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Im looking for a song that Dj Joe Hart played on one of his set 2/12 , the lyrics on the chorus go like this

Im talking to myself at night
Im losing track of time
I know theres a world outside

Why cant i just sleep at night
Theres voices in my mind
And all i hear all i hear is Danger Danger Danger, please help !


I have this song stuck in my head but dont know what it is. It is rock / alternative and u think a man it singing.
It goes something like: I look ( at your picture / or out your window) I can't remember. Now I...

Morgan F

I'm going crazy trying to figure this out. There's a song that I listened to once and just can't find again. It has several repetitions of "You make it so hard to be around, you make it so hard to be around" followed by something I can't remember, and then "The clock is ticking.." there's something else and then "We're breaking out" or "We're breaking free". It's a very upbeat, pop style song, recent 2020 or 2019. Male singer, kind of British sounding almost?


Muse -
 our time is running out

Taylor Swiss

does anyone know this song? it's like a love song and these are the few lyrics

I asked him every be mine
I'm always thinking of you
I look in the picture, I see you and me


I heard this on TikTok and im DYING to know. i dont really know the lyrics but one part might KIND of go like this: baby I guess Id travel a hundred miles... I think its a pretty sad song too. it was background music for a scene in friends (in the TikTok) but I dont think it was actually in the song.


Can someone help me, I've been searching for this song for years.

The lyrics I can remember are something like-
yo we gotta yo we gotta start to realize oh man dashing get okay

And it was a man singing it if that helps

Melissa canidate

Hello im looking for a song by a female japanese singer that is singed in both english and japanese. I think the song starts off with "i love you babe...i love you baby..listen to my heart. I love you baaaabbbbbe" then she sings in japanese. Can you please help me and thanks

Crystal Bray

Hey! i’m looking for this song , it kinda sounds like it could be a black artist from like 90s-early 2000s like usher or maybe mark morrison , i can only remember the lyrics being something like “yeah you let me in you let me out (or down)blah blah blah blah , blah blah blah) please help! i’m going insane


"This is my face fit I really love my favourite place"
I heard this song on reel can somebody help me to find out the song.........

Wee woo

All I know is it's by Avenue beat but idk the name of the song


I'm trying to find a song. The man who sings it sounds like Rag'n'Bone Man and goes like this:

"I could have walked away, I could have said no
I could have done a lot of things but I cannot let go
I should have known better, I should have known me
I should have been all the things I thought I couldn't be

Lord have mercy on my soul, give me strength to carry on, oh on
There's no way to run and hide, got this darkness deep inside, oh"
No Shazam nor other apps helped :(


Hi, I m looking for 90's song and it is copy of Hassan Jahangir hit album HAWA HAWA with same tune, the lyrics is something like feeling honey o honey, now let me tell today, tell me how far she live. Something like that, so plz help me where I can get this song and who is the singer or name of album


"... [play] our old favourite songs ... so I feel you're with me again."


I learnt that song 25 years ago, but it may be much older, from my english teacher and I've never been able to find it again. Here are the lyrics I remember, about someone who has lost her/his cat - not sure of the spelling of the cat's name : "Sapho, did you know that I never thought I'd Live (or be) without you. Not so long ago, you were lying on the carpet by the fire".


Hi, I'm looking for a song. I can't remember the lyrics, but I remember that it sounds a lot like Watch Out For This by Major Lazor.


Im looking for a song that gies.. "everything's about to come my way nothing can ruin my day no matter what anyone does or say"

Please heeeelp


Good Day by Nappy Roots?


I need help identifying a song, I can’t recall the lyrics but I do know how the album cover looks like, it has a bird in the center of the cover wearing cloth looking left. I could be wrong but I believe the song falls under indie.



Looking for a song. Some lyrics in the chorus are "far away from me but I (didn't get the word) never"
A woman sings this song.
This chorus is repeated a lot of times in this song.
Please help!


I really need to find the name of this song that’s been stuck in my head forever. It seems like a new song since it played form my clubs 2020 Pandora track at a party. It started off slow with heavy autotone and it got faster and slightly turned into a disco. It was a male voice that was a little on the higher side, and at the end it slower down and got auto-tuned again. Can some please help me?!


you are kinda making me think of replay but thats an old song. if it said "shawty's like a melody in my head that i cant keep out" then its definitly the song im thinking of

Oluebube Ray

I'm sorry please don't worry the song the Is all about love, please someone should help me out with it🙏🙏


I need some help I’ve got this song in my head but I don’t have the specific lyrics, but the words sound like “we’ve got that west coast magic, smile smile I’m high”. Also mentions something about being alone. It’s a fairly modern song so 2020-2021 song, I think the singer is female and English, the beat sounds like something from Jax Jones but it isn’t and it’s the type of music you would hear at a party of late night in the car. Hope you can help


i'm looking for a male singing:"keep me dancing like"
and then a soft female vocal singing:"bum ba ba dum bum bu" or"bum ba ba dum ba ba"
i heard it at smyths on dec,28,2020 when me,my dad and my stepsister got dragon snacks game
anyone help


I need help to look for this song that goes "flying like a bee black and yellow energy only me on my team naturally" I really need help, please


I See a Dreamer by CG5


thank you


p o g c h a m p :D


I need some helping finding a song I heard on Monday Night Raw August 1, 2016 “Think we’re gonna make it make it think we’re gonna make it make it” It was in the beginning in the recap

Alex Gaskarth

I'm looking for a pop punk song, possibly by All time low

It goes
"All that I know is that I could say no to you, funny how some things never change" in the chorus
These words may not be exactly right. Man do I hope someone knows this song


Looking for edm song from the summer of 2007 lyrics: I feel heat and dream of sunshine, a ray of hope to melt away my tears. Im praying for the sun again


Hey guys i am looking for a song i do not really know what year but it goes like Mama said when you find the one (i forgot the rest) they hide the gun for you.I heard my dad listening to it but can somebody HELP ME i am up tikk 3 still looking for it PLEASE HELP!!


Mama Said by Lukas Graham??


It is a pop song more like 'Oah' by Alexander.The lyrics goes like(I am not sure)"Maybe you're not out of my life.Tell me that baby I am so sorry"

Dorcas Michael

Please I'm looking for a song... I don't know who sang it but it goes like this '' take me anywhere, take me where I belong take me anywhere'' that's all I know about the song


Anywhere by Rita Ora?


I need help on this song

Should of known by the look in your eyes should of known because the look wasn't pretty


Hi I'm searching this song. It's a modern song. The beat is like this. "I was looking for this california . I was looking for this california . I was looking for love ah ah ah ahh. Looking for love ah ah ah ahh.

Penny Garlick

I'm looking for a 80s Big Country- esque song that possibly starts with bagpipes and has the lyrics "oh take me to that glorious place .." High Peak radio used to play it a lot in 2010 , but I have no idea who it's by .


It's a song I heard in zumba class, an upbeat one, at the and there is a woman saying 'now i feel better' and a man replies 'me too baby'. It is a woman singing for sure.

Clifford Lewis

I heard a song today I've never heard before. Male lead vocal, female backing vocals with horns. Had a chorus that went something like, "I'm not telling you how to do it, just to put some thought into it." I was driving and couldn't write any more down and I've searched the lyrics but I'm not remembering the line exactly right and am not getting any hits. Anyone have a clue?

jonathan dubief

hey guys im looking for a song where someone says "hey lil shorty find my rori" its a rap song but i forgot thr name

Dorcas Michael

I'm looking for a song but I don't know who sang it or the title the song goes like this ''take me anywhere, take me where I belong, take me anywhere'' I remember it's a girl's voice please someone should help me😖


I need it too😭😭😭


Trying to find a song currently on the All 4 advert in the UK, with sections of lyrics along the lines of the following:

"Everybody move your body like everybody's watching"
"Get out of your house, get out of your head, get into your body"
"time's ticking honey"

Google has revealed nothing.

Ray Nelson

Me too I've genuinely been searching for a bout 2 days if I find it I will let you know.

Original Poster

Cheers. If I manage to find it, I'll likewise update on here.

Ivo B

Looking desperately for a relatively recent pop song sung by a male vocalist about how he hates LA (stuff like the weather and people) and how the woman he's with likes it there. Can't remember any lyrics though and it's really eating at me. Any help?


hot chelle rae - i hate LA ? i hope that’s the right one. love


I know parts of the lyrics but can't find this song. I think the artist isn't a native English speaker from what I recall.

"there is a car that is waiting, and it is leaving town. I believe I h said it all and you have paid mind. We have been through the motion and lord knows that I have tried. Tears gonna fall..."


Searching for the last song in Jay Alvarrez - Summer 2015 video, Lyrics goes like: And we will never be sad again, save my liiiiiiiiife. Thanks :-)

Bob Bobson

There was a song I heard my sister play she was about 13-15 years old maybe this was in 2015 I think the lyrics were kind of like “I don’t really care what people say all that really matters is us at the end of the day” It was a girl who kind of sounded like daya but I don’t think it was


Ok so recently I looked through my Snapchat 1 year ago today and there was this clip of me listening to a song. It starts off a little lo-fi then has a very small drop and the lyrics from what I think I hear in the video are:
“Love me now and love me then, it doesn’t matter when”
And then it cuts off there. It’s a calm male voice, not deep but not high (kinda sounds like Calum Scott but a tad deeper). Any idea on what I could be?


Trying to find a song sung by a guy in a fairly high pitched voice. Lyrics as following:

"Girl I adore you, mmm, And I've never met another woman like you and I like you, yeah, Dont let anybody tell you something different cause you different, mmm, and there is no one that can tell me something new, it's true cause girl, it's all, it's all about you,just sippin' on a beer while I'm looking at you baby, sippin' on a beer while I'm looking at you girl x2".

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jairus Lariba

I wanna Find the song that our teacher sang in 1st grade and that was 6 years ago i wanna hear the song cuz it brings back lots of memories the chorus has "Sometime somehow somewhere we know that anywhere may faith will carry back our happy times" please find it for me


I am looking for a romantic song by female singer jasmine.i heard it for the first time in 1999.the lyrics are as follows:::first time time i saw you,i didn't even know your name.....that first touch,that first dance....can anyone please help me find it.its very important

IntelCore 2

Find me a rap song says:

Hood to hood gun for gun

Then something og johnson

What do you think?


Am. Looking for a song that goes with this lyrics
Matter, I fit die for your matter
See that figure eight, with the baddest shape
She dey make me not to concentrate

Ducky wack

I'm looking for a song I've heard on one of my friends WhatsApp status it goes like "My suicidal tendancies... Seemed to get the best of me.." I don't know if it was an original or cover but the version I heard was like a night core or something.


Hey guys , I'm looking for a song that goes like this " hold me as if you love me , oh love me ohhh ohhhhh , cuz I want you around me ohhh around me , tara bi ya toe " . the rest of the song doesn't feel like an english one . I know it's hard , but please I'll be so thankful if you helped me .


Hey I’m looking for song it like motivation song
And I just remember
Don’t let anybody getting you away do what you wanna do


Hi all
Looking for a song with the following line in the chorus: 'just because it's true doesn't make it right.........'
Any help with this ballad would be appreciated.


Hello all I'm look for a song that matches these lyrics I heard from a YouTube video from the 2000s that goes like this "I've met my place where I could fly life (this) is not so easy" These are the only lines I'm remember from the video. I remember hearing the song on a animated short about something to do with ghosts and revenge I remember going to the video after watching something n scary stores to tell in the dark.

Naje rhynes

“I told her bae I’m addicted to money , no I can’t love you I just wana cuddy, started with a eighth now I’m flipping them onions “
Rap song came out about 2017-2018 maybe I have a video I know the lyrics from the video I have just can’t find it nowhere


A song probably from the 2010's or 00's, but in the beginning there's a phone ring, a man and a woman are singing like in response to each other, it's not my native language and I was too young to comprehend any word so the only think I can make up is kind of the chorus :
"been so long [...] no they tried [...] just who you are (who you areeee) [...] I think how do you like that (and the girl : ah yes you are)"
anyways kind of messed up but I'm certain the song title lies in the words I can't make up that are repeated in the chorus that are : a nija? amnesia? and ... ya?


Looking for a song that goes kinda like this (It’s a woman singing.)
Baby baby cant you see i’m not alright…
and then some part of the song goes:
if i wanted you to have me (or help me) i’d run for you myself

anonymous 3

Hi, I need to find the song of back in the 90's, "baby yesterday, tell me why you left me in the rain x2"


I'm searching for a rock songfrom the early 00's. Can't remember the lyrics but the video was inside the human's body.

Oli Shenay

I swear it was a Doja Cat song, it went like "Cause' I'm one in a million won't find a girl like me", or something along those lines.


Naisu!! I listen to Doja Cat, and those lyrics remind me of "Streets".. Not fully sure, sorry if its the wrong song :o


Hi everyone, this song was pretty popular, so I hope someone will recognize it.

In the chorus there is a line which is repeated 2-3 times iirc. The lyrics are (not sure):
I walk away (<- loud, mb screaming) so I change on the other side (<- calm vocal).

The singer is male, the genre is rock iirc.

If you recognize the song please let me know. Thank you!


I'm looking for an edm song. The vocals are female and here are some phrases from the song I can remember: "everything all I do is a million reflections of you" & "every dream, every thought keeps me closer to the ones I love"

Thank you for ur help!


Hey Lizyy :) Robert Koch - million reflections of you .. release date: 19th of mar.


so many people search for this song, it will be a total hit. sadly you cant find something online right now.
(wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo :) )


Trying to find a song it’s in ex on the beach uk season 3 episode 6 when Kirk is crying with Jordan when he says he’s gonna leave.
The song is sung by a female and the lyrics are

“When your all alone, when your friends are gone Do you think about me

Then there’s something about “when I’m in ur arms” and “like a house of cards”

Blair Cann

I remember a song Kenny Everett played on his BBC radio programme. Amongst the lyrics were something along the lines of "..with just a push I could have made her mine, but circumstances never shined..." I cant guarantee these were the exact lyrics but it's as I remember the song, Can anyone help with the singer/song? This is going back some distance, possibly even the sixties but I have never forgotten listening to it.


I'm trying to find the lyrics/name of the song they play in the background of the Chinese trailer for Monster Hunter Movie, but it's hard to understand what
they sing


Link for the video:


i dont know what the exact words are but i think they are: (cause when you stop me everytime) its from tik tok


Please help me with a house classic that goes like this.. it reminded me of you and the things you do it reminded me of you and it got me hypnotised....

Landon D Tanner

I remember a type of folk song that was taught to us in grade school back about 1960. The lyrics were "Oh I went to Peters in the woods, where the waters so fine, and I saw there the cuckoo, ?????. Then the verse sounded something like "holi ach kakiya, holi ach cuckoo"

Susanne Valentin

An old Austrian


im looking for a sad song but i don’t remember the lyrics or either how it goes.. i know the singer has brown hair, it’s pretty modern (like 2015 or something), and the cover of the album is in black and white. i think the lyrics are like.. « if i say » or something. this is a very famous song. i’m literally so frustrated rn


Looks for a 90s rnb song male group singing about teenage pregnancy “I’ll go to school work 3 jobs anything to take care or you.” Saw on bet video soul


Hey I'm looking for the song ....
Its has a soft tune in it hey babygirl ...just let me know or i want you to know (sorry idk the lyrics well) ............ n the ending part is like i want you n you want me...... like this i think !!!!????


looking for a song it's definitely sung by a male and sounds like it could be a little older. its definitely not a slow song. the only lyrics I know is oh oh ___ like diamonds in her eyes


This has been driving me mad! I'm pretty sure that part of the chorus goes like "Last night, remember, you left me" I heard on Power FM Ballarat (I think) a few days back.


70's song male singer "too late, feels great" is all I remember


Everyone listen to "dear daughter" by halestorm, it's a beautiful song


hey, do you guys know this song? I heard it on tiktok it was "you light me up inside like the 4th of July" that's all I remember though.
its sang by a girl that's for sure

Hope Young

It's by Becky G and the song is called Shower.


Looking for a rock/metal song with funk elements. Extremely obscure, found it on youtube and then lost. These are the lyrics to the chorus "Stayyyyy upside down / Stayyyyy inside out / Stayyyy upside down / It's you I'm begging"


Promo adv on Investigation discovery (ID) channel, female singing, slow with electronical elements (it's in the background, so not sure)
Lyrics (i hear)
if i could change your world... Things are not as/what they/as (they) seeeeeeem

Omg, anyone?


Can anybody help me find the song, please? It's definitely pop. I remember some lines but not sure they're right.
"I swear to you
if you love me
I'll always find the way
i run to your broken glass
no matter what
I keep the..."
There's male voice in it

Janice De Ramos

I am searching for this song but couldn’t find it on google. I heard it at WAVE 89.1 either The Quiet Storm or Dreamsounds

“If I cross your mind, baby I’m still waiting for you honey I’m still in love with you... If I cross your mind”

Female singer. Please help me.


Looking for a song I heard on some techno set, Female singing.

Do/did you really think that I would never let you go
Do/did you really think that you are always on my mind
Do you really think...


That's cool I never new that I thought this was a good eye opener

Okoye Ebubechukwu

Hey, please I need the soundtrack of the 2020 nollywood series “Gifted”
The lyrics I can deduce from what I can hear
“raindrops never ending heartburn, loneliness is my only friend keeps dragging me down to the deep skyfalls my world goes trapped in the cage with nothing to fear.

Mary joel

Blues song , never seen a girl so beautiful like this tonight never seen a smile so bright cause I need a little romance


Hi...i'm looking for a song,the reff is:
Let me feel the....
I need my body....

That's all i could hear from the reff.
It sang by a female singer,and also after the reff it has some catchy beat.
Please help me...thank you


I like music. I'm always looking for new songs once I hear from public places or on the radio.


Can someone please help me find the rest of the lyrics for this song. The title is: Step Right Up (and say you love me). These are the words I have..."Step right up and say you love me, come right out with an I love you. Step right up and say you love me 'cause deep down in your heart you do." Thanks

bob sherman

the song with these lyrics is called DrIvErS LiCeNsE "i got my drivers LiCeNsE today just like we always talked about" 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


I am looking for a lullaby, my teacher's mother sung it to my teacher who is about 50 years old, it goes "I miss you (name) i really do, when I'm not with you I feel so blue", there are some words that my teacher forgot.

Ricardo vd

I am looking for a song from the channel love nature 4k. Shazam is not able to find it but it goes something like: take me anywhere, take me wherever the road goes, lead me to a place full of wonders.


i heard it in 2017 i think, my friend was singing it, i think he was saying "i get that feeling when you hurt me so bad."? Anyone know??

Nate T

I'm looking for a song where the vocalist sounds very similar to Rob Thomas, but isn't. The lyrics i can vaguely remember from the chorus goes something like "i couldn't change but yeah wouldn't you, -something something- the world goes round and round....." it probably isn't close to those lyrics, but it sounded something like that :b if you can help me that would be amazing


Hey guys, I'm looking for a song that goes:
"Call me what you like/want" something something something then there's a second voice that sings " so we can dance along tonight" something like that.

And if I remember correctly, it's like a Drake type kind of beat/music.

PS. I don't really remember the lyrics so I came up with the closest I can possibly enunciate with what I remember.

10 Year Old Child

I'm looking for a song that fits me its very calming.. The lyrics goes:

I wanna live, wanna live
Deep inside I've always been
Reaching out for a hand so dont let this be the end..

Thank you!


JubyPhonic - Miss Wanna Die

brittney gray

i’m trying to find a song that goes like “throw out them out ones, and go and buy some new ones” it’s a rap song.

Joselina Montes de Oca

I am looking for a song. It goes something like “I guess that’s how the story ends (goes?) (begins?), but I feel my heart break, before ___ ____ _____ “ I don’t remember the lyrics of that part of the song so I would be wrong. It is sung by a woman and if it helps the melody sounds like this “E E E G-A-G—- F E D- D E C5” on piano and the rest is all a blur to me. If you find it, please tell me!


I am looking for song with the lyrics like
"look at me now i find love. and i find love. look at me now I find love"

Laura Jo

Hey guys,

I am trying to find the song. It's probably around 80's or 90's and I just remember these lyrics "Oh oh why, I only know you that's in my life even if I tried couldn't get out: I just want to be with you and all the things you do", something like that. Help please! :)




looking for a song. male singer, soft rock containing these two lyrics
"he loved me like a father, well not my father" referring to a man named walter
"to be honest it was a short walk from that to here [unclear] on the [unclear] of seventeen"
i think it might be by slaughter beach, dog or a similar sounding band.


nevermind i found it it's ding dong scrambled eggs by cataldo

Jesse james Rungo

I cant remember this song name: if i could take all of your pain, and hide it all away. “You could say one things for sure, you know i hate it when you hurt, and youre worth every mile away.” Something like that and it was on acoustic guitar


Song with the lyrics:
"you are just one of a kind, my dear
Such a good" then i dont know the rest of the lyrics.
It's kind of a cute and playful but calm song, sung by a woman.

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