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Live reviews

  • BTS

    Going into this, I didn’t know what to expect. I have known bts for a very long time and all army’s know that you should expect the unexpected from bts because they’re all amazing!!! I was extremely excited when I had gotten the tickets, but I had no clue what I was in for till I arrived in Hamilton and stood in front of the First Ontario Centre! Once I stood there everything became so real and couldn’t believe that I would get to see bts in just moments. My sisters and I went to see the merchandise. There were many army’s dancing and singing to all of bts’s amazing songs, it made me smile. Sadly we didn’t get any merchandise, but we took some amazing pictures and the true prize was being able to spend the whole evening with bts. Once we entered the stadium and found our seats, my heart stopped! There were lights everywhere and their old music videos were playing on the big screen. Many army’s were singing along to the songs while we waited for the moment of truth! Finally it was 5 minutes till the beginning of the concert and my heart was racing!!! This was finally it. I was going to see bts for real!! And then it happened! Bts appeared from the stage and I began to cry. I myself am still confused as to why I was crying. Maybe it was because of shock, maybe because I was seeing my idols for the first time, but I like to think it was because these are the most amazing people on earth, they show their love to thousands and work tirelessly every single day and it’s all so they can spread their message. Their message of hope, love, ending violence, trashing stereotypes, and loving yourself. I think we need more people like bts in this world. Despite me crying through the opening song I managed to sing along to all of their songs and screamed till my heart was content. The visual effects and lighting were out of this world. The whole time I thought I was dreaming, but it was all true. Time seemed to fly by the fastest when they were on stage, but I enjoyed every moment of it! This concert was definitely the most breath taking and inspiring concert I have ever seen (it’s also my very first concert!). The music was so loud and everyone single person was enjoying it. I felt nothing but pure joy. My day before the concert was a difficult one and I am a student who has to work hard in school, so I had many worries before the concert. But as soon as the first song started and they appeared, every problem seemed to disappear. I felt extremely enlightened and happy that I had the opportunity to see these one of a kind people. If someone asked me if I would go to another bts concert, my answer would be an immediate yes!! Bts are very inspiring people and I can’t even begin to imagine what they went through to get where they are today, but I’ll take the time to thank bts now for becoming the amazing boys we all know and love. I know that they will make even bigger accomplishments in the future. Soon enough everyone will know bts as those boys who changed their lives. I hope millions of people can give them a chance and see what they have to offer because I cannot imagine going through life without knowing who bts is. If I could request bts of anything it would be for them to stay happy. I won’t even try to imagine how hard it must be for them at times and I don’t think many people understand what you all go through from day to day. But if my message can lighten your worries even a bit, I would be satisfied! I want you all to stay happy and enjoy all the moments that come your way. Whether it’s good or bad. BTS, army’s love you always!!!! We purple you always!! And will always stand by your side!!!

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  • Hello to whoever is reading this! If you are planning or debating to go to a concert, or simply just here to read the review on their concert, the experience was absolutely amazing! Meeting armys, to waiting in line, to actually seeing BTS perform their songs LIVE, every single thing about it was ecstatic.

    I have read a lot that ARMY’S are all very sweet and it is indeed true. While I was waiting in line for merch, there was a particular moment that I will not forget for a while. I already had a reserved seat and I was waiting at 4 am (on the concert day) in the GA Line. GA (General Admission), the pit, where people stand in front of the stage. It was useless for me to wait in the line because I had a reserved seat. These ladies behind me asked me if this was the GA line and I told them I was unsure. They went to the front of the line and asked and apparently, it was indeed the GA line. I had no absolute idea, and they were kind enough to actually go all the way to the back to let me know I wasn’t waiting in the correct line.

    I also met more ARMY’s in the merch line! They told me all about their experiences and their bias and many more. ARMY’s are all really sweet and they are amazing people who share the same passion as you! I also met some people from behind my mom and I. My mom befriended them first, then she introduced them to me! We then went back to the GA line to look for people giving out free things. The girl behind me also had to use the restroom, so we all walked across the street to a paint store and while I was in the restroom, turns out someone almost spilt blue paint on her homeade jacket!!! The experience with ARMY was absolutely amazing and I will never forget how kind and welcoming they were.

    I was lucky enough to be chosen as a soundcheck winner as well, so I was able to see BTS perform without any makeup on and with their normal clothes. While waiting, I also met ANOTHER fellow ARMY, of course haha. She was so kind to me and while we were waiting in the arena for BTS to come out, she actually gave me Shooky sign that she had purchased from the LINE store, unfortunately, I left it behind on accident after the concert.. She was also so kind to me and was extremely nervous to finally see BTS. When BTS came out, I was on the verge of crying. Before, I wasn’t that nervous and I was ready to see them. It was so amazing to see them in person when you’ve seen them on a tiny screen on your phone. They are real. Seeing them so up close and in person was a different feeling. They look the same in person as they do in videos and pictures, except they are way more beautiful. They’re features are really sharp and they really glisten. The feeling is unexplainable and it is very hard to understand until you actual experience it yourself. They performed 3 songs: I Need U, DNA, and Anpanman. This lasted for about 15-20 minutes.

    The concert itself was so hype. They all sound amazing live. However, you can hear how tired they were, from all the difficult choreographies and traveling so much. It was evident they hasn’t had enough sleep. They had one day to rest because after their FOUR day concert (straight) they flew to Oakland already. It is a differnet feeling when you hear the song in such a way. You are just absolutely jamming out and having the best time of your life. If you could go to one concert, I would reccomend a BTS concert.

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  • I think that if i have to describe it in just one word i will say: PERFECT.

    It was the best experience of my live, also it was my firt concert ever.

    Everithing went perfect, im from Barcelona, Spain, so i had to take a two hours flight to go to Paris, i woke up at 3 am because the flight departure was at 6:30 am, I arrived there (the hotel) at 11 am on the 18, after that, i went to eat breakfast/lunch and while i was eating i went to look around the concert area. When i went there i saw a lot of people camping out to be one of the firt so i decided to do the same. My friend and i went to get water, food and a jacket to go with the others to camp out there. We stayed from 1 pm to 10 pm camping until they gave us a number so that people could leave the place to rest a bit, we decided to do so because we couldn't sleep the previous day because the flight that we had and also it was only 6 degrees and we were only wearing a short t-shirt and a jacket.

    We woke up at 4 am to go to our place, after waiting four hours more we went to get merchandising so we had to wait 3 hours until we got the army bomb ver. 3. After that we waited until 5 pm when they let us enter the concert hall, in there we waited 3 hours more until the happiest moment in my live where the 7 most handsome mens appeared surroundered by the screams of the fans, the lights, and the fireworks. Their voices are incredible in real life, they are a hundred more times handsome in real life than in pictures and videos, they were respectful and thankful with all their fans and even tried to talk in french, Jungkook danced for the fans even if he was injured, Taehyung was sick and his voice wasn't at full, but i couldn't realise it until he said so. Seokjin was a bit sick, but he didn't show any sight of so. The others were fantastic too, the blue-haired Jimin, the president Namjoon, the handsome Hoseok (in my opinion he is the one that changes the most from pictures to reality, he is really, really hot, and he is so energetic and happy), and Yoongi, who killed my with his voice, his dance, his appearance, his rap, in one word: seesaw.

    Also my bias was Taehyung and i can say that getting to see him was extremely awesome, he is so perfect, he is indeed the most handsome man of the world, and even if he was sad because he couldn't give his best, his performance was absolutely perfect, i couldn't be able to ask for more.

    All in all, the best experience in my live, i hope maybe next year they come to Spain so that the people that couldn't go can see them.

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  • The BTS concert was the most shocking experience that I ever had.

    Queuing all day was not a problem, I met a lot of ARMYS from all over the world with the same motivation to see our boys. We were all day singing, sharing experiences and exploring the venue. Nevertheless, the O2 regulations were very specific about camping and how prohibited was it and even so they honoured the queue started by campers sooner than expected by the rules. That fact was heartbreaking because a lot of armys synchronized their flights to get there in time as well as others had to spend money on a hotel (me included) to stay during the night to respect the regulations.

    Once inside was kind of a war, mostly if you are standing. People pushed from every corner of the space (which is comprehensible) to get a better view and that conditioned the experience a lot. In my case I was on the right side of the stage (relatively close) but I was so stucked into the crowd that I couldn't even refer to my friends who were behind me. Anyways this was not anyone fault, I'm just relating my experience without blaming.

    As soon as the boys were on stage I got paralyzed. I just couldn't believe that something that I'd been following for so much time through media was suddenly in front of me (and looking damn good). Song after song the only phrase on my mind was: this cannot be real.

    Going to a BTS concert is like the last level and thing that an army can do/achieve to feel closer to her/his idols. I just wish that there could be a way to express my love to them that didn't involve money. Dreaming is free right?

    In conclusion, we had no problems with the tickets, in the venue the staff treated us very kindly (they offered us water during the show) and it was totally worth it, money cannot tell how valuable was the experience. I've just wished that that same morning the O2 had communicated about the queue news because I found out thanks to anonymous Twitter users.

    BTS said that they would definitely comeback to the UK which makes me very happy. This announcement motivated me to be a better person for the next time I see them because as I said, I really felt like I didn't deserve it, I didn't deserve so much love and dedication from this wonderful people. They've helped me and other people in such a way, that I just want all the love, best and heaven for them.

    나랑 같이 있어

    너밖에 없어


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  • It was surreal. I've never thought i would ever get to see BTS in real life nor to join one of their concerts. They came to Amsterdam, ziggodome. I was in line for GA since 8 am, it was a chill line untill we all had to move around 3 pm. People started cutting in line, pushing etc. We had to stand real close in the sun for another two hours. It went rather unfair, people who arrived at 11 or 12 am were standing in front of me in the concert.And we still had to wait another three hours untill the show actually began. I didn't move a muscle once I was in the concert venue and yet I managed to get further back once it was almost time for the show and my friends were even further behind me. But it was worth all the hassle. I didn't get to look at the boys well even though I was decently close to the side of the stage (probably 5 or 6 rows before me) and that was puerly because people in front of us decided it was needed to film the whole concert so we were looking at beautiful phones almost the whole 3 hours.

    Even though it felt like I was never there and it never happened. Even though it went unfair and my view was mostly blocked because of others. It was still worth it. Maybe not worth the price we had to pay for the tickets. Next time maybe make sections in GA as well. It seems unfair for people who pay equal amount and ended up in the back.

    The music was amazing, the boys and their speeches were adorable.

    I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. All the time. The screen? No I want to look at them in flesh, but the boys are spreaded all over the stage nor I couldn't see because of the phones blocking my view. It was hard to decide and I think this is also why it feels like I missed out on so much.

    Next year I'll go for VIP or seating. The stress and lining up hours before, pushing etc in GA was just not it for me and for only 50 euros more you'd have a guaranteed good spot AND soundcheck. It just seems a bit unfair.

    But the concert itself was amazing and I would go through all of that all over again. I made friends and had a great moment I'll think about the rest of my life.

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  • Honestly the concert was great and BTS is way hotter in person it was hard to believe they were real. The problem I had was how TGM made us wait outside in the cold, rainy weather. I happened to be standing outside 5 hours and I was seated in the last row. I have read other reviews saying things like the security guards pushed them. Thankfully that didn't happen to us but we were still screamed at and we didn't get to hold their hands we just walked down the line and slightly high five them. Another thing I had a problem which is that the local artist played more songs than BTS themselves. The local artist played 5 and BTS played 4 or 5. Even if both BTS and the local artist both played 5 songs the local artist shouldn't have the same amount of songs as BTS because that's why most people were there. To see BTS. I happen to be black so standing in the rain for 5 hours made my hair get really big and I happened to look like i had a bad hair day. It also messed up my makeup. If you want to know what I looked like just imagine Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz gone goth. I happened to be wearing a black t-shirt and a choker and my hair was down but from standing in the rain my hair got really big and puffy so I tried restyling it. The only way that it didn't look too bad was when I put my hair in braids BAM goth dorthy. I honestly don't think I will ever go to another TGM event unless I make sure to buy VIP. VIP's were lucky enough to enter before us, see BTS before us, and stay to take a group with BTS after we left. Another thing that was a problem was that my friend who was supposed to meet me inside the venue wasn't allowed in as they said there were no more seats. There were plenty of seats left for her, her mom, and her sister. The only problem is that they wouldn't be together. There were many spots were 2 seats were open but they still weren't let in. The good thing is that they got a full refund, a hitouch, and a group photo since they weren't able to see the concert.

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  • A memorable night at the O2 as BTS kicked off their first European tour in London. The boys pulled off a very enjoyable and impressive night, even with Jungkook not being in best condition and with the late start to the concert (which I assume was done because plans changed since rehearsals).

    Before the show fans qued up outside just to take photos with the giant billboard showcasing the tour poster.

    I was with my dad who had no clue what to expect really, so this was maybe not such a good start.

    I was not trying to scare him off, believe me.

    Unfortunately, all merchandise except light sticks had been sold out by the time we entered the arena, although, I wasn’t really suprised considering the circumstances. I regret not buying a lightstick in the end because in a BTS concert WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOUR HANDS?! I do not have a phone to hold. When I tried clapping or dancing the girl next to me started to slowly back away. At one point, I swear to god she was so far away that she was in the isle (fire hazard, or what?).

    The show started with a few of their new songs (like IDOL and I’m fine). Everybody cheered when they introduced themselves and I will admit that I lost my voice within 10 minutes of the concert.

    In between segments short videos would play or the members would talk to the audience. They were very sweet overall and it made me happy to see them still able to express themselves so well in such a new environment where they cannot speak the language with a lot of confidence.

    I had to leave during the truth untold because I had to catch a train but what I did see has made me even more eager to come back and watch a full concert with my best friend who could not come this time.

    As for my unwilling a dad, he said that he was suprised that he liked it and that it was one of the best performances he has been to. For next time though, he said introductions could be shorter.

    I can not wait until next time!!! ♥️

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  • .... Come to Ireland plz

    I have to add more so

    We're now going to progress to some steps which are a bit more difficult

    Ready, set, and begin

    Bighit exclusive, exclusive

    매일 돌아가 본다고

    그때의 나로

    포기를 선택한 삶으로

    날 놓아본다고

    But 세상에는 있지

    변하지 않는 몆 진실

    시간은 앞으로 흐른다는 것

    만약은 없단 것

    까마득해질 만하면 생각나 그 시절

    악마의 손길과 운명의 recall

    궁금해 아직도 왜 다시 불렀는지도

    매일 ask me, guess it, 채찍, repeat, oh

    변할 건 없다며 결국 또

    걱정을 억지로 잠궈, close

    How much love? How much joy?

    위안을 주며 stay calm, alone

    그래 I don't care, 전부 내

    운명의 선택, so we're here

    내 앞을 봐, the way is shinin'

    Keep goin' now

    (Ready, set, and begin)

    그 길로, 길로, 길로

    Wherever my way

    오직 ego, ego, ego

    Just trust myself

    (2 Cool, 2 Cool 4 Skool)

    문득 스쳐가는 j-hope이 아닌 정호석의 삶

    희망이란 없고 후회만 가득했겠지 'til I die

    (2 Cool, 2 Cool 4 Skool)

    춤은 뜬 구름을 잡을 뿐 나의 꿈을 탓할 뿐

    살아 숨쉬는 거에 의문을

    Oh my God (God, God, God)

    Uh, time goes by

    7년의 걱정이 드디어 입 밖으로

    모두 해소되는 핍박

    가장 믿던 그들의 답은 내 심장으로

    하나뿐인 hope, 하나뿐인 soul

    하나뿐인 smile, 하나뿐인 너

    세상 그 진실에 확실해진 답

    변하지 않는 그 어떤 나, right

    이제 I don't care, 전부 내

    운명의 선택, so we're here

    내 앞을 봐, the way is shinin'

    Keep goin' now

    (Ready, set, and begin)

    그 길로, 길로, 길로

    Wherever my way

    오직 ego, ego, ego

    Just trust myself

    믿는 대로 가는 대로

    운명이 됐고 중심이 됐어

    힘든 대로 또 슬픈 대로

    위로가 됐고 날 알게 됐어

    Map of the Soul, map of the all (Map of the Soul)

    That's my ego, that's my ego

    Map of the Soul, map of the all

    That's my ego, that's my ego (Map of the Soul)

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  • I was so happy I was going to a BTS concert but unfortunately I got up late because I wanted to be the first one there (new that would happen) but I got dressed and did my hair but a mixed girl to do my hair needs about 30 minutes to get ready and after that i went there and so many people were in line

    ( new that would happen too) when I had got in line a girl stepped on another girls foot and told me to leave I could not believe my eyes what army would hurt another army (like we are on your team) but me being the angel I am (not really) i went up and told the girl to stop and she got mad at me (bad choice) she was yelling at me so I tried to walk off and she grabbed my hair by this point I was mad and I slapped her she let go and started to cry a guy who was buff came up and then said that i would have to leave but the girl who got her foot stepped on stood up for me her name was akana and she and i did not end up leaving but akana and me talked and we were friends once we reached the beginning of the line it was my turn and akana was waiting inside so they said that My ticket was invalid honestly I could not believe it after all this I looked like crap but just at that moment I found a vip pass on the ground I picked it up even though I did not pay for it I felt bad but finally after a while I was seated and when the concert started I screamed at the top of my lungs when it ended I found akana we got to stay after the concert and took pictures with BTS

    (what pure luck) I wanted to die but today still me and akana are still huge fans of BTS and best friends now even if i know that akana is dying from cancer she will fight through and make sure to see another BTS concert with me and to become a KPOP singer she will pull through support her pray for her please.

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  • Ummm the concert was good I ended up getting bronchitis from the cold and due to the fact my asthma kicked in but it was hilarious because when I called my little sister she thought I was a man I never laughed so hard in my life and I don’t like to smile or laugh so I was kinda glad I got sick but then it hurt to even talk or drink water so that was bad but the concert was wild. I ended making a friend and she is older than me...(I always end up being the youngest but I look older than what I am) and she gave me a talk about how high school is going to be like. The only reason why I was able to go was because of my cousin and I am happy she was able to take me. I studied too much the day before no not even EVERYDAY before the concert because trying to go to high I was numb with knowledge and forgot what excitement was but when we walked into the stadium I had anxiety but I ended up getting pass it after I realized that I sang before on a stage and people actually like it and it was a huge stage so I felt better and then blah blah blah lost my voice blah blah blah almost fell...lies I did fall like multiple times but that was because I am the biggest klutz blah blah blah nervous but SOOOO HAPPY blah blah blah screamed out high notes (that was were I made my mistake) blah blah blah then was being a goofball on my way out of the stadium with my cousin when we went to the car and met up with my basically I enjoyed it and wow did I write a lot...probably should shorten this but I have bracelets to make and sell and they aren’t going to do it themselves so GREAT JOB BTS and to the amazing staff and yeah EVERYBODY THAT MADE IT POSSIBLE YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE AMAZING AND YOU GUYS AND GALS SHOULD KNOW THAT!

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