Historic Map of Bethlehem, NH - 1883

Historic Map - Bethlehem, NH - 1883

View of Bethlehem, Grafton County, N.H., 1883 / drawn & published by Poole & Norris.

This bird’s-eye view print of Bethlehem, New Hampshire was drawn and published by Poole & Norris, Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1883. Bethlehem was incorporated in 1799 as a farming community at the 1500 foot level in the hills leading to the base of Mount Agassiz.

The village of Bethlehem was connected, in the late 1800's, by a narrow-gauge railway that diverged from the Boston & Lowell line at Bethlehem Junction. From that point the railway line ascended to the scenic mountain heights and a terminus located near the many luxurious hotels and cottages that were erected for the enjoyment of New England vacationers.

The most popular resort of the area was the Maplewood, built by Henry Howard who was an ex-governor of Rhode Island. After later being acquired by Isaac S. Cruft, the resort gained several improvements, increasing its popularity. The high altitudes were well known at the time for providing a healthy atmosphere for sufferers of hay-fever. Bethlehem’s population in 1880 was 1,400.

The illustration includes labeled roads, buildings and railroad route.

Features references to the following locations:

Cruft Block and Post Office, White Mountain Echo Office.
Methodist Church.
Episcopal Church.
Congregational Church.
Profile and Franconia Notch R. R. Station.
Mt. Washington Cemetery.
Mount Agassiz Observatory.
Maplewood Observatory.
Cruft’s Ledge Observatory.
Mount Lafayette.
Mount Cannon.
Franconia Notch.
Mount Garfield.
Twin Mountains.
Maplewood Hotel, I. S. Cruft, Proprietor, O. D. Seavey, Manager.
Maplewood Hall, Chas. B. Goodwin, Manager.
Maplewood Cottage, Chas. B. Goodwin, Manager.
Poplar Cottage.
Maplewood Station.
Sinclair House, Durgin & Fox, Proprietors.
Ranlet House, D. W. Ranlet, Proprietor.
Highland House, J. H. Clark, Proprietor.
Strawberry Hill House, J. K. Barret, Proprietor.
Prospect House, Geo. W. Phillips, Proprietor.
Bellevue House, David S. Phillips, Proprietor.
Mount Agassiz House, Horatio Nye, Proprietor.
Alpine House, C. H. Clark, Proprietor.
Howard House, C. E. Bunker, Proprietor.
Mt. Washington House, C. L. Bartlett, Proprietor.
Avenue House, J. C. & F. L. Kelly, Proprietors.
Centennial House, H. W. Wilder, Proprietor.
Turner House, J. N. Turner, Proprietor.
Hillside House, D. F. Davis, Proprietor.
The Uplands, Mrs. C. H. Abbott, Proprietor.
The Broadview, G. L. Gilmore, Proprietor.
Sunset House.
Bethlehem House.
Blondin House, H. C. Clark, Proprietor.
Mountain View House, Mrs. T. J. Spooner, Proprietor.
Central House, T. W. Bean, Proprietor.
Tucker’s Cottage, Benj. Tucker, Proprietor.
Swett’s Cottage, S. P. Swett, Proprietor.
Georgia Cottage, J. B. Bean, Proprietor.
Rowe’s Cottage, John M. Rowe, Proprietor.
Greenfield House, F. H. Abbott, Proprietor.
Echo Cottage, Jos. Philbrick, Proprietor.
Sanborn’s Cottage, W. E. Sanborn, Proprietor.
Sportsman’s Home, Allen Thompson, Proprietor.
Cedar Cottage, Mrs. R. H. Wilder, Proprietor.
Carriage Shop, F. A. Haskell, Proprietor.
Historic Map – Bethlehem, NH - 1883

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