of my gift shopping there for family, friends and hula class. It is definitely a part of the Aloha spirit of gathering and meeting the wonderful vendors.
Written August 1, 2006
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