Baldi want Fruit Gummy REVAMPED by TheEmeraldLegendURL

A downloadable mod

Well, Remember this nightmare? Or are new to this Nightmare? You're about to experience an insane Mod, If you have any Map or Character suggestions, Leave them in the comments please. 

Enjoy this insane mod, And try to beat all of the maps! 


Original Game: Mystman12

Voices by: Ambusher, Digibirddude, And me

Original meme creators: Class Clown and BaldiKay

People who helped me make the Characters: Slicee, Digibirddude, Class Clown.

One of the characters' inspiration from: rapparep lol

Intro Music (I edited it but I still want to give credit anyways.): wl041204 YT

Open source Baldi Project by: MissingTextureMan101

Decompile by: TheEmeraldLegendURL


Baldi want Fruit Gummy REVAMPED.rar 77 MB
Baldi want Fruit Gummy 82 MB


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Aprill 1st of the joke mod


Alright, here's my character: Mr. Crumble! I made the sprites and audio already. Basically, he would ask you to get him a Zesty Bar, and you have to grab one and give it to him within 3 minutes. If you don't give it to him within the time limit, he will get very mad...

Thanks for letting me submit a character, and I'm excited to see it in the game!

Go to this link to get the folder:

Hey, this is one CRAZY mod! Saw it on YouTube and thought it was insane. So recently I came around to and have been submitting characters for Baldi mods. I would love to send you a character to be featured in this mod! It will take me a couple weeks, so you'll have to wait a bit. Are you still taking submissions though?

I can add in one of your Character Ideas if you want!

I will give you my idea by Wednesday.

Are you going to use my character?

Cool, it's out!

Yep, And just warning you, It's insane.



Can you make version 3

With hard mode