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Video Transcript
He's been as well back as any of them here feel almost set for the opening event will be the welcome back owners They're off bill by the inside jumped out pretty well, so also said that big boy is going to look at in the eye. Clapton out three deep, then Bellingham on the inside Blue and Gil through the Middle of a ratna attack. The Phantom banns the big Black Santana field. He's got five behind him. The emili Little Caleb, then followed by World Rapp on the inside there of a storm in a. And also allowing a magic so towards the turn bill by keeping it Big Boy's girl Clapton trying to make a lot of three up behind them. Riddle's going for a run on the inside, then Iraq the attack to the outside and for the he's going into the clear The Phantom up behind them pass a little build byer from Big Boy's girl I Rana attack and then followed by The Phantom try to push through. It's to the front runner of Big Boy's girl from a Rana. The Phantom is getting a light run through Big Boy's girl in front of phantom. I'm getting chased, but big boys go want it from all the phantom. I want a magic you put in the big ones like Mei Haan fourth and then followed by Erna and also world Rhapsody and build Bao, then blue line And Grill and Redd Ellis. There was a little Caleb and some storm in a battle, and so the seven takes that looks like a six were lost and get sickened the seven from six would same and the force is not that far as well, but big boy Girl and Zach P, 350 and $1 and full taking out race number one at Swan Hill. the winner by. 420 and four, I did the three and the nine. the three is married to the Mob Todt by jeffs of a Chriss and number nine who is six out of 650 and back in the $4 and 80 cents a good support for bike. Conan number one on the third round of bidding here, $5 and the four right here back to $6 married to the Mob the last of fourth place just the three runs for the first WD Golding and Point two behind the Snoops star and $7 each of the one on the six, the Oneal bill, which is looking for a right to rise double here five out of seven and number six lasting grace, who is 550 up to $7 drifting a point and a half Phil Roberts caller. He likes the a here at eight dollars. now the Adrian light on. Thanks, Moll number two and we're about 40 seconds of time here for the second event, and it's been a good bet to the Mars. The one they've come from primarily now for 20 jeffs are running for Chrisley still a little bit wide as they're starting to move in for two 900 meters the journey here. It's A- 420 for married to the Mob, not a nine Baker at 440750 for both lasting grace and And I told us the number one Congo Mitchell be running for Paula looking for an early double Mitchell Bell after riding the short price favorite to win a race one. And I'm married to the Mob comes up with A- two gems out back and Baker who's drawn right here is yet to come up went to the Gates with the clock of the course. It's been well behaved, so I bike here. Babb lit up in the $4 now for bikers at the light money for married to the movies back up to 440 starters heading out front the field of 13 to around 900 meters, and it's an appearance here at Skye Today they're away and married to the mall, began beautifully and lands on the lead of the Drives underneath it will take up the running and bike is going forward as well in the Neon Night in the four spot, Tanga gets a lovely run just off the in and then step by step led by lasting Christ's Trap Tejas Chablis underneath the electric in that pack and water is the highest power followed by he's up to third last from two James and saying to that moet the tile around the band and Bayer, one of the leads narrowly Assizes staying close to the top coming down the outside Congo plenty of room for it to come. And recruited starting to work on down the outside with the Neon Night, married to the mob 200 meters left to go. let down went to the lead. The Neon Night goes to second and Judge Judge Naui Ander. That's married to the mob in front of the night and Jae and married to the Mob wins over the Neon Night, Inge Twittered reforested and then either Baker or sapphires who closed off light that were followed by lasting Grace Electric, Daisy, to James Kitano, WB, was a regal eyes and company with the Haitian poet and fancy that move and to the tile. Velocity Just you know, then Doa, who's back in the back pass by Oriental Loli for the back in the so ceaser to what's last year was the Barbie who's to help the back coming towards the corners of the led by five lengths of Velocity to the next time gadget, but the styles going to be in one by seven lengths to defeat the next time, gadget velocity Todai oriental loli. They followed the Vice Savana suno cess. The final pair dots are and they made one home. Abbi so 234 and I think it's the seven back there a distant fourth place that night at about the top 323 and four we are applying 510 and 130530 and $2 and 90 years we concentrate now on Kilroy. we stop in a two year old didn't play over 1060 meters, imed with a fine a-b out there and Anthony Collins is a call in the first year with a Red Webb favorite number 1010 to four and 11 and 710411 and 74 Anthony and Red. To A- 2155 open at 230, he got into one night at one point, but now the 252 for two minor placings in Philly byer. you've got a 10 in our second favorite number 11 650 in the $4 and perfect number 9950. This is a biger here 950 in the files about perfect Angels so big move on the line Late afternoon yesterday, but the tracks in prestige condition as Perl here at Kilroy, Now later Ramona getting set their Dream candy to get ready. He's perfect danger. Maan bling aending to come up coffee coming in might of money to come forward as well. So I back to 210 Red Rabbitt 320 into a dollar back to $2 and 10 cents the inside guy. He's the favorite to win very good money. He is the. Which is in the 460, so we're running a thousand and 60 meters for race. one -A Tabb Cutts two Year-old maiden flight of seven races and made of money went forts. ayer will jump from the inside Rabbitt Tamm City Dayna Amon with Angels stand up Well now he's dreamed candy getting set last two coffee coming in Maling to come for to complete the lineup and we'll be holding in the stores and set and ready to Rice. And start our own Judy a today as Mister Russell Hanson. he's on the side of the Gates just waiting on the Shai bling to get ready. And coffee counting underneath Jason Tyler will come forward to complete the line. Redd Webb at five on the inside Guy Kenya You see a. Ready to go opening event for the Mooney of the stand by ready to run. Red Rabbitt Bann it out of the boxes from the inside guided late late tatting up on the outside and might of Manni Lane said. Dream came in Mastani Blinger about fourth and fifth Lunar Montes there in the set the next of coffee coming and further back in the field of city D-day Next-to-last perfect Angelle mover last of all about tens of the Speed team, Deanna the inside and Redd Webb are locked in battle this far from Hyman by the eight hundred they've raced clear but. Fours are made of money so Masi bring on the outside and then came Dream candy who's next to further back to coffee coming about Santana field as they Sprint well and truly with perfect lunar Monta in a real position in the city, Davids Backlash of all now, Redd Webb it with justa going for the doctor and it's the line now by then made of money. Masi bring around the outside and I buy Dream candy using inside runs that Red Rabbitt right-I will and truly here. Hundred meters, left to travel in advance of a.m. of money making ground, but Red Webb in front and Red has won the first time made of money and Monta followed then by coffee coming for Dream Candy next with perfect Angele Dean Well back with city Davids and Masi O -ring. He's not at that the winner here and right-I wet. It's too good, $2 and $21 and 38 and seven. so winner here on the back of two minors from two starts with F Byer out of a diva and gets to win By three so 220 and $135 made of money and amante $5 and 10. Number one that killed Corey Hills we head back there now for number seven. It's the second half of this 12 race car Eagle Jett from Box number four is 220 into a dollar 90 - five back to $2 now in the Katy, the two opened at eight has got into six after touching five and a half and you've got number six Western Bott who's A- four right up to 6050 cents Sunnyside drifting from six to eight. Giants in number seven, his numbers are 426 and seven exactly as we have them in market order, he jett coming off a last seventh place a good record here at the track with the free winds from five guys. free from 10 is the Korea right there and he's by Baer by a lot of Shani in the Codi, the second favorite, but a big firm or some engine from eight 50 to six and winds from 32 six of them here. The so it's an enormous class for him from a run in the Darby behind Monarch in flashing time right back to it on Monday, Fifth grade. It's the favorite ahead of coding. No like last time at Towell in box number two a $5 chance in the net to eight dollars, Westerner a living in shipping Sheila And Spas Save at $11.15 Atomic icon at some into Helen and also kimm Timms soho. Tough going and moving in very wet here today and the last line now back to you Jett around the Lake. And the last of them they're coming in so we jett coming up in the Darby back to a fifth grade or around the favorite and they look ready to go. The to run Green light ready to go away, and now there is a bit of a traffic jam. get one to start or crossover over Westerner wide that expenses, Tommy Me-I call Sheila, and that's what I buy. A-team Tamm well back to the Helen, so the rally Eagle Jess kicked the way it by two trailers to Winton Baer Eagle get over Italy at the class. He's got a ramm in Eagle. Get one by fours to Winton 30 to Cody and then slicing through by Tommy icon zipping Shearer into Halen Timm. Stam osteen and on the ground that's just splashing around 19 and 47 462 and seven here. Yes, Jett. The money was all about equal Jett here too, where 240 - nine to 165 in the end when he jumped on the fixed 180 and $2 on the type of Westerner 140 in the 3237 Hills in the Buggs, the track of the tent at this next five jumping from box number two Al Cooke currently at. To clear out ahead of the 10 $5. Even a.m. that runs through two back behind Rael Ellen the box even record seven starts just A- one win and the fight might plass Inna Elliott. I think we touched on it. the other day through the eight and the other day isn't that a The stars had a box, No wins the plass just hi to there, Donner Elli but he I thought it was a race between the inside two and two. We've got in the pick. six. We go through those numbers for you and one and two and 100 percent cooked chicken leg spit them out a bit. I thought that was the. 35761 and look there could be the link that could provide the I've got a few of the thirdly two and three quarter speed. Cory Mister Muppet is the anchor of the. To stand out of the day really was that I'm back today, but I think I look at the book right-I like five K 68 seven Deby Eternals should be well suited and Vick Vickers and they met last week, 68 and one Jackie one first up and then just narrowly beating the other day. Jackie Hees spa-like it out wide and from box a to today High Sparrow. It's been placed in two or three from out there in Chicago, it has been going to the run last year and it's one again this afternoon so those numbers. Pick 61 and 21357618, 22, and three only take our chances. They all speak. yeah, we're trying to get those two and six mister Muppet Aed than 68 768 one the last late $90 for 100 percent can tell you to good luck if you're still live in the only one dog, Cabot Air Cooke and the Cutty $5170. So if I cook doesn't win, it'll be a nice little carry for going through to 20, which is on the other which we start the next race over back to right one after this on the new Jett bayard of nine. So we're about to be called into the boxes. This is rice. This is the last time the first another five out of this one on Jebi Code nine, but if they come your favorite box too and I got the inside last couple of. Through to the control of that about the jump, this is 10 and up nicely and showing up on the track, Mitchell radar and they're going hit and hit at the moment They followed by out. It's a run through and then back behind the move and the outside no tactics around the corner and getting the run through belly bad from lastes shots through and get the becos of the line. Mitchum rado there's no tactics they followed by a next time they would have been got a pixie, but I dropped out and I. By a bumpy Aed Bela of fear and that was back at the top of the field. Elliott beso Oh what happened at the two wide and they got checked in seven went wide as well and said that the six and five just got the slip through on the inside. Yeah, it was a bit of a bump in the wasn't a five to seven and six race number 10 the last year and Eddington, but Greyhound racing will continue with the. New-zealand meeting it will be labeled right after that 1040 and 230 be about Alco, 120 and $2 and 10 Mitch. That's a race number 10 Arrington blue skies there at Sandburg three minutes away from race before 240 to seven currently our favorite there and that is he's a strong that's coming your way next here on this Monday Race day. At Homan, stay connected productive and secure with Windows Tintin, You can count on Windows 10 wherever you are fast and powerful is HP in the top features the latest in I five processor now eight hundred and 88 dollars, you save 200 weighing less than one kilo This aces with five top features Built-in security with Windows Hello to keep you protected now just 1498 dollars. That's a savings of $900, Stay connected, productive and secure with Windows 10 now at Howie Norman. Hunters Thanks to you, We have nearly reached our goal of $100000 in donations to equine welfare with so running out now is the time to secure your piece of racing royalty Cato tables, Cats long way gamble responsibly. We're after the race on the program at Baer and it's $2 and 10 now about our favorite from seven. He's a menstrual. Jared has gone for the runner from box number one. That's fly Mariposa at eight dollars so from 53 and eight as far as geds concerned fly Mariposa eight 50 good at 950 back to eight dollars now and impressed with the last second beating three quarters behind the Pease and Keratin, 26 and 62, so certainly some value. A- one but the seven he's a menstrual coming off a last-place 340 in the $2 as we had a Jones's last now at $4 and 80 and he's from has been solid comes out of a master's once it kaba last stop, but the winner of this and definitely good chance here in race number four with just about ready for action. Iver well back to out of box number seven. He's intro Green light switched on now set for the fourth from Baer ready to write set racing Hess. Well, from what he's showing early spade kind of punch up on the inside loves me, not with also a flyer pose of crossing there was Hess led the way put a full length jones's gets the second and then came Danny's go further back to fly Marios trying to run on from quarters further back into Andover towards the no mediocre in front. He's coming around the turn, led by five lengths to jump off and he's too good one to John Turn over and over Then came to us and next over the line was lost. Not followed by a flyer came no mediocre nanny finished up the 738 five in the fourth a-b. Yes, he's a far too good to 3210 and 220 on YouTube, but the winner of the race number four Johnsons last 150 and 210 about and but we had to Swan Hill for race number two here and this is a 1200 meter made an excuses excuses currently have five from. And that Mangalore led tried it in the saddle here 550 in the 440 and now it's $4 and 90. He dodged the hands the best of the rest but has got out from three to $5 so excuses excuses are here the first out of here a lot of apologies there for you. It's been placed in four of nine overall. Rick Mcintosh is with the three here so he is with Dodge Behan, Jared Frye on board. As I mentioned free night at one stage, but after $5 now at 27 star has been placed on a living occasions, Dodge the Hounds, the Shera good-by strategic maneuver out of racy Rabbitt. sori numbers. Stay free from 12 as indicated 312 and then seven and 13 excuses now at 370 so for a free 20 back up to 370 and there for you. After 40 and now at the $4, this is a race number two in the car over 1200 meters after this, we're back at Hillsdale for the final quarter that is coming your way and from there as we headed to swindle for Race two. Believe it was only broken in as a four year old. He's on the blue here at 43 there for you. He is at 12 Trott Orr don't say he's far has said a lot more than that. Let's he up to step number 28 today. Dan got it to a retrospective to the first don't say the hands comes in and we're ready to go for the Downs, Golf and Country Club going 1200 off now, Manolo out what drifting back towards the hands of away from the outside. He's gonna win on every foot in the early stages of the race and he's gonna burn across and take the lead anime quickly going up to second musically gifted to the Abuja there for you is there on the inside running fourth or fifth to follow the link and a half to five quite some just for the water a little he's on the outside. For Kulak King and then followed by excuses excuses, he's on the inside of Mangalore Dodds the hands getting every chance here. he's the most experienced horse in the field. He had more stuff than everybody put together He leads out to by a links as they come up towards the home turn musically gifted on the outside to the field and then far quess who's peeling around the Bush and Angola, an excuses excuses Onna wind up on the back in the main I Dutcher hands try to knock off he had a nervous. Frye. He's got the hands of about two links in front Adam There For You musically gifted mango allred excuses excuses are launching but also say chicken, but couldn't even win could do it start number 20 - Seven Frye team going and Doss the hands back there for you by two and three quarters. excuses excuses was good from the back and forth over went to Adam in front of Mangalore Live musically gifted they're followed through the back of awan who just wanted to do it all wrong and Didn't help him and he was sick last over and the cooler was at the end. Three dots the hands. Some to the atheist. Holyfield in confidence all up and was never going to be headed 3124 and 30 since the judge here, 3124 and 13 $580.74 your winner, the dodge the hands there for you a dollar $60.40 for excuses excuses where of the Hills in Iran about three minutes time looks to be cool, but yet quite a picturesque day there. In from Hills favorite and that's perfect Rockie. it's the one debate talk about a bad hair day. we've got on the second line at $6 for number one Elsa $7.50 for this free golden years, and then we get to eight dollars for the two and seven superior K. today ahead of us. we've got well obviously Swan Hill with two races down Warren going from New South and we've also got killed. Cory for you from. Colan the thick and there will be up 20 minutes past the hour. We'll take a quick break here on the sky. We'll be back with you soon. Das ist Macron im Media Salat. Instant auf. To heal for eyesight, good luck if you have a lot of quality, he encl towards black figures, the favorite a dollar 90 - five now for number six perfect rockie, which is the on top of for James and we've got plenty of racing coming up all across the network. In fact, you can see Alameda from the from North America and we've also got New-zealand Greyhounds it continuing on from Eddington the One of the new-zealand code, if you are looking to invest there and if you are in agency now, we're at $2 for this five this week, get you to join Vander. So they're starting the link now runners coming in while grains Bakery over the 350. now perfect Rockie stand around five to six the process now well and truly underway. Now moving in getting fit now right side 220 about perfect rockie to run favorite Lavar talk at eight dollars 550 for Golden years. Clean Swf justa 650 chance, and he qualified for the Oaks Final. We saw the Darby finalist in the previous. Maybe this time x-files to win this one -A living in the 515 and that superior Kiki get a good round. Follow the six. The idd stay wide and. Lighting-up nicely so release it to go here at the last line being chipped away in the Green light turned ready to go weighing racing in perfect rocking again well Swisher across the field and with superior kicking up challenging the outside and in the South driving through from Elsie Missa, Lavar Golden years and what that 30 per rockie, the Laing for the half now twos to superior kicking Ints that open perfect rockie really opened up and he's also good for the perfect rockie by four be superior kiki's things. Very close to that Billie missile in 30 Redd Al's at all and one of the last scene golden years just spreading through runners like and the time for the journey, 19 and 30 eight. Number eight and number six to win it perfect Rockie. It's really about the one Number six first to be Devon four and the five Phillies missile in the fourth place in perfect Rockie, though for Rosso Rahman win and number six, the winner, beating 74 and 14 was number five so 1938 the 1938 674 and Five 1280 - one to get home time for number six. I will have to now after the race, 67453 and a quarter by a half and thank you very much. James Vander My perfect Rockie Dolan A- four Gora for over 1300 coming up shortly the Pitre Bloomfield racing at Stone Mountain Good afternoon. Welcome to Sky Racing One here on Race day. Great company Marko Missie will be finding all of the winners from Lauren Stone in New South Wales Colin in Thornhill in Victoria in amongst all And harness racing action today our favorite Hoyt $2 and 30 cents per gift Pena $5 for $9 for J O K $9, also for soho Peggy for Perry with a big prosperity, The other day stable always has one that pops up in a big price. doesn't it. John Sargeant trains The Are you trying to heat Philip by done deal? Charles's Still Apole Lane, which I might be handy reference and Todd tycoon not too bad 38 hundred first stop by done deal should soir in $7 to $5 for the Givens and the combination here. If you are just joining us, we're on the soft ches with the right at three meters from the eight hundred to the winning post through the remainder race number three Gary Haley likes 12 15 and three and then. It's causing a significant upset at the new Castle on Saturday, A hundred and 30 - $2 winner carrying the pool Yeah. so I think he's the one giving trouble to 25 now for Landa Hoyt surfers in the 460 continues to trim up JK at $9. It's a great Grand Buckley out of the saddle here and soho Peggy they're going to attempt to get in raus a little bit reluctant to go up and she's backing away as we speak. It's been money at odds for number 13 now in the $15.40 - one in the 15 soho Peggy can be now and back Buckley about to get set on the back of Standing up to the Red light there, it is set to jump as the rain starts to tumble down here. Ready to go and they're White and Lando was away midfield showing speed is Gallants and Whitehill pushing forward Indians up there early soho Peggy coming over from a wide gate to get naughty, pushing forwards and just behind those land. A-plenty three wide hilarious is full wide midfield followed by reach beyond and then came Kerr and Wady Moser three wide at the rear thousand meters left to go. They leave the back straight whitefield the inside delayed of the soho Peggy Hess second naughty Niki third trailing this leader and the gift is for one of that. Next on the inside and now ends up one of the Saints in about six position next to delegates from Sasa Jess further at Keim reach beyond and hilarious still posted wide The N waddy Musa Musa likewise, JJK second last last as they straighten and Whitefield has a kick. It's not a White led by a length and a half of the soho Peggy in second, the naughty Nikki Beta's gift Lando Hoyt starting to work on down the outside and Shenzhen getting an inside run. Left to go what failed on the on the inside going to do and that's what sails and Shenzhen but bayes on the outside. Lando Hoyt is grabbing the pair. Lando Hord the inside the last hundred and Lando Hoya the date of gift and shinn, or to reach me on theus or wady Musa for fourth. Next thing was White Fields for byer never really affect the quarterback was JJK from Gallants Sasa jeans. we're back in soho Peggy and the last one was naughty. As Debo, that I get too much more impressive than that land of Hoyt Jeffs John Sargeant $210.30 wins by three lengths in the end date of 770, second and shinn at $3.40 1213 after the third from getting into four on the inside in the Green color looks to be the rake beyond potentially stand off the confirmation after the third from Gunn. Off to the for number five of the 500 meters, this race does kick off the quad currently the favorite second of the last couple of outings 330 to 290 -. One $311 to 650 is also make this for the first time the Prt Grand Parade Jared Wilsons sits on top. he cosic to be a two and three right now. Followers' wanting to be with the chicks here to to go Mccoy to around the corner on the other side of this race, where a dollar five comes up for number five kele, the Anthony Elen Barr Lockwood, a dollar 65 there to a dollar 85 We support coming for the kenrick trying why wouldn't you want the second line currently for $23 and 40? That's Tabb three A- four rolla, So You Think thickened up no going against stir it up and up to 900 meters getting closer and closer would have thought to Magen Sofi $7 along the roads number nine Dominican Roz, 16, to 10, and then 15 or bitter about the others for race number two at kilroy and May of 1900 meters, which will be right after the Baer booth with Garrett. And right behind the boxes marked for the first day of the Grand Prix and all they are the top races and. Prince Cosic He's good and especially last week he ran 30 -, 160, - five, and and he's just kept improving. so I think he suited drawn out and he'll try to speed and he'll be tough to run down if he gets to the front. There's not too many that can get passing flying jets so a big chance to in box number eight so a number of hopes here in the first week About to move in, I'm about to come forward A-frame dollars, Emmi Go 360 flying duing back in. It's a 380 call making that's good move as well for Pete's and that big of a high of 11. Now they're boxing away now first of three hits of the Grand Prix They can book in five here and we're just about ready of being locked away flying to eight and zipping blonde in the four. Flying kitt just in front of the home. Key Rebel then followed by Gammy, go from zipping Blondy Prince Cosby all high with the start and finish up the. I think 31 and two flying fitt 370 a dollar 92 Abel 580 - one Nour, do it in two runs for the Sikhs mister jump a long way there so if you've got a ticket anyway, it's just holding on to it for now until the all clear is through as we head to Kins two of seven again if you are just joining Verona that killed Cory today, the rail in the true, but it looks to be a Like 38 five and that cooler Collins today, he's with 538 and four the light now the three why wouldn't you and that's the one that he's been money for $423 recently and just out of time. it's a 320, but the favorites been out the door dollar 65 to $2 that they will be just getting out to what it should be. It has the inside here five year-old by Animal Kingdom trying to break through at number eight. Flint is going on for the first time I think which is an interesting things to say the court early here they made us just 10 days back in back in this 300 meters and he's at the top of beating here, then number three. why wouldn't you kenrick Gallo A- $423 320 and now at $3 and 30 as we speak but third up 1900 after running over 30 and 50 first 1600 meters last time out looks to be well enough I see fire in $6 to $7 and 50 cents, and then we go to Dominican Rose's number nine and $16 to $10 for number nine go over racing last time and then was to warm up behind Toan Sam Beata, 16, and a half lengths of 275 meters a.m. Byo Empress, so the troops should be of no worries being by a Darby winner and there'. Suggest that she can run some sort of a right-I dollars, a bitter about the risk a little trim up for Redd poet also now at $26 after opening at 41. Let's see Anthony Collins for A- two with One of the best supporter here in this race. I wouldn't use been back to as well. 2550350 came down at $3 into a dollar 65 now back to even money now. Okay. This is the second race running 1900 Longhorn the runner up on the back of the Gates. It's coming in the Longhorn drawn deep. And captain Donovan the last of all as they approach turn on the first occasion, Rafa it up leads the charge or be it narrowly missed a Longhorn up on the outside about a long neck back of the faces. I pass the winning post with one of the mooney of the North to travel, followed by why wouldn't you who's came third for the inside of Dominique A- four on the outside to further back to came down a little settle down in about seven lengths to make up with a thousand to clear I have a story beauty Well back in the field of paddle in a real position with fire and Red poet next to last line and now about seven of the speed so upfront it. Toledo was rough it up in front of the pilot at by links of a missed a long horn as they charged towards the eight hundred ceilings in advance over Dominique Rosen fourth along the insides. Why wouldn't you like Barba in a nice charing position for a reach? the top of the track Star Beauty and can close the Center field. They've been followed. Red powder who's two and a half away with captain Donovan's free back, then came paddle back next to last so far is backs' now Dominique Rose, who serves to the front of the back straight, come down pass. The 400 came down on the outside immediately issuing an attack followed by starry Beauty of closing, then came up is out of the Shelley. Why wouldn't you back to about 50 and the others headed by Reder to get the rest of the home? turn came down to the front at the 170 pinched. By two on beauty Dominique wrap it up by Wouldn't you read on the outside, but it's came down in front now, racing clear and came down two by two and a half over a star beauty Dominique Rose and Redd poet Why wouldn't you wrap it up to the back in the field? Captain Donovan Longhorn Sofi and pedal pop last run in 5149 and running on down the outside to maybe Pinchot was number four Red poet came down wind. At $2, a dollar a- four beating Starr beauty 780. AJ at a dollar 90 people will clear out for you in a couple of moments We've got to get to heal now for over 350 meters and it's a mix seven. It's a light program. Tips on Facebook at seven Lexie 280 and pretty solid after touching a low of $2 and 50, but Mark percentage coming down getting back up to its opening quote from earlier today, it's been supportive for number eight 7460 and four Monteiro 14 in the $10 and James' Vandermeer. One Hess the light with one to three to an eight as we get to it. I run as a moving in. Here loading up for the program to is clear she's good news. It's been quite a day here at the. And they're coming in nicely Noki number eight dollars into 416 Lexi to get a truck load of room remember jimmys to push straight to the outside box number two and eight dollar ches a strong five to $3 and 60 the they fit to run now Green light race nine We raising now and jumped from the inside. Hello good hideaway quickly and they're gonna share the Guinness the line of three in the late gift kid James trying to get to the end. I remember Jimmy Welcome back to lay around and last of all Monsanto. so remember Jimmy got right in the Ascot hit the Aston Guin starting to drive hard. It's very, very close. It might be remembered Jimmys. That's Guinness, but it's really could go the way. Photo finish. Remember to me at what Eton gute side next to nothing between them and maybe Lexi just over Hello Good night, followed by Kitt James' Monteiro, and it was one of. With the late game, a photo finish probably could go either way, 1991 two or five or two after the night from Hess, who one Laing for $30 and 64, was TB three. Hello Good night stand by for numbers two is on the inside how far it gets it Well. I will be 21 and three and Guinness $3 a dollar 10 Bess. Remember, Jimmy e- two and let's see at a dollar for staying A.m. Racing action this time we kick off the one card 12 races ahead of us and made over three to start things off squirming 320 and five up to 90 support coming to the chicks. Arapahoe $5 and the 320 and now outright favorite and the rest of these have been easy with the exception of glorious one number eight wearing the pink Rugg I cleaned dollars into $10. the market moves A- one. The two and the I called the Brendan Delaney Brendan keeping five to 24, was squirming on top for him and the five is also the light melber good support now coming for the two soper in the $2 and 70 now after opening up at $5. That's some good Bess will be landed if this one gets up good afternoon to you. Brendan. Good afternoon welcome to long ladies and gentlemen, so I think from the Bulls have arrived at the starting point here for the first 11 to report for the program for number three at the Lake, one at 1231. so runners at the stand here for the first silver rapper Hoste had good good support here $5 the other 270 S screaming to 90 to $3 and 63 to 440 for Sassy Royer 18. On the team is one of the outside so they're moving in. And halfway through the loading process as we welcome on board, our audience that one like one race for number three donor taken out at 1230 - one you wouldn't believe it right-I so the Rising Soper, who began well from two of fame and ticks through driving forward sassy right across from the Decca glorious one pushing up a tosi, was they were followed by Tierra in light show and last baby she around the Silva Arapahoe lead back to the inside sassy right tropa doing it well, they laing The Valley, Silver Raho Sassy, Wyatt Wolff Spains Potion ade squirming They were followed by Tierra Baylor is where maybe sien and think with like. 2270 at the end of the first 21 and five after the first one and repeating Brendan this very, very handsome bit landed. They follows the 250 on the feet. It's 230 and a dollar 10 on the top as we move across this one here now for race number three $4 the field he headed by the top Big Lenny for Robie Marna price. Blood on You didn't take the ride here on this first start three Year-old son Ruy, just A- one going back to November last year publicly anyway, it's been my And comes to the races to die for the first time is a three year old, so not your typical sort of Ruby potentially, but. Let's get to track this one right through it by coming to the outside gate and they're ready for the bed. 365 odds protector 1200 meters for the third at Swan Hill, the Erasing Starr in an almost perfect line. He's already going back to get some cover and money and came out fast. so the Clifton Hill they will cross the field and go to the lead together. Addictions is making Grand on the outside of Little Kyla Aur Bigg Lenny Bigg Pardon and then further back. Miki going up on the inside from going around the outside, there was a sacred tycoon next in the field, then would have been avia who's been passed by titser cats over on the inside from he's already to the outside tracking out three wide worry getting on the back and scrambles to of of the tile in before the turn money Inna from Clifton Hill addictions has in third place peeling out our Togo again from Honi, then came down the outside catalyzer He's already in worriedly on a follow into the race as Clifton Hill. The money in my addiction is boxing on Weldon Hani. There's nothing else coming yet, and he's already are slowly warming up, but Clifton healing in front of addictions. Clifton Hill found a couple on the Dickens Rory Rose's Pennie back and now, but Clifton's off for the money and Clifton Hill. one -A part two and a half row third placing Hazel already and Dixons close up before they were followed over by money in man The after leading up Ints, Ander Scramblers Naki followed by sacred tycoon a big one. He didn't seem at all that much to despite all the money for him and go. Catt was the last one over 212 free night after the third Clifton Hill for crying at 1390 - $5, where Raees at 230 and he's already at a dollar 16 for third a repeating Private poet of the climate of three kilos coding is trying 380 - 37. It's been hanging around that quite double take a knee, so it goes on for the first time on the side, Bakr on for the first time for Paret last time, I had it. Debo was 30 - $1 in beating third after leading the map. It wasn't a bad performance on that occasion. back at the 400 meters here today, then we got a number of 11 Lucky Luca A- $4 at to $5. And he's a very talented young apprentice. this young man Rodd Simpson four at the fog for this one, having start number 11 and up into this campaign comes out of that highly fatboy for 10 days ago at Duing lead them up, but two and a half improvement to come with a thought and then number two Godfrey Park eight 15 to 550. this one 's the market for Greg Ronan, eight 50 to $5 and 50 cents last start at behind Daro in the size of the private part, comes out of got And found the law to be in five links 12 here again, maybe some sort of a test run, but this money coming for this Gallo three -year-old gelding eight 15 to $5.50. It'll be the market mover for one of six at one -A Sofi change of tactics here as well for the five which is a smart idea. $34 shots of advice that they will try to ride the sall a further forward in the round as we get toward inside very good afternoon to call. Andi is still well away a beautiful big truck here at the model on the Royal Ramm track same sort of specifications and now we've got about five to come in big field here in the first, it's a track so far I had about five mills here at Warren's been much better and part Center with Western areas Now interline comes in this wide. It's Fromm Cobain priests, he says, early pace and smart. And the intention is to have more for today. God like a chair and the Green and yellow colors from the Britton. Thompson's Stable. join infected change of color here. What with the Red and dragon emblem just trying to save every change of colors, but the land family got quite a number of rums in this race, Godly Park moves up Cinders and smart idea. We'll be the last two to come forward as the day here at Warren, but no threat of rain really and. Of five. with the private part being the favorite on here number four $4 private palette. Now Cinda is moving up on the outside and I'll be set to go any moment now in the race run over the 48 hundred meters of the maiden Gallup. Looks like a manual. Status on the side of the stand in and stand by or one broken through Battle Angel. So we're on the revved up and ready to roll in the first here in Battle Angel number seven has broken through the front of the Gates and the arra here. James Rogers has been able to restrain this year. It hasn't really hit a full Gallup as year to 30 -first can and if you 200 meters, So we're going to get a quarter. a lengthy delay here would imagine because this horse is going around the track. so at the at this time on T dot four $4.11 like A- 2440 - two Goss 460 - four inch-wide, April 650 that are at double figures James Rodgers at Uhf from England. He's done a good job to pull that horse out because built up had a thing there. So we'll see what happens With number. And then we get a double figures young number two is a light scratching. He come at me no deductions with keep coming out of the race to fino mist and 75 with a dollar 80 - five. They don't mind the 31 that caused somewhat of an upset for race number one at Manns Macarthur BMW Trott, 31, to 62. Fred Eisen call a like the six to eight 57 and three, and we'll definitely be able to get this angle right in time in the first one and so so very good afternoon to. Era audience links in good to you Mark are getting set for the first of Trott. There is a Gallo in the store up. That's the horse making its view and that is don't touch this-we're just about to run Green light. They're often the first Wong sunny down in the inside come in stop in the air to start to start to Thicken favorite bomber, but a recovered very quickly in the meantime, don't touch this was again up on the air and back play and to fino Mister Miller Wong Sunny to go to war upfront and put 15 meters on senos in third followed then by. They've left the 900 meter Mark behind my head down of the halfway point of the year. It's still sunny, leading by four meters in the favorite to win. He's so Buble putting in a big run around the outside of Sunni and then came young son. Forget about. Don't touch this 30 point, three the split 57 and a half as we approach the 600 meter Mark. It's still sunny, leading the way by a bit four meters, two to three Misa Baer third drop back on the line to save a bit of energy. Camerea, who was just give it all up there and young sons about to come around it here. come the Rams. They're on the final turn now, 400 meters left to go along Sunny Torino Misty's back and off. It's back in turn. Now it's a bomber. It's returned and young son to pick up some leeway as well. Third quarter third and three Torin is still among sunny and so Bamba theys back to the insiders young son, but I still a- one sunny. It's packing plenty of Fixed money for it and it's got the cash 510 to 30 beno a dollar 20 in at no dividend. Now, all of those have been taken out of the barriers at Warren and they've just started to reload a few vander big race number seeks up next the Dolan for number two good Jared Wessel has the two into a dollar 80 now is the one to beat, which is naturally gifted these warn private power at 420. He's still your favorite now Battle Angel. Appease though it's been passed fit to have another crack at them and get out of the Gates with the rest of the field because it's not a light scratching and the big race in Bess will get you there first and then we'll go straight to Warren. They're about to walk away here for the second half of the Grand Prix favorite. Here is number two naturally gifted and it's well banked they had to A- one start over the 550 here and she was beating his favor, but she did look at a little bit off on the track that you should be better for that and see it's got some good form over the 460 and looks well suited here and that money is being strong in the $1 and 80 now 420 - one on the drift. There was an early move for Ragas who got into 420 but back at 480. At both the big Drifters, we're just about ready for action. Green light switch on in the heat of the great, well back favorite from box number two naturally gifted ready right thing. That's what they gifted begin well. It's going good coming across now. That was Walton Daniel You've been Walt. then you go to the front from naturally gifted it gets the second and then kind zipping Cosmo trying to wind up in the back of Queen Tina down on the rail and then came a raus favorites and all sorts of trouble here. Check out the back. there was naturally gifted being passed by a new wave and also dancing Abby so in front of Walt. Trying to come up with dipping Cosmo the outside then was Riggs followed Byer around the turn in front now is dipping Cosmo moved up and took Walton Daniel and go zipping Coyer Beaty, The one thing that I was lucky Lowrey and going in behind them when, in fact they're driving back on the floor. Soldiery being followed for the way they buy a sweet. I love it getting back. Lamm time goes pass. It then came five as the pits a long way back being followed for the back there by. As I write down the side, God packs a long way back in smart idea he's down in the title of the field, so they race up to a home turn now with a bad for 600 left to go and private part lead, Cinders said. But Lauer soldiers play for a boy on the floor and Lamm time over the rails joined Factor Ryans, a big back, then came to pay for by April. Love a good Park.