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Helene Udy (1962 - )

Helene Udy in My Bloody Valentine

Film Deaths[]

  • My Bloody Valentine (1981) [Sylvia]: Impaled through the back of the head (off-screen) when Neil Affleck shoves her onto a water nozzle in the miners’ shower room. Her body (just a shadowy of her face, with the nozzle spraying out of her mouth) is shown afterwards when Rob Stein discovers her. Her death can also be viewed in the unrated cut of the film.
  • Mrs. Claus (2018) [Mrs. Werner]: Hit on the head with a machete by her sister (Brinke Stevens).

TV Deaths[]

  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: The Ballad of Belle Bonnett (1996; animated) [Belle Bonnett]: Falls when the ground cracks, she returns as a ghost and only appears in flashbacks and visions.
  • The Wrong Student (2017) [Coach Hendricks]: Dies of anaphylactic shock after Evanne Friedmann puts peanut oil on her sandwich and steals her Epipen.
  • The Wrong Cruise (2018 TV Movie) [Abducted Woman]: Shot dead by Andres Londono.
  • The Wrong Boy Next Door (2019) [Ms. Hester]: Garroted/Strangled in her car.
  • The Wrong Cheerleader Coach (2020) [Dr Gordon]: Strangled by her patient, Johanna Liauw.

Noteworthy Connections[]

Sister of Claudia Udy.