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World Cities 3
Created by Lightnin
The final Map in the trilogy. This map is all about the visuals. Snake your lines through the valleys and along the plateaus. The views from the plateaus are just stunning.
No Industry. As always, extra vegetation mod is a must.
Enjoy the map folks, an...
Grand Canyon
Created by Lightnin
This Map has been inspired by the GX Grand Canyon map by geloxo. If you haven't tried it yet i suggest you do. Great Map.
Anyway, this is my version and if you know my Maps you'll know that this is gona be fairly extreme. It's a Large 4K Map with cities ...
The Range
Created by Lightnin
If you want a nice flat easy Map..... then move on now! This map isn't for you. It's designed for the hardcore among us. We don't do flat around here.
I geared this map for those who appreciate stunning views with imaginative line creation. There are som...
The Small One
Created by Lightnin
As you can guess by the title this is a one for all you small map lovers. Although i think everyone could enjoy it. Took me longer to get this right than my larger maps… Go figure! Probably the best looking map of the three. Everything has been hand placed...
World Cities
Created by Lightnin
Map I created with various cities from around the globe. Industries are random. For those who require a bit more of a challenge. Best used with the extra vegetation mod....
World Cities 2
Created by Lightnin
My second Map created with various cities from around the globe. Industries are still random. Slightly easier offering this time. More opportunities for shipping as well. Again, it's best used with the extra vegetation mod. Oh, and enjoy the route from New...
River Delta
Created by Lightnin
Standard Large River Delta Map.
No Industry so add the industry mod if thats your pleasure. As always, extra vegetation mod is a must.
Enjoy the map folks, and please take the time to rate and comment.

North Atlantic map
Created by Colonel Failure
North Atlantic abstract map to accompany the YouTube series by Colonel Failure...
Europe 6K IND
Created by Lightnin
Europe in glorious 6K. The one you've all been waiting for.
Random Industries. As always, extra vegetation mod is a must. And don't forget 'experimentalMapSizes = true' in the settings file.
Enjoy the map folks. This one really did take a lot of time a...
Europe 6K
Created by Lightnin
Europe in glorious 6K. The one you've all been waiting for. No Industries.

**** Updated to include 4 new towns for the 'Slim Gaming' Youtube channel Series 3 starting 29th June. This isn't my channel but i highly recommend everyone checks this guy out....
Created by Lightnin
Uplands.... Good Luck!! This is a tricky one as all Towns have been placed high up. Track laying can be very expensive so pick your towns carefully then plan your route. Do it right and you'll be rewarded with some amazing views overlooking the landscape. ...
The Maze
Created by Lightnin
Snake your track through the maze of narrow mountain valleys with some Truly stunning visuals. Your route planning skills will be tested to the max.
Standard Large completely fictional terrain with fictional towns. No industry. As always, the extra veget...
Western Europe
Created by PointG34 |FR|
Large map (4096x4096 or 256km2) of part of Western Europe with 9 countries (England, France with Corsica, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain).
Cities were all placed manually (more than 50 Towns).
Industries are randomly placed.
Realistic Atlantic
Created by LTC Benality.G
Realistic Map inspired by Colonel Failure. I am working on providing all the map.lua files so you can choose between being able to either play with random cities and industries, or if you want the challenge of exporting goods to make your cities grow.
UK & Ireland Large (4k) Map - with or without industry
Created by [RWB] FxUK
A UK & Ireland shaped map with various hand placed towns, although position may not be accurate.

Updated 4th May 2018 - Now includes 2 alternative versions

UK [L] Orig - The original version, unchanged
UK [L] Alt
UK [L] Alt (No Industry)

The ...
Created by gitbiz
A map of Iberian Peninsula and surrounding area....
4K Australia
Created by AusNaminator
A 4K Australia map with an approximate scale of ~1:280. Approximate placement of Towns and Cities.

Current included Towns and Cities:
Alice Springs
Gold Coast
No Initial Roads
Created by theflix
De-activates the creation of main connection roads between towns during world (map) initialization.
Prevents unrealistically large bridges on maps with great water bodies. Also accelerates map generation ;)...
English Channel/La Manche 6k
New map based on the UG campaign. 10 cities, handplaced IND. Can you make real? Better play on 1850
Balearic Islands 6k w/IND
Third map of the Spanish isles, this time, Balearic. 11 cities and hand placed industries to grow quickly! Very detailed with Tramontana mountains and a quarry inside that! Recomended mods 'No initial roads' and 'GX industry' or 'New Industry' and 'Flat Te...
Canary islands 6k v2 NO IND
Second map of Canary Islands, better placed isles and mountains! Only 8 cities and 2 industries and a lot of water to navigate! Recomended mods 'No initial roads' and 'GX industry' or 'New Industry' and 'Flat Terrain' to construct easily.

Instructions f...
Whiplash - A bigger place
Created by Silky Rough
WHIPLASH - Fictional, complex, spectacular scenery and BIG - 45km x 12km @ 553 km2

"Why is it called 'Whiplash' Grandpa?"
"Because son, there's so much to see in this place you're guaranteed to get a sore neck."

Yesiree. This map com...
Reclamation - Rising Seas
Created by Silky Rough
Reclamation - Rising Seas
The seas kept rising, so much so the district had to start a massive sea reclamation project. The original cities were lost and were rebuilt from scratch. They were all named in memory of cities lost underwater, h...
Rjufa Crater - Thors' Legacy
Created by Silky Rough
Rjufa Crater - Thors' Legacy

Entirely fictional but heck, it could be real.


"You will pay for this Loki, on my word!" cried Thor and with that Thor raised his hammer and struck. The ground was mortally wounded...
Aspiritas - A custom map for lovers of logical logistics.
Created by Silky Rough
Aspiritas is a fictional map designed for the semi-experienced player who prefers logical placement of industry in sensible clusters. Planning is essential, just the way you like it.

This is a 4k x 2k (large) map and is ideal for mu...
The River Delta Redux
Created by Grimdanfango
Update (11/12/16):

I had completely missed the fact that neither Goods Factory generated on the map.
Both should now appear.
Apologies to anyone deep into a playthrough on this map!

I've also published a cropped version of the map for anyone who ca...
Flat Western Europe Map
Created by Mandar
A map of Western Europe with simplification of the river. This map is centered on France but adds a lot of big city aleantour, london, bruxel, amesterdam, berlin, barcelona, ​​some cities of switzerland and italy. Vanilla compatible any language !...
Channel Islands (No Industry) 4097x4097
Created by [BBG] Brother Fangs
A Large map of with the channel islands, no idustry but real towns.
You will need the no initial roads mod found here:
Created by Liringlas
Iceland with a few cities - large map, built on realistic heightmap. Feel free to give me your (positive and negative) feedback and suggestions. Feel free to use the map, modify it, do anything you like, just quote me if you publish anything (and telling m...
4k Vierwaldstattersee 1:2.5
Created by JORAM724
A map of the Vierwaldstattersee and Zugersee in Switzerland. Scale 1:2.5. This map included 21 town: Luzern, Altdorf, Arth, Goldau, Zug, Cham, Sarnen and many more in the area. Don't forget to take a look at this tutorial to make some awsome maps yourself:...
6K Ohio River Valley-IND
Created by Reh3dZone
Now WITH Industry! :)
Create a massive shipping and rail empire on this Ohio River Valley map with navigable rivers that roughly followed canals before the 1913 flood. All industries are placed.
Created with map creator.

Created by gitbiz
A map of the Okanagan and surrounding area in British Colombia, Canada.

Special thanks for Fredrick for suggesting.

* Snow Mountains mode ( ) was used to take preview screenshots.
Region D,NL,B
Created by Skelett -DenEx-

Dies ist das Dreiländereck von Deutschland, der Niederlande und Belgien. Auf dieser TF Karte sind besonders Städte der beiden Länder Deutschland und Niederlande vertreten. Die Orte befinden sich auf den realen Positionen.

Koordinaten Maps...
The Great Lakes - Huge (4K)
Created by ECGadget
By request, the custom map that I use for Season 2 of my Transport Fever "let's play" series. This is a HUGE map of the Great Lakes, meaning you need to have experimental map sizes enabled to play it!

Full Tour of the map in the video above!

Annamara Southwest
Created by thegametrent22
Welcome to the Southwest corner of Annamara, home to Jackson City and Grayson City. These two are the primary city in Southwest Annamara, Jackson City is the 2nd largeset city in Annamara with a population of 798k. It's Metro population is at 7.8 million. ...
Water, Mountains and Flatland
Created by Elirips
Fictional map with water in the south and flatland in the north, separated by mountains. Four cities are located in the south at the sea and four cities in the flatland. Tunnel, climb or avoid the mountains. The size of the map is 12 x 16km (medium, 1:1.33...
Sister Islands
Created by DR
Map with two tiny islands and four towns and placements for airports....
Rías Baixas
Created by Diego_Facen
Map of the region called "Rías Baixas" in the southwest of Galicia, Spain. It's a interesting place to build a transport networt dut to mountains and a complex coastline. It includes industry (one or two of each type) and some of the real towns. I recommen...
Created by RichyG
Acacia is a fictional nation custom map. Play on this island with its rugged terrain and connect its coastal towns. The map has the extra challenge of limited factories with which to grow your cities....
The Mountain Pass
Created by Grimdanfango
A "Large" (256km²), 1:4 aspect map - 8 x 32km.
At one end is a winding coastal area, which climbs to a map-spanning mountain range, and then drops again to the valleys and lakes beyond.
It's intentionally very steep throughout - you'll need an extremely ...
Norddeutschland Karte 24x24 km / Modifikation
Created by Schneekoppe
How to:first load the mod, then choose the map. Disable all other tree and forest mods!...
The Islands - [S] [L] Maps
Created by [RWB] FxUK
This map is available in two sizes from within the game, the first image above is the small version.
It should provide some nice opportunities for shipping.
Towns / Industries are generated, not manually placed.
It was created as more of an experiment...
To The Shore
Created by Bresslaw
Coastline to mountains, an experimental proof-of-concept real-world-terrain map with 5 towns. More designed for map freaks like yours truly, more accomodating maps to follow. Have a look around and enjoy the scenery, it's a beautiful world....
Cadiz Bay
Created by navarrofuen98
Large map of Cadiz and its metropolitan area. It's very fun to play, as distances between towns vary from suitable for short to long routes, especially for trains. I strongly recommend to have the industry tycoon mod, since only two industries appear on th...
Sunset Limited
Created by gitbiz
A map of north shore of Gulf of Mexico, spanning from San Antonio to Jacksonville, inspired by Sunset Limited service of Amtrak, which connects LA to New Orleans, and briefly to Orlando via Jacksonville.

The map is 16:1 ratio and has very limited indus...
Created by gitbiz
Build connection over the Andes and link western Argentina to the Pacific Ocean.

* To prevent game initialization failure, maximum height is set lower, which makes crossing the Andes much easier than it should....
The Serpent
Created by Bresslaw
This map was requested by a Steam friend, EmperorDarthSidious. I quote him as I have never played Locomotion but it sounds interesting... many thanks to EDS and of course Zimmlock, please enjoy

'I used to play a lot of Transport Tycoon back in the old d...
King's Land map 7k
Created by Lord Grucha
Great King's Land map

Provide the best supply for the royal city!

STRONGLY recommended mod's:

No Initial Roads
Clean Clifs

Snow Mountains
Vegetation increase

Instructions for experimental maps
Go to your Stea...
Gondor and Rohan
Created by Yorick
This is a map of Gondor and Rohan, from the works of Tolkien (the Lord of the Rings). It has random industries. I am still quite inexperienced as a map maker, thus I wasn't able to really create a Fangorn forest or a heavily forested Ithilien (If you have ...
Koenigsfels_by JoeFried, Maxwagner und PB 600
................................................... VERSION: 1.2 ...................................................
_____ Deutsch _____
Fantasiekarte 28 Städte, 2 Farmen, mittlere Größe (4K, Maßstab 1:1) : Flach-Hügel-Berge, Meeresrand-Flüsse

Sie kö...
Franciscohill map
Created by JoeFried
Small map (2K/1:1), . . . 11 cities or villages of which 3 will grow together. . . . Industry is sufficiently available. . . . All rivers are navigable. . . . This map is available to start with villages and cities. . . . Height differences are about 250m....
Project map: Ground
Created by JoeFried
Oversized map (6K / 1:1), . . . 12 cities of which 5 grows together to one and another with threes; . . . Industries can be added via debug mode. . . . . All rivers are navigable. . . . Predominantly level ground! . . . Height differences to the map edge a...
Created by thegametrent22
Annamara has beautiful rivers and lakes, try to connect all 57 cities. Bring life to the new world and take on many challenges. This is 6145x6145 map and you must have expermental map sizes on. Snow mod is also a plus on this map....
Bella Italia - Huge map -
Created by Alessio
★ If you enjoy Bella Italia, make sure to leave a like!

Bella Italia, historical Italian map (Extra large) with 40 Italian mayor Cities and 3 foreign cities in their real geographical position, map include industries. For a better game experience i sugg...
The Steel City Challenge
Created by Bumbling Brit
Hello! I'm the Bumbling Brit and I like to make inspiring maps for Transport Fever! I have another challenge map for you – The Steel City! Appropriately named after the British town of Sheffield, which takes centre stage on this map.

Do you like buildin...
Annamara Northwest
Created by thegametrent22
Based on the sequel to Annamara Southwest, we travel 250 miles northwest to the next part of the state that includes the State capital Cantrik, and bay area of Searcy, Longview and St Augusta. With a population of over 32.5 million in this area. Bring toge...
[4k] The Divide w/industries
Created by thegametrent22
A mountainous range with a huge river crossing, making for a diffcult challenge. This will be the test to bring two cities together and connect up the two states....
Rocky Mountain Challenge
Created by Bumbling Brit
Build a railway network connecting 30 real world towns in and around the Rocky Mountains! The mountain range occupies the centre of this 8K X 4K map, so plan your mountain routes with care!

This entry comes with 2 maps - A full version with hand placed ...
Severn Valley Railway Map Pack
Created by Bumbling Brit
Presenting my latest map for Transport Fever; the Severn Valley Railway Map Pack. Build the historic railway at near full scale in this collection of maps covering the Severn Valley and surrounding areas and the Severn Valley in enhanced scale!

I create...
The Great Basin [NOW WITH TPF2 REMAKE]
Created by n00t
Vanilla coastal map with detailed terrain.

Random industries, random cities.

Size: 4K

Edited in Cities: Skylines
Based on:

TPF2 version: