MASKS All volunteers are required to bring at least six reusable, washable face masks. Volunteers will wear two masks each day (one for camp, one for the jobsite). They will be washed once throughout the project. Masks are required for when working less than 6 feet apart, or in an enclosed environment.
GLOVES All volunteers are required to bring their own work gloves.
HEALTHY ARRIVAL Volunteers will only join projects if they are not experiencing any symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches, or other symptoms of COVID-19 as identified by the CDC. Volunteers will not plan to travel to or through areas highly impacted by COVID-19, nor outside of the US, within 14 days before their project begins. Volunteers will affirm that they do not believe they have been exposed to a person with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, are not waiting to be cleared as noncontagious following a diagnosis, and have been following all recommended guidelines as much as possible by practicing social distancing and taking other precautions. Volunteers will travel to the jobsite alone, or with someone they live with (such as a family member) who has also shown no signs or symptoms of illness.
IN CASE OF INFECTION Any volunteer or staff member that developes COVID-19 symptoms must immediately self-isolate and leave the jobsite. If the individual is physically unable to do so, staff will follow Wilderness First Aid guidelines for medevac.
FOLLOWING HISTORICORPS PROTOCOLS All volunteers are required to abide by and practice the health and safety protocols that HistoriCorps staff are implementing.
CREW SIZE CAP All volunteer crews will be “capped” at a maximum of six volunteers.

2020 Volunteer Preservation Projects

Architectural History Program (AHP)

Dates are Confirmed! Click Here to Sign Up.

HistoriCorps’ Architectural History team is looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers to help investigate historic buildings! Sign up to be notified of volunteer opportunities with the AHP team. The team is helping our National Forest partners document and study historic buildings, and what they learn will help forests decide how to best manage these historic properties (including some that might become HistoriCorps preservation projects!). The thing is, there are a lot of historic buildings out there – and the AHP team could really use some help photographing, measuring, and documenting them all. This is not a “normal” HistoriCorps project! Rather than repairing buildings, we’ll be photographing, measuring, investigating, and making recommendations for the Forests.

Odd Fellows Cabins, OR

August 9-14 | August 16-21

August 23-27 | August 29 – September 4

In its first two phases, this project inspired an entire community to give back to this cherished location on Paulina Lake. We want to keep up the good work with phase three this year! We’ll be focusing our efforts on log replacement and other tasks. This campsite is accessible to tent campers and those with small RVs/trailers.

Roberts Cabin, CO

August 9-14

This project is located not far from Boreas Pass road, which connects Breckenridge to Como and is popular for MTBing, OHVing, and skiing. Roberts Cabin is a US Forest Service overnight rental property. We will be installing a new roof! This campsite is accessible to tent campers and those with RVs/trailers, though the ground is not perfectly level and there are no hookups.

Devils Head Fire Lookout, CO (Phase II)

August 16-21  |  August 23-28

This fire lookout was built in 1919, and is still staffed more than 100 years later! Volunteers will be rehabilitating 19 windows on the lookout, several of which have been recently damaged by wind events. The lookout is located at one of the highest peaks on the Rampart Range, and is a popular destination to hike. Volunteers will need to be prepared to hike roughly 3 miles daily! We’ll hike up to the lookout in the morning (1.5 miles) and back down at the end of the day (1.5 miles). This site will be accessible to those with small RVs/trailers and tents. The ground may not be perfectly level and there are no hookups.

Soderberg Ranch Bunkhouse, CO

September 6-11 | September 13-18

September 20-25 | September 27 – October 3

After 2019’s inspiring first phase of work on several buildings at Soderberg Ranch at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, we’re thrilled to return this summer into fall! Its unique location and wide range of building materials all tell part of the story of westward expansion and settlement. The ranch and open space were saved from development through an inspiring community effort that prioritized this historic resource and access to the outdoors. The area around Horsetooth Reservoir, just a few minutes from Fort Collins, attracts hikers, anglers, climbers, cyclists, and other outdoor lovers from around the country – and our lakeside campsite can’t be beat! Accessible for tent camping and RVs/trailers. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Electrical hookups complimentary!

Hornbek Homestead, CO

September 20-25 | September 27 – October 2

HistoriCorps is looking forward to returning for our third year of work at this Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument site! The site is significant because of its association with the Homestead Act: Adeline Hornbek was one of the early settlers in the West Pikes Peak area, having arrived in the mid-1870s with her four children. As head of her household, she led the first homestead application under the Homestead Act of 1862 in the Florissant area. Defying traditional gender roles of the age, Adeline had by 1885 established a substantial ranch in an area of subsistence farming. Our 2020 work will focus on cedar shingle roofing! The campsite will likely be accessible to those with small RVs/trailers and tent campers. There are no hookups and the ground may not be perfectly level.

Daniels Park Wellhouse, CO

October 11-16 | October 18-23 | October 25-30

“Best known for its bison herd, Daniels Park is a Denver Mountain Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Home to historic ranch structures, Daniels Park is the site where Kit Carson was said to have made his last campfire. It is also home to the Tall Bull Memorial Grounds cultural area.” –Douglas County Outdoors. The sunrises and sunsets from our campsite overlooking the mountainous Continental Divide will be unforgettable, and we can also expect to see one of Denver’s two bison herds in and around Daniels Park! We plan to re-roof the small structure (and enjoy the views while doing so). Tents and RVs/trailers welcome. There are no hookups and the ground may not be perfectly level.


Matchless Mine Hoist House, CO

September 6-11  |  September 13-18  |  September 20-25  |  September 27 – October 2

The story contained in the Matchless Mine’s history is so epic, it inspired a famous opera: “The Ballad of Baby Doe.” Horace and Baby Doe Tabor’s tragic tale of rags-to-riches and back-to-rags is so significant in Colorado and mining history that the delicate mining structure and outbuildings have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Leadville, CO is an incredible “Old West” city resting at an elevation of over 10,000 feet, surrounded by majestic mountains and parks. HistoriCorps is excited to return to this project site after our successful 2017 project work, where volunteers stabilized the delicate headframe of the mine. This year, we’ll turn our attention to the siding and metal roof of the mine’s hoist house. Accessible for tent campers and RVs/trailers, but there are no hookups and the ground may not be perfectly level.

 Williams Ranch Barn, CA

October 19-24  |  October 26-31

This ranch was one of the first in northeastern California. The mountains are closer than one would think, and when looking out from the barn, volunteers will feel as though they are perched on the edge of the Madeline Plains. We will primarily focus on the barn’s roof. The area around the ranch is now under the management of the Applegate Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management, which is working to restore and improve recreational opportunities for visitors. Volunteers who enjoy OHVing, mountain biking, and other “off road” recreation will find unique, road-less-traveled activities here! The barn is only about 90 minutes from Lassen Volcanic National Park, and near several other amazing natural areas. Tent campers and those with small-medium RVs/trailers can access this site.