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Travel based around local wineries, beers, and distilled spirits are one of the hottest trends in America. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region has lot of to offer the “Booze Travelers”. Our Wine, Beer, and Shine Tasting Trail features fifteen wineries, six distilleries, two breweries, and ten events with descriptions for each and a convenient driving map. It guides visitors through the region to tantalize their taste buds with locally made and handcrafted libations. Wines in the region tend to be on the sweet and fruity side. Straub Brewery is a regional icon that now has a new Tap Room and Visitor Center. Clarion River Brewing Company is wildly popular with the micro brews crowd and the many interesting and exotic flavors of moonshine in the region are garnering a lot of attention. To get your copy, log onto or call (814) 849-5197 to request a free guide.

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