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The Curse of Oak Island

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Forged in Fire: Legendary Blades

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Beyond Oak Island

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Native American History

10 Native American Inventions Commonly Used Today

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Celebrate Thanksgiving on HISTORY Vault

What started as a somber Puritan day of prayer is now about football and food. How did we get there? Start Free Trial

This Is History

History's Mysteries

What Was the Titanic’s Captain Doing While the Ship Sank?

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8 Ways Past U.S. Presidents Handled the Peaceful Transfer of Power

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The Pilgrims' Miserable Journey Aboard the Mayflower

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Westward Expansion

Treaties Brokered—And Broken—With Native American Tribes

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Colonists at the First Thanksgiving Were Mostly Men Because Women Had Perished

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How Are Electoral College Electors Chosen?

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